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Summer with Joanne

by John Demille

The best summer of my life was the one that I spent with my aunt Joanne, my mother’s sister. If she hadn’t gotten married and moved away, the incestuous relationship with her that started that summer would probably still be going on.

I have since moved on, but I do still think about her. Not just the sex but the dirty little things that transpired between us before we actually had sex.

My parents were in the middle of a divorce and they decided it was best for me to stay with my aunt Joanne during those tough times. I had no idea what my parents were going through at the time. They just told me that they were going on a cruise and I was to stay with Joanne for the summer.

I loved going to Aunt Joanne’s. She had a great house and a huge pool. So I didn’t mind their decision and couldn’t wait to get there. my aunt was in her late twenties with long black hair a dark eyes. She was different from all of my other aunts and uncles, probably because she was single and a bit on the loony side. My dad once told me that she was crazy because she burned all of her brain cells when young. At the time I had no clue what he was talking about.

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