Incest Sex Stories

Summer with Joanne

by John Demille

Caution: this story contain strong incest taboo elements of sex between an aunt and her nephew

The best summer of my life was the one that I spent with my aunt Joanne, my mother’s sister. If she hadn’t gotten married and moved away, the incestuous relationship with her that started that summer would probably still be going on.

I have since moved on, but I do still think about her. Not just the sex but the dirty little things that transpired between us before we actually had sex.

My parents were in the middle of a divorce and they decided it was best for me to stay with my aunt Joanne during those tough times. I had no idea what my parents were going through at the time. They just told me that they were going on a cruise and I was to stay with Joanne for the summer.

I loved going to Aunt Joanne’s. She had a great house and a huge pool. So I didn’t mind their decision and couldn’t wait to get there. my aunt was in her late twenties with long black hair a dark eyes. She was different from all of my other aunts and uncles, probably because she was single and a bit on the loony side. My dad once told me that she was crazy because she burned all of her brain cells when young. At the time I had no clue what he was talking about.

My parents acted as if nothing was wrong when they put me on the buss and kissed me goodbye. The fact that they hated each other never crossed my mind. Two hours later I was greeted by my favorite aunt.

She smiled at me, but I could see in her eyes that she felt sad about something. She hugged me for a long time and said she was so glad that I was staying with her for the entire summer. I was too.

On the ride to her house, we talked about everything that had been happening in our lives. Well, almost everything. I didn’t tell her that I had discovered masturbation the year before with two of my friends while we peeked into my neighbours window. Although I could tell her anything, I decided that part of my life should stay secret.

The first week, I think the only time I came out of my aunt’s pool was to eat and sleep. She joked that I was part fish and part man every time I would come in with pruned hands and chlorine matted hair.

One day I was splashing around in the pool and my aunt was sun bathing soundly on a towel on the lawn. I had not masturbated since I left home, and the sight of her in her bathing suit stirred my penis to a hard erection.

She was a voluptuous woman with big features. Her ass and legs were thick and soft looking and her breast were big, bouncy and firm. I swam to the edge of the pool and took in this beautiful sight. She seemed to be asleep so I took this opportunity to ogle her tanned body for what seemed like hours.

Her bikini bottoms were tight on her round ass. It was sexy to me and my cock ached to touch her soft skin. I wanted to rub my penis all over her legs. I rubbed my cock through my swim trunks as I watched my aunt sleep in the sun. It was then that I noticed something amazing. Her ass cheeks squeezed together tightly for about two seconds, then relaxed.

My eyes opened wide as I watched her ass cheeks tighten and then relax several times. Each time she squeezed her cheeks together I envisioned my hard cock rubbing being squeezed in there.

I was losing my breath as she seemed to speed up. Her cheeks jiggled every time she released and they would squeeze together tighter. The tight bikini began to crawl up on her ass and I could see more of her ass twitching. Each time she released the tension of her cheeks, I was able to see her crotch area. I could see the puffy lips of her pussy outlined under the thin cloth, and a lot of dark black hair peeking out of the bikini’s leg holes. I concluded that she was having a sex dream and that somehow she was masturbating in her sleep.

I only rubbed my penis a couple of times before I shot off into my shorts. The thought of my aunt masturbating this way was electric. I wish that I knew what she was dreaming about as my cock hardened again. Her ass pulled together tight again, this time for a long time and when they finally released I saw her whole body twitch several times, then relax totally to where there was no movement at all.

Needless to say, I masturbated more than ever after that, thinking about my aunt having a sex dream for the next couple of weeks.

I began to spy on her every chance I got. I realized that my aunt was the sexiest woman alive. She was a fun woman and had lots of friends who would come over and sit about in the living room talking for hours. It was one of these friends who would change my whole life.

One day I was spying through my blinds watching my aunt and her friends laid out beneath my window. I was naked and stroking my cock. All of her friends were similar in the sense that they had voluptuous bodies. I loved to watch them jiggle each time they laughed or moved. I was especially excited today because my aunt was wearing a thin, really small, white bikini and I could see her dark bush underneath and generously sticking out the sides. That was so sexy.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” A loud shocked voice rang in my ears almost like it was coming from an end of a tunnel somewhere.

When I turned around, cock in hand, I saw my aunt’s friend Darlene standing in my door way. I was mortified. My orgasm had already started and although I stopped stroking, my sperm spurted out uncontrollably.

“Oh my!” was all she could say as I grunted the final squirts onto the carpet. “Oh, Chris! I am so sorry,” She said as she looked at my throbbing cock I stood there in shock.

I didn’t want to believe this was happening, but it was. Everything was very real. I was caught masturbating by one of my aunt’s friends. The most humiliating part was that I had been peeping on them. She must have seen my horrified look of embarrassment because her shocked expression changed to a sympathetic more understanding look.

“It’s okay Chris. I shouldn’t have invaded your privacy. It’s all my fault,” She said with a hint of a smile, “this will be our secret. Okay?”

I just stood there, as she closed the door and left me alone. My heart was pumping out loud. I thought I would never be able to look at her again.

I watched as Darlene sat back down in the chair beside my aunt. I began wondering if what she had said about being are secret and I started to relax a little. That’s until I saw her whisper into my aunt’s ear. my aunt’s expression changed and her jaw dropped open. Darlene pulled away from my aunt’s ear with a wicked smile and they both looked up to my window. Although they couldn’t see me, their eyes pushed me back, away from the window like a powder keg exploding in my face.

I felt terrible. I sat on my bed and listened to everything that they talked about for the rest of the day. I was surprised and relieved somewhat that they hadn’t brought up the fact that there was a sixteen-year-old boy in a window above them pumping his cock while he ogled their bodies.

After my aunt’s friends left, I heard her call for me to come down to dinner. It was at that point that I began to wonder if it was possible for a boy my age to die of a heart attack.

I went downstairs trying to cover up the shame I felt with my normal look. It was impossible. I felt like the word ‘pervert’ was written in bright red on my forehead.

“Chris? What’s wrong honey?” I heard my aunt ask like nothing had even happened.

I was a little relieved but that word was still on my forehead. I could feel it. Flashing now like a neon sign.

“Nothing, just tired, I guess...” I replied

“Well, I hope you’re okay, you don’t feel sick, do you?” she asked with concern.

Sick? That’s exactly how I felt but not in the sense that she meant.

I told her I was fine and made it through dinner without having a nervous breakdown. I wanted to know what Darlene had told my aunt but I would never be able to know.

The next morning I woke up early to moaning sounds coming from across the hall in my aunt’s room. I moved with cat-like stealth, into the hall way outside of her door. It was cracked and I could see inside.

On the bed was my aunt Joanne with her legs spread wide and her hand was moving over her dark, hairy mound above her pink pussy. I watched as she rubbed herself. Her body was moving in ways that excited me. Her ass would rise off the bed and her back would arch as if she was fucking an entity. She was moving her face left and right, her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. One hand squeezed her right breast as the other roamed up and down her pussy. At one point she opened her thick pussy lips with two fingers and pumped her ass off the bed into the air.

I could see that there was a lot of moisture down there, mixed with her black pubic hair and her skin.

I don’t know how long I stood there watching my aunt masturbate but when I felt my body lock up and my balls release hot fluid into my shorts I quickly retreated to the bathroom.

I took a shower and masturbated again wondering what her wet pussy would taste like. I fantasized about licking all her sticky cum off her pussy as she wiggled her ass over my face. I squirted another hot load of cum down the drain and finished my shower.

Breakfast was made and my aunt was on her exercise bike when I came down stairs. She wasn’t facing me and I took a long look at her ass cheeks jiggling over the seat. She was wearing shorts that could in no way hide her luscious mounds of flesh. I made a mental note to myself to smell the seat of the bike when she was done.

Throughout the next couple of weeks I was in a state of constant arousal. I was masturbating five to six times a day and my cock was sore from all the attention. I Had seen my aunt masturbate herself every morning through the door that she left part way open.

I also noticed that she was wearing less clothes around the house and was graced with seeing her pale white tits more than once hanging loosely when she bent over. Her pussy hair was always peeking out of the sides of her bikinis and it drove me nuts. She even went pantiless on multiple days and I caught many glimpses of her wet cunt as she sat with her legs carelessly spread.

Yeah, I was clueless.

I became infatuated with dreams of tasting her pussy. So much in fact I began to sneak her panties into my room and jerk off to the smell of her sex. She had a strong scent, pungent and sour and it sent me off into orgasm every time I took a whiff of the crotch area. She smelled wonderful.

One day Darlene called and since the phone kept ringing, I picked up. “Hello?” I answered.

“Hi, Chris! This is Darlene, remember me?” She said seductively. I knew right away that she had been drinking because of her slurred tone.

“Yes, hello,” I said not really wanting to remember.

“Well, how have you been? You know what you were doing that day is still on my mind, I just can’t help wondering which one of us women you were dreaming about,” She said as I heard ice cubes clinking against a glass.

I couldn’t answer. I just stood there holding the phone like a statue.

“Well? It’s okay Chris, all boys pump their cocks off, do you do it a lot? I wish my husband would have the stamina you must have. I bet you jerk your peter a whole lot living with your sexy aunt. Don’t you Chris? That’s okay, you don’t have to answer. I think we both know who you were looking at. Hell, I think she’s sexy too. Our secret. Don’t worry. Is she there? I need to speak with her?”

“Hold on.” I replied freeing myself from her wrath of embarrassment.

I couldn’t believe what she had said. I wanted to dismiss it as a dream but still holding the receiver to my ear I could hear her on the other end. Ice cubes clanking as she swallowed her drink.

I put the phone down and called for my aunt. When she didn’t answer I walked up the stairs and knocked on her partly opened door.

“Aunt Jo, phone call.”

I waited but there was still no answer.

“Aunt Joanne?” I opened the door and I swallowed deeply when I saw my aunt sleeping naked on her side in her bed. Her knees were bent and her ass was almost off the side of the bed facing me. I could see her pussy lips surrounded by thick black hair and her pink asshole tightly closed in the deep valley of her cheeks.

I closed the door and called her again. No reply. When I got back to the phone, Darlene had already hung up so I put the receiver back on the hook and silently sneaked back upstairs into my aunt’s room.

I called out her name three more times and when I didn’t get a response, I opened the door and walked over beside her. I quietly got on my knees and put my face inches from her sex. I was now getting a closer look at what I wanted so badly.

I began to stroke my hard cock as I dared move closer and sniffed at her pussy hole. Her lips were thick and the way she was laying they spread apart like a rose. It wasn’t long before I was intoxicated by her smell.

Although I was enjoying the sight of her hairy pussy and her tight asshole, my eyes were forced closed by a thunderous orgasm that overtook my senses before I realized it was coming. I couldn’t suppress the loud moan that escaped my lips. Loud enough for my aunt to hear and before I could move my face, she raised and turned her head to see me.

“Chris? What are you...” She stopped as she understood what I was doing to her carpet and just waited till I was done unloading my sperm.

“You poor thing!” She said as the fog lifted from my eyes and I began to come out of my dream state.

I saw that she was smiling and looking at me intently like she was trying to figure out how to handle this situation. What happened next was unexpected and thrillingly shocking to me.

She raised her right leg over my head and shifted back on the bed so that my face was between her thick thighs.

“Go ahead Chris, I don’t mind, you can lick it if you want. Just don’t tell anyone that I let you.” She said as she laid back and pulled her legs up in the air holding her calves with her hands.

In this position she was wide open in front of my face and I could smell her juices stronger as her lips parted, revealing her inner lips and wet pink pussy hole.

“Oh, Aunt Joanne,” I cried before I opened my mouth and sucked her lips into my mouth.

Her body jolted at my sucking mouth and I heard her moan out “Oh, Chris, That’s it! Suck on your aunt’s pussy!”

I licked up and down on her wet sex until she began bucking her ass into my wet face. I used my tongue as a cock and pushed it in and out of her pungent hole. One time as she bucked her ass into my face I lost control and touched her ass. The scream she let out was very loud and I found out that her tight puckered hole was very sensitive. I stiffened my tongue and licked the rim of my aunt’s ass before I pushed it in and wiggled it around inside.

“Ohh, Yes!, I’m cumming!” She screamed She began to buck around to where I couldn’t keep my tongue inside her so I grabbed her chunky ass and my face rode her waves of orgasm for about a minute or so until she stopped and flopped her legs down beside me.

“Oh Chris!” She breathed heavily. “Come up here, lay with me.”

I stood up and she saw my erection sticking out of my boxer shorts. I crawled up beside her and before I could lay down she had my cock in her hand. It felt so good to feel her touch me there that I went into convulsions and squirted off in her hand.

“Oh Chris! You have a hair trigger on that thing.” She said excitedly watching what her hand was doing to me.

“It’s still hard!” She said with a smile after few minutes.

“I can’t help it aunt Jo, you’re so sexy.” I moaned.

“Well thank you, young man. It’s been a long time since I have heard that. I’m flattered but this has got to be a secret.”

“I won’t tell a soul, aunt Jo, I love you too much to blab.”

“I love you too Chris and tell you the truth, I have been waiting for you since the day Darlene caught you in your room masturbating.”

“She told you!”

“She told me I had a horny nephew with a hard big cock waiting for me in his room.”

She laughed and kissed my neck. Her hands rubbed my face, chest and over my throbbing organ.

“Don’t worry, Darlene is my best gal, we tell each other everything.” She explained as her fingertips glided around my glans. “Your cock is beautiful. I’m going to enjoy it quite a bit I suspect.”

“Do you want to fuck me?” She whispered in my ear as she teased my balls with her gentle touch. “I haven’t had a cock in my pussy for a long time.” She said as she rolled over onto her stomach and got into a doggie style position. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled wickedly at me. “You like my ass, Chris?” She said as she wiggled her ass lewdly. You can put it in there too, but first I need to feel you in my pussy.”

I crawled behind my horny Aunt and she reached underneath and guided my virgin dick up into her slippery cunt. I pushed hard cock into her pussy and withdrew slowly, enjoying the feeling of her warmth.

“Oh Chris!, that feels so good.”

“It feels great,” I moaned holding both her pale white ass cheeks in my hands.

“Ohh yes! Pump my pussy Chris, pump it hard.” She moaned, all the while looking back at me with a wicked grin.

I started to slam my hard cock into her pussy and almost lost another load when she started pumping back. Her ass cheeks flapped wildly against my body and I reached forward and squeezed her tits. Well it was more like, I was holding on to her because her body was fucking me from underneath, like a machine.

“Come on Chris!, I’m coming all over that hard cock of yours right now!” She moaned “Fuck your aunt’s horny pussy, Ohh yeah! It feels good up in there doesn’t it?” She wailed.

“I’m going to come Aunt Joanne!” I groaned and she pulled away and turned around quickly. Before I knew it, her hand was on my squirting cock meat and her mouth was wide open catching every jet of jism that I had.

“Aggghhh, come on boy, give me some more!” she said as I watched her swallow my load. Her hand was squeezing tight on my shaft and she began milking little drops of remaining cum out which she hungrily sucked into her mouth as well.

That summer was the start of the best year of my life. I fucked and sucked my aunt everyday and night. I fucked her ass many times as she seemed to like it quite a bit. Her orgasms were long and hard as I fucked her tight brown hole while she rubbed her clit.

I even had a four way with her, Darlene and Michelle a couple of times. I found out that my aunt and her friends were very dirty and loved to try anything my mind could conjure up.

They took turns in three-minute intervals blowing my cock to see which woman was the best cock sucker. Of course my aunt won, except she cheated by sticking her little finger in my butt.

In turn I did the same to them but there was no contest. I licked all three women to orgasm one at a time in the backyard beside the pool.

Darlene really liked it in the ass and came uncontrollably when I got enthusiastic and pounded into her ass as she laid on a towel on the grass.

Michelle on the other hand had an oral fetish. She loved my cock in her mouth, she even laid down on a lounger and dangled her head off its side and begged me to fuck her face and throat. She almost lost control of her body as I did. She squirted lots of fluid out of her pussy when she came and she even couldn’t hold a big fart in and let it out as her belly contracted with her strong orgasm as I lightly slapped her hairy cunt while my cock was embedded in her throat and my balls rested on her nose.

I still talk to my aunt on the phone from time to time and when her husband is not there, we have phone sex. I have lost touch with Darlene but I still talk to Michelle and have sex over the phone with her too. We always say we will get together but still have never managed to pull it off.

Anyway, that was my first sexual experience and you can call me sick if you want to, but if it had been you. You would have done the same thing! Also, you would have loved it.

Maybe one day I’ll write about what happened when my summer with Joanne ended, and came back to live with my now divorced mother.