Incest Sex Stories

Family Reunions

by johndoelman

Caution: This story contains strong incest between mother and son.

I've always enjoyed family reunions, specifically when my older sister Jenny attended. See, we've been shameless lovers since she turned seventeen and I fifteen and lived in the same house. A couple of years later, she went to college and two years after that it was my turn to leave the nest. But we always 'got together' whenever we could, and the most time we got were during these frequent (thank god) family reunions.

The last time we were together, she surprised me by asking if I'd ever thought about mom in an unmotherly way.

Up until her question, I hadn't thought about it, but as soon as Jenny put that nasty thought in my mind, I started looking at mom in an entirely different manner. The next morning when our family gathered for breakfast, I couldn't help ogling mom.

What made things worse that morning was the fact that mom wore a robe that revealed more than enough of her abundant cleavage to give me a raging hard-on. During breakfest, she often caught me staring in her direction, and her look back seemed to say, 'I know what you want, are you crazy enough to do something about it?' Jenny was quietly observing the whole thing, and in the afternoon she said she thought mom seemed to share the interest. I'd always believed everything Jenny told me, so I had no reason to doubt her for a second. Of course, the problem was, how does one find out if their mom was really interested in more than a maternal relationship? I mean seriously!

Having no clue how to proceed on my own, I thought that I would ask Jenny since she's the one who started this whole thing with her naughty question.

Jenny and I always fucked at the poolhouse, mostly because that's where we started our unbrotherly relationship. The poolhouse was more like a small house with all the amenities for whenever we received a lot of people. I was early that night, and definitely extra horny with all the talk about fucking my own mother, and waited impatiently in the darkness.

Of course, to make things worse, Jenny was late that night. Finally, I heard steps outside and saw her slip inside. I was so horny, I practically jumped her, but it wasn't until I wrapped my fingers around her tits that I realized my error.


"Yes, baby," she said, patting my cheek before reaching lower. She grabbed my hard cock and squeezed gently.

"Jenny told me you had a surprise for me in the poolhouse. Is this it?"

"Umm... Yes ma'm?" I stammered. It sounded silly, but I was completely clueless about how to behave, I mean, this is mom. My mother, the woman who raised me and cared for me for most of my early life.

Mom chuckled and reached for the bedside lamp and turned it on.

"I don't think you have to worry about manners. We're just here for some serious fucking, right?"

"You bet!" I quickly agreed, getting into the flow.

I watched in awe as Mom slowly and deliberately took off her clothes revealing a magnificiant body. When she was naked, I came close and put my arms around her. There's no way I can describe how it felt when mom's body moulded itself to mine. Mom's huge, beautiful tits were crushed between us, and gave me to the most comforting feeling ever. I hesitated, but soon had my hands all over her surprisingly tight ass, caressing and groping.

Mom had a pretty impressive body for a lady of 45, and I wanted to explore every inch of it. Mom yelped when my fingers first came into contact with her anus when in my eagerness, my fingers dove a little too deep for a first time.

I took advantage of the change in flow to drop to the bed pulling her with me.

We kissed hungrily, and soon my hands roamed all over her body, caressing her smooth satiny skin, including her maginificient tits, and firm rounded ass.

Wordlessly, Mom hooked one leg over my thigh and slid her hips forward. Soon she was rubbing her pubic hair and then her clit against my painfully hard cock. The contact with her hot slit sent lusty ripples coursing through my bloated cockhead.

Normally, I was confident as a lover, but this situation was so different on the emotional level from anything I exprienced before, and this being my own mother, that I was feeling like a virgin getting his first taste of intimate contact with a woman.

Mom soon saved me by grabbing my hard-on and guiding it between her thighs. She told me to relax and everything would be fine, and of course I did. One's mother can be very persuasive when she wants to be. And mom was very horny that first night and needed my cock.

Her action gave me enough confidence and guidance to know what to do. Without any hesitation, I raised up and over her, pushing her to her back and wedging myself between her inviting thighs.

Mom bent her knees and opened her legs as far as they could possibly go to make as much room for me as possbile. I looked down at her, her eyes expressed boundless love with a great amount of lust and a tiny bit of uncertainty. My eyes travelled down her body and I marveled at the prominant mounds that her breast made.

I didn't need to guide my cock into her slit. It seems that it found its way as we fit just right. As soon as I felt wetness at the tip, I pushed my cock in and it slithered all the way without much effort. Once I bottomed out, I was surprised how snugg she was. She didn't feel any looser than Jenny and quite a bit tighter than some of the girls that I had boffed at college.

To sink in that easily means that she was very well lubricated. I guess the situation was as intense for her as it was for me. As soon as I moved within her folds, my thought was confirmed. Mom was dripping wet and soon enough my balls were drenched in her juices.

"Harder!" she urged expressing her need.

I didn't need much encouragement and soon I was banging her with all my strength. Our skins made loud slapping noises when I reached bottom and our crotches made contact. It sounded obscene. I raised up on my arms and I looked at our sexes. It was beautiful thing to look at. Mom had a surprisingly large clit and it looked completely engorged. It was beautiful and I couldn't help but bang it with my pubic bone and did my best to crush it at each inward penetration.

Mom's mouth was open with a wordless scream. Each time my crotch came in solid contact with hers, her body shook and sent her tits crashing up and down like ocean waves.

I don't know how long I fucked mom that way, but it couldn't have been long. Soon enough I felt her nails clawing at my back, and her legs wrapped around my ass keeping me in full contact while she tried her best to hump up at me.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" she breathed out, and started squealing while I felt her pussy clamp down so hard on my cock it felt inhuman.

I couldn't hold back any longer. I didn't want to hold back any longer. Her cunt was milking my cock for all its worth and I obliged by delivering what it was after. My cock blasted hard. Pulse after pulse made their way seemingly from my spine, through my cock and into mom. It was the strongest orgasm that I remember ever feeling.

As we lay there catching our breath, I looked up and was startled to see a face at the window. It was Jenny's! She had been watching the whole time!

My perverted sister had been masturbating while watching us and when she joined us, she asked me to eat her cunt to get her off. That started a night of fucking and sucking in every combination possible.

Now family reunions are even better than before. I now have both mom and sis to look forward to fucking.