Incest Sex Stories

Arkansas Family Farm Fun

by Coke Man

Caution: This story contain taboo incest sex between mother and son, brother and sisters and cousins

My mother grew up in Arkansas. On a farm with my grandfather and grandmother and two uncles. My grandfather was hard working man and a proper man. So when my mom became pregnant with me when she was 14 he was furious. He let her stay of course but things were never the same. 2 years later my mom became pregnant again. This time with my twin baby sisters. My sisters and I never did know who our father was, my mother didn’t like to talk about it and it made her very depressed so I didn’t press the issue too much. Unfortunately when my mother became pregnant her father had enough and kicked her out of the house. My mother as she later told me expected this. She said she never expected to have my sisters or me but was never mad that she did. She told me that she only had sex twice and consequently paid the price for it.

When we were thrown out my grandfather was kind enough to give her some money. As I was only 2 at the time I was unable to help when mom built a small shack in the forest for us to live. She would make bags and other small items, as she did not want to leave us alone being so young. She could not afford babysitters or any luxuries. Using whatever money we had for food, clothes and survival.

By the time I was 7 I was able to help out more. I did not go to school but did get an education. Albeit not to the standards of other kids. My mom bought my sisters and I books and notepads and taught us from what she had learned. Every morning and night my sisters and I would practice math and English. During the day I would look after my sisters while my mom left us for work in town.

When I was 10 our family finally came into some good luck. My mom met a man who she served while working at the diner she had found employment. A romance started and he took us all in with open arms. His name was Ted and he was by all means a nice guy. He treated me as if I was his son. He was rich by “normal” people’s standards and incredibly wealthy by ours.

However our luck did not last long. When I was 11 we were living with him but still now married. He would take trips and be gone for long periods of time. Sometimes weeks. One day while doing the laundry my mom took his wallet out to wash his pants. She tossed the wallet onto a side table as she put the pants in the washer. The walled fell open to show pictures of his family. His real family. That night when he got home there were fireworks. We were his second family. Mom was his mistress. Mom threatened to tell his wife. He got scared and paid mom a considerable sum to forget he existed. Considering the circumstances she accepted.

My mom had always been a country girl and that had been cut short when her father threw her out. So with our new found wealth we left the city and bought some land and set up a farm. By the time I was 14 we had built a reasonably well functioning farm, we were able to afford some luxuries but not many. And this is where the story really begins.

One day after I was finished milking the cows I came inside, tired. That was my last chore of the day. I was hungry and tried to seek out my mother if she wanted a snack too. I went up to her room and her something coming from inside. Her door was open a crack and what I saw blew my mind away! There was my mother naked as the day she was born, furiously fingering her cunt! She was moaning and writhing on the bed. I felt my cock to harden in my pants and moved down to rub it softly. As I shifted my weight however the floor creaked (as we had wood floors) I don’t know if mom heard but I didn’t stick around to find out. I quickly went to my room and shut the door. I pulled down my pants and my young hard cock popped out. I had heard of masturbation when I was 11 when living with Ted from some boys at school. Since then it had been a daily habit but today was different. Today I had a face to the body I was picturing. My mother.

I grabbed my hard prick and began frigging my self with a newfound vigour. I closed my eyes and imagined me with my mom, her fingering herself and me jacking myself. The thought was too much for me and within minutes I was spewing me jism all over the floor.

After I cleaned the floor I went downstairs for a snack. My mom was there and smiled when she saw me. She asked what I was doing in my room and I shrugged and said “nothing really.”

She nodded and said, “as long as you were having fun.” There was a different glint in her eyes as she said this but I didn’t notice it yet.

Over the next few weeks it would become a daily activity, each day after my last chore I would come inside and watch my mom finger herself and each day after that I would jack myself silly.

One day however, everything changed. My mom’s older brother Frank and his wife died in a car accident and their daughter Abby came to live with us. What’s the big deal you ask? The big deal was that my sisters shared a room, my mom had her room and I had the only other room in the house. So when Abby came to live with us, she shared my room. Thus severely, cutting off my masturbating privacy.

I had never seen Abby before but when I did I wish I had. She was around 5’6 straight brown hair, a sweet smile and ballooning breasts. My mother told us about her predicament and told us to treat her like one of the family. She said that I especially should make things easy for her as we would be sharing a room and until we could get her a bed also a bed. That night when I went to bed I was especially horny. I had watched my mom finger herself and she put on quite a show but I hadn’t found a place to relieve my frustrations. To further compound my problems, Abby was very attractive and went to bed in a little nightie, which left little to the imagination.

I waited until I could hear her breathing and called her name to see if she was asleep. When I got no answer I turned on my side and pulled my pants down under the covers. I grabbed my raging hardon, which at the time was 8 inches. I began to pump myself, this time thinking of both mom and Abby. When I felt myself about to shoot I reached under my pillow and got out a sock and shot my load. Sighing I put the sock back under my pillow and fell asleep. The next morning I let Abby sleep and got up early to do my chores. When I finished I went to watch my moms daily fingering.. I got so hard that I started to pump myself right there and then proceeded to turn out to the barn and up to the loft. My new sanctuary. I pumped my cock with newfound passion, thinking about fucking my mom and cousin.

That night I when I got ready for bed Abby seemed to be wearing even less.. When she bent over to fold her clothes her nightie rode up and exposed her bare ass. My cock jumped and I stifled a whimper. I heard a giggle and as she got under the covers she was smiling.

“What’s so funny?” I asked. She smiled and held up the sock that I had shot my cum in last night.

“Getting excited are we Randy?” she grinned at me. I immediately lost my hardon. My face fell and I was at a loss for words. She moved closer and said, “Don’t worry about it. When I found it I was a little mad but when I thought it might be about me. Well, I got excited. Was it about me Randy?”

I smiled and said, “Yeah it was about you, but with what you were wearing last night it was hard to hold on.” Deciding not to tell her she shared my cock with my mom in my dreams. She bit her lip and asked, “Can I watch this time? I’ve never seen it before, some of the girls at my old school said that have seen it but I never have.” This immediately rekindled my hardon and an evil grin came to my face.

“Only if you join me Abby. It wouldn’t be fair otherwise,” I replied. She returned with a grin of her own,

“I wouldn’t have it any other way Randy.” With that she pulled the nightie over her head and her gorgeous breasts fell out. My jaw dropped and my cock grew. She bit her lip again and blushed.

“You -- you’re beautiful Abby,” I stammered.

She blushed and replied, “your turn tiger.” I needed no encouragement... My boxers were already flying off as I shucked off T-shirt. My hand went down to my cock and I began to pump it. Pre-cum already seeping out. She watched, entranced her eyes never leaving my cock. I pumped my cock harder now, finding it hard not to as her hand went to her pussy. I watched her finger enter her already soaking cunt. Letting out a soft moan as she began fingering herself. I closed my eyes as I pumped harder. Imaging her lips around my cock sucking me off when I realised it wasn’t a dream, it actually was happening. I didn’t know what caused her to do it but didn’t stop her. She was between my legs, sucking my cock eagerly. I reached up and began to kneed her breasts, pinching her erect nippled. She let out another moan, going deeper on my cock. Her tongue ran down my meat as she sucked at my cock. I had to bang on the mattress to avoid screaming.

Needing to release my energy I slipped around as I had seen in one of my magazines and began to lick her pussy in 69 position. She responded to my sucking harder. Taking me to the core. I licked her inner thighs and nibbled on her pussy lips. Feeling her pussy pulsate I sent my tongue into her cunt. My balls were slapping against her chin as she sucked me wildly. I felt her pussy let go and her sweet juice ran all over my face. This sent me over the edge and I exploded in her mouth. She climbed off my face with my cum dribbling out the corners of her mouth and a huge grin on her face. We said nothing but I brought her close to me and kissed her passionately on the lips. Our tongues met each other halfway as we tasted our own cum. My hands went down her naked back rubbing her, feeling her.

She moaned in my mouth as my cock began to get hard again. It rubbed against her, she whispered in my ear “fuck me, fuck me please, Randy” I moved away from her and smiled..

“Are you sure Abby? I mean I want it... damnit I do but only if you want it too.” She smiled at me and rubbed my hair “you sweet sweet boy, yes I want it now fuck my horny pussy now!!” I grinned and needed no more orders. I lay her on her back and spread the wide. She cautioned me that she was a virgin and I told her that I was also. I mounted her and kissed her again. Feeling my cock press into her I slid my meat into her womanhood and broke her cherry. She bit my shoulder to stifle her cry and I had to bite hers to stifle mine. But we didn’t stop. I went slowly at first and I felt her fucking me back I started to ride her deeper. It was the best thing I had ever felt... Better than jacking off, better than the blowjob she gave me, better than anything. Her pussy was so tight. It gripped my cock as I fucked her. I went slowly, deep, both of us moaning as I went deeper with each thrust. She reached down and squeezed my balls, grinning as I fucking her bloody and wet pussy.

“Oh god Randy, I’m going to cum. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck of FUCK!!! Give it to me Randy!! Fuck me hard!!” I needed no encouragement as I sped up my thrusts my balls slapping against her cunt. “Here I go Abby!! Take my cum baby!!” I yelled losing my tolerance as I shoot my load deep in her cunt as her orgasm rushed over my cock. When our orgasms subsided, we fell asleep bushed, with my cock still buried in her pussy.

I woke up the next morning to a blowjob. I opened my eyes and she was grinning at me.

“Hi tiger, good morning. I loved last night. I can’t wait until tonight.” I smiled and gave her mouth a little push.

“Who says we have to wait lover?” With that she climbed up my body and rode me like the horny girl that she was. At lunch we met in the barn for another fuck. This time longer and she experienced 2 orgasms to my one. She kissed me lovingly on the lips and left to do her chores. After I finished my chores I went to watch my mom masturbate. Wondering if I still needed to since I had a perfectly good pussy in bed with me all night. But once I saw my mom again I knew I had to have her.

Being with Abby did two things for me: 1) it made me almost constantly horny and 2) surer of myself. I watched my mom finger herself and instead of going off somewhere I jacked off right there, outside her room, creaking on the floor the whole time.

That night my mom sent Abby and my sisters into town to pick up some groceries she forget earlier. She called me to the kitchen and sat me down. I came down and asked,

“What’s up mom?” She gave me a sly smile and replied

“what do you mean? Sweets? Besides your cock?” I was dumbfounded. Although I shouldn’t have been considering what I did earlier in the day. Mom smiled,

“I heard you outside my room today, I hope you liked the show. In fact I’ve heard you outside my room for quite a while now.” My cock was beginning to grow now as I sat at the counter. She continued.

“In fact I heard you and Abby last night. I think the neighbours heard to and they are a couple miles away!! If you are going to keep fucking her you should try to contain yourself honey. But that’s not why I called you here. When Abby comes back we will all have a chat. In the meantime, maybe you could take care of some of your mother’s urges? It’s been so long since I’ve had a cock. And listening to Abby, you are pretty good.”

I stood there with my mouth open for a moment but when mom pulled her jeans down to reveal her soaking hairy pussy I nearly creamed my shorts. She then reached over her head and her huge 38DD’s fell out. Then I did cream my shorts. I got up and had my clothes off in 2 seconds flat. I was a man possessed. I pushed mom back on the kitchen table. Spreading her thighs and sliding my hard cock between her pussy lips. Feeling her cunt accept my cock was like a dream come true. I almost lost my load again but held it in as I started to pump. Mom was moaning my name over and over as I fucked her, licking her tits and then kissing her neck. My pecker pounding into her pussy now as she gave it back as good as she got it. She moaned and orgasmed as I pounded her pussy. Feeling her motherly juices over my cock for the first time sent me over the edge. I gave her a great big thrust and felt my cock go rigid as I shot my load deep in the caverns of her pussy.

We heard the girls get back and I got off of her. Huge grins on both of our faces as my cum ran down her thighs. I got my pants on just as Abby came into the kitchen. Mom smiled at me and said, “Abby, we have to talk about last night.” Abby just about dropped the bags but I caught her and smiled, whispering in her ear,

“It’s ok Abby, it’s ok.” Abby cleared her throat and set the bags down.

“What is it Aunt Janet?” she asked.

“Well, I heard you and Randy fucking last night and I think we should talk about it.” Abby’s face turned red and I started to chuckle as I sat down.

“I’m sorry Aunt Janet, I won’t do it again I promise--” mom cut her off.

“Don’t say things you can’t keep sweetie. Its ok, I’m not mad. I just think you should try to keep quiet. Yes we are way out there but the way you were yelling you could wake the dead! Also, did you and Randy use protection?” Abby looked at me and I looked at her.

“Protection?” we asked in unison. Mom smiled.

“Oh that’s right, you haven’t learned that at all have you Randy, and I guess you didn’t get around to it before you came here did you Abby. Well, protection helps stop pregnancy. You do know how babies are made don’t you?” I blushed,

“Come on mom, give us some credit. But I never though of protection. What do we do?” Abby smiled,

“I don’t know if I want to use protection. I know I should Aunt Janet, but it felt so good and if having a baby is what happens, I would love for Randy to be the father.” Mom smiled,

“Well, I guess I can’t get mad at either of you considering I just fucked Randy without protection.”

Abby jolted up, “WHAT?”

Mom smiled, “Take it easy sweetie, I won’t take him from you. I would hate for you to give up what I just had. But maybe we can share him.” A smile came to my face,

“I think I can do that!” Abby looked at me,

“Well of course you can, with the almost constant hardon wouldn’t you.” Slowly a smile came to her face and I knew she was in.

So that was the way it was for the next 4 months. I fucked mom and Abby almost constantly when I wasn’t working. As it happened both mom and Abby got pregnant and as the started to show loved to get it on together, pregnant belly to pregnant belly. The only people missing from the picture were my twin sister. Ashley and Joyce. They didn’t know what was going on, all they knew was that all of a sudden, mom, Abby and Randy were all of a sudden together a lot.

Ashley and Joyce were very close. Being twins they naturally were close and being out on a farm didn’t do anything to separate them. Sometimes at night they would finger each other. One night after they had finished fingering each others cunts Ashley got up to use the bathroom. To do this she had to pass Abby and my room. I was in the process of fucking Abby from behind when she heard moaning. She crept open the door and screamed when she saw us. Abby and I looked up and saw her run to mom’s room as I fucking Abby’s ass. Mom bolted out of her room, my cum dribbles down her legs and yelled

“WHAT??? What is it honey?? What’s wrong?” Joyce had run out now and joined Ashley as she caught her breath.

“I saw... I saw... Randy and Abby connected! They were grunting and moaning and Randy’s thing was in her behind!!”

Mom smiled and juices started to run down her thighs. Abby and I now stepped out of room dress in our underwear. Mom smiled, “Ashley, sweetie, that’s nothing to be upset about. They were making love. Its ok.” Joyce’s eyes then bulged and in unison with her sister said, “Ewwwwwwwww.”

Mom frowned,

“Girls, I am ashamed of you. Sex is nothing to say ewwwwwwwww about. And the fact they are related means nothing. I have sex with Randy and Abby too.” Joyce was puzzled now,

“But mama, isn’t it wrong?” Abby chirped in then,

“Girls, it is only wrong if you don’t want it, and believe me, your mother and I want it.”

She grinned, “from the looks of your crotches, so do you.” Both of the girls blushed and looked at the floor. I was getting hard again and suggested the family go down to the living room to get reacquainted. The girls practically jumped at this idea. We all got undressed again and the girls gazed at my rock hard cock. Mom saw them and smiled. Explaining about sex and foreplay and asked,

“Who wants to go first?” Ashley jumped and without waiting yelled,

“Me first!!!” she launched herself at my cock and took it in her mouth whole, grabbing my ass she sucked on my cock sloppily. Abby came down and sucked my balls and gave Ashley some pointers. She slowed down and began to suck me off good and hard. I then motioned to Joyce and had her sit on my face and began to eat her out.

With my free breathes I suggested Abby work on my balls again and Joyce begged mom to come so she could show what she and Ashley do at night. Within minutes I shot my load in Ashley’s mouth and was teasingly eating Joyce out. Ashley got up and without asking slid her watering pussy on my rigid cock. Feeling her TIGHT pussy around my cock made me send my tongue deep in Joyce’s cunt. Ashley began to ride me like a horny slut and Abby exclaimed, “It looks like someone is a little nymph” I just got harder and started to fuck my new pussy back as hard as I could. Joyce moaned and exploded on my face. I gobbled what I could but mom bent over and licked me clean, kissing me lustily in the process. Everyone then turned their attention as Ashley bounced on my cock, having orgasm after orgasm, finally I gave out and shot my load up her tight young pussy. She yelled in happiness and climbed off.

She got up smiling and kissed me on the lips “thanks Randy, I really loved it.” Before I could say anything I felt another pair of lips on my cock and saw Joyce sucking away on my cock now. Abby was beginning to feel left out so I invited her pregnant cunt up to my face. As I ate her out she and mom began to make our as Ashley lay exhausted, cum oozing from her cunt. Before I was about to cum, I brought Joyce up to my cock and slid it home. Feeling her tight pussy around my cock I pushed up and broke her cherry. She yelled in pleasure and pain as I started to fuck her good and hard, regardless of her first time. She began to bounce on my cock just as her sister had and I had yet another nymph on my cock.

Three years later I was 17, Abby 18, mom 31 and my sisters 15. Abby had had 2 more of my children. Both girls named Chrissy and Karla. She had fully developed and her tits were rivalling that of my moms. My mom had also given my 2 kids. Randy jr. and Janet jr. Amazingly my sisters had not got pregnant despite many many fucks. That would soon change.

My cock was now a fully developed 10 inch Johnson, which pleasured all of the women immensely. All had been asked out on dates but rejected giving excuses but in the family it was known that I was the man for them. They all knew deep down there were my sluts but didn’t care. I treated them nice, didn’t hurt them unless they wanted it. I provided for the family and was the man of the house. Ashley and Joyce truly were nymphs and if possible wanted my cock more than mom and Abby. Amazingly I was blessed with the ability to recoup fast and able to fuck all the women of my family royally. The day after I took my sister’s virginity’s we went into town and bought two HUGE beds. Side to side it was an amazing sight to see and gave enough room for us all to sleep together and fuck. With myself in the middle I was in heaven with 4 hot horny and willing pussy’s available all the time. One night I was fucking Ashley from behind, she LOVED (and still does) it that way since it was the way she found out about sex. She has such a hot ass I can never say no. In fact I have fucked every part of all my women that can possibly me fucked. But I digress. I was fucking my 15 year old sister from behind, feeling my cock go rigid I pulled out and slide into her hot cunt. Shooting my hot cum in her hot pussy we had been trying to get her pregnant for a long time now. She was jealous since Joyce was pregnant and she wanted to be like the rest of the family. I was fucking her night and day to the point her holes would be swollen from so much sex. But she still wanted it and I gave it. This night the heavens shed light down on us and she got pregnant.

That was 20 years ago. I am now 37, Abby 38, mom 51 and sisters 35. As it happened that was Ashley’s only child, as she can’t have anymore. She feels bad as she really does want to contribute but gets more than her share of sex which she craves. Joyce has since given me 8 children. 7 girls and 1 boy. Ashley gave me a lovely girl. Abby has also given me 10 children. 8 girls and 2 boys. Mom has given me 7 children as she left her “prime.” 6 girls and 1 boy. As all the girls came of age (12) I took their virginity. The mothers did so with their sons and will continue to do so. It was always known that I am the man of the house and command pussy when I want it. The new girls also plan to continue the family trend and get pregnant by me and me only. The boys have to wear rubbers or when they are of age leave. If they decide to leave (as most have when they turned 18) they were given money to go out to the world and welcomed back at any time. I gave a ring to Ashley on her 18th birthday as a present. We cannot legally get married but are as close as can be. It is her present for being “left out.” I still fuck the other members of my family and love them more each day but Ashley is my main woman. I bet my father is sorry he gave this family up and am glad he did.