Incest Sex Stories

A Summer to Remember

by Tray Homaker

Caution: story contain strong elements of taboo incest sex between all the members of a family

My story starts many years ago. My name is Bobby and I was getting ready to turn sixteen that summer. My parents had just purchased a small motor home for our vacation that year. It was nice, but very confining. It was supposed to sleep six, but four people in it at one time, seemed very crowded to me.

It had a bunk above the passenger compartment that would sleep two people. They would be a little cramped, but two people could fit there. In the back of the motor home was a small room with a full size bed. That was where my parents would sleep.

I will tell you a little about my family before I move on to the events of our first vacation in the motor home. My father (Jim) worked the third shift in a local factory. He had worked there for as long as I could remember. He went to work at 11:00 p.m. and got off at 7:00 a.m. the next morning. My mother (Melanie) was a homemaker, and sold Avon on the side. My younger sister (Melissa) was fourteen years old that summer.

One night while my father was working. Two black men broke into our house, and then took turns raping my mother all night long. My sister was a result of that night. My mother and father had been trying to have another child, so my mother was not using any type of contraception at the time. My mother didn’t believe in abortion for any reason, and carried my sister full term. They hoped that the child my mother was carrying had been conceived before that night.

However, that would not end up being the case. And when Missy was born, although she was a black baby, my parents were not willing to put her up for adoption.

I would like to tell you that it had been easy growing up with a little black sister, but I’d be lying. I fought my way through most of my school life. Kids always made fun of her for having a white family. My sister felt very close to me, and looked up to me as her protector. Missy was a very pretty little girl. Although she was born black, and very dark skinned, she had the facial features more like a white child. The rest of her physical attributes were more characteristic of a black woman. She had long slender legs; flat little stomach and a nice round bubble butt like most black women seem to have.

Her body seemed to be much more matured than all the other girls her age were. I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t noticed her tightly kinked black pubic hair when her bikini bottoms or panties didn’t cover it all. She was actually quite hairy there for her age.

My mother was a very sexy looking woman. Her long dark hair, big blue eyes, and curvaceous body made her a very exotic looking woman. She was tall, slender, and had one hell of a set of legs. My mother had a very wide gap at the crotch where her legs met her groin. It made her big meaty pussy lips hard to hide when she wore something fairly tight in the crotch. I had jerked off many times after going to bed, because I was unable to get the sight of my mother’s deep snatch groove out of my head. I kept a rag under the bed to catch sperm in for those special occasions.

I have to say it was not easy having the bedroom next to my parents. The walls were very thin, and left little to the imagination when they were having sex. I knew exactly when my father was about to cum. I could hear his groans getting louder, the pace of the bed springs squeaking got faster, and then he would always announce the fact that he was going to cum. I didn’t recall ever hearing my mother say that she was going to cum during the throws of passion though.

It had been fourteen years since my sister’s birth. My mother now in her late thirties, wanted to have another child. My father and her had been fucking like minks for the past two weeks trying to conceive. Every night after I went to bed, my dad would fuck my mother before he left for work. It was making me so horny listening to them going at each other every night. I had my cock almost raw from jerking off.

It was three nights before we were to leave for our summer vacation in the new motor home, that after my father left for work, I could hear my mother crying softly in her bedroom. I wasn’t sure why she was crying, because they had just finished another one of their hot fuck sessions. I thought that I had better go check on her.

I slowly opened the door to my parent’s bedroom and announced that I was coming in. I walked over to my mother’s side of the bed, and then touched her on the shoulder. She jumped because she hadn’t heard me enter. She quickly wiped her eyes, and asked me what was wrong. I explained how I could hear her crying and was worried that something was wrong. She was very hesitant to answer. I asked her several times without any answer. Suddenly she broke into tears, and started blubbering about how fucking horny she was, and that she just couldn’t stand it any longer.

I must have had a very confused look on my face. I mean, how could a woman be horny after being fucked every night for more than two weeks. “Mom, I’ve listened every night for over two weeks while dad has sex with you. How could you be horny after all the that?” I asked. “Dad just got done having sex with you before he left for work, and you’re still horny?” I continued with a look of amazement on my face.

My mother looked a little surprised to hear that I been listening every night as dad put the meat to her. “You can hear us?” she asked. “What can you hear?”

“Mother, I can hear everything. I even hear dad when he says that he’s going to cum.”

“Oh! Shit! I had no idea that you could hear all that.” She blurted. “I’m sorry honey!”

I asked my mother to please explain why she was still so horny. She started by explaining that she was only able to cum from either having her pussy licked, or by using a vibrator on her clit. She said that she had never been able to have an orgasm from fucking alone. “The reason I’m so horny is, your father doesn’t like licking my pussy, and my vibrator is broken, and I’ve been fucked so much lately without receiving any satisfaction myself.” She went on to explain in a whining tone.

I had jerked off so many nights lately with the thought of her sexy crotch dancing in my head, that I gave no thought to offering to lick her pussy for her.

“How about I lick your pussy for you?” I asked while at the same time pulling the sheets back. “I promise that I won’t stop until you have had all the orgasms that you need.”

I was pleased to see that under the sheet my mother was completely naked. Not waiting for her reply, I leaned my head forward and kissed her on the area between her navel and pubic hair.

“Oh! Baby! You have to stop. I’m your mother, this isn’t right!” she began to plea. “That would be incest. I can’t allow you to do that!”

I was not about to take no for an answer, and her words certainly didn’t match her actions. She was saying no, but at the same time, I could feel her spreading her legs wider apart. As I kissed my way down toward her pussy, I could smell the scent of my father semen as it leaked from her vagina.

“Oh! Bobby! Stop! Baby, please stop! Momma can’t allow you to do this, I can’t allow you eat out my dirty snatch!” she almost panted. She was still saying stop, but at the same time she was pulling my face between her open thighs.

I now had my mouth poised at the top of her slit. I was finally going to fulfill my fantasy of licking my mother’s hot and juicy snatch. When my tongue hit her clit, she went totally ballistic. She pulled my face into the center of her pussy and started hunching like a dog. She was going wild, and it was all that I could do, to just be able to keep my mouth on the moving target in front of me. I locked my mouth over her clit and began sucking and licking very hard. That was all that it took to launch my mother into a massive orgasm. As she began to tighten her vaginal muscles in response to her orgasm, it caused my father’s semen to squish out and soak the bed under her ass.

I continued to lick my mother to two more orgasms before she stopped me. I slid up next to her and hugged her very tightly. “Oh my god, honey! You made your momma feel so good. You made me feel like more of a woman than I have in a very long time.” She almost purred.

I then crawled up on top of my mother and ended up with my crotch pushed up tightly against hers. I now needed to relieve the pressure that had been building in my balls. I hooked my thumb in the waistband of my boxers and had them off and tossed to the floor in a flash. As I pushed forward, my cock slid easily into my mother’s sloppy wet cunt.

She started to claw, push and kick her legs in objection to the presence of my cock in her unprotected pussy.


It seemed funny to me that she was still telling me no, and had both hands on my ass pulling me inside of her at the same time. I fucked harder and deeper with each thrust. I wanted to cum, and I wanted to do it inside of my mother’s hot pussy. I could now tell by the way that she was hunching back, she had no intention of stopping me before I filled her twat full of my hot sperm.

My mother tightened her pussy muscles around my cock, and then started to grind her cunt against me in a circular motion. It was very apparent that she was trying hard to get me off quickly. In just a few more strokes she accomplished her goal and my balls began emptied their contents deep in my mother’s cunt. She wrapped her legs around my back, and held me tightly in her arms as the last remaining spurts of my semen filled her pussy to overflowing. My mother held me, and ran her fingers through the back of my hair for the longest time. I felt so loved lying there with her legs wrapped so tightly around my waist.

“I loved you so much mom. I’m glad that it was you to take my virginity.”

“Oh baby! at first I didn’t want to, but then wanted your first time to be a very good experience, so I let you do this. I’m happy to know that it was good for you.”

We continued to lie in each other’s arms just talking for a while longer.

“I really shouldn’t have let you cum inside me. I’m not taking any birth control, and you can get me pregnant. Now that we’ve done this one time, I think it would be pointless that we don’t do it again. But, you would have to put on a condom first in the future.”

I kissed my mother softly, and then whispered in her ear.

“You said after tonight. Right? Can I make love to you one more time tonight without one on?”

“Alright, but this must be the last time unprotected. You could get me pregnant you know? Then what would we do?”

“What difference would it make if I did? You’re trying to get pregnant anyway. No one but us would know it could possibly be mine.” I calmly stated.

Although my mother made no reply, I could see the wheels turning in her head.

I was so happy that she agreed to make love to me again before I left her room. It was the excitement in knowing that I was going to fuck my mother’s unprotected pussy once more that caused me to immediately start to grow fully erect inside of her pussy again.

My mother pushed me over onto my back and climbed on top keeping my cock inside her.

“I want to do something your father never lets me do. I want to be on top and ride your big cock. I’m going to make you cum in my cunt that way.” She said with an excited tone.

I received one hell of a riding from my mother. I think she was very surprised to find out that she could have an orgasm in that position. When my mother achieved her climax, I thought that she was going to wake my little sister up from all her screaming. She shook all over, her stomach muscles jerked uncontrollably, and then she flooded my crotch with her vaginal juices.

I could tell by my mother’s actions that she had never experienced an orgasm this strong before. I was unable to hold out any longer and blasted her pussy full of my semen.

My mother sent me on my way after that, but I think she really wanted to let me stay a little longer, but was afraid that my sister might come in on us while we were fucking.

The next morning seemed to come early. I was not sure what to expect that morning. I figured that I would try to act as normal as I could, and then wait to see what happened.

My mother acted like nothing had happened the night before. I couldn’t believe how cool acting she was. I was beginning to think that she was angry with me for the night before.

When my dad came in from work, he gave mom a kiss, and then asked her how she feeling that morning. I knew mom wasn’t mad at me when she replied that she was feeling a little tired, and then looked at me a winked.

My dad usually went to bed shortly after getting home and slept until late in the afternoon. Mom told him the she had some Avon deliveries to make and some other errands to run, so she’d be gone for a little while. He gave her a kiss, and then my mother was out the door and gone. I figured that I’d go check on Missy and she what she was up too.

Missy’s room was at the opposite end of the hallway from my room. She really had a lot more privacy from the rest of the house. She didn’t have to listen to mom and dad fucking every night either. I arrived at her door and found it cracked slightly.

When I peeked through the narrow crack in the door opening. I could tell that Missy was lying on her back with her legs spread slightly apart. I could see her hand moving inside the crotch of her white cotton panties. I don’t know how long she had been at this, but I think it was beginning to feel pretty good to her. I was a little surprised that at only fourteen, she had already found the pleasure of playing with her clit. I could tell by Missy’s soft moans that she was getting close to having an orgasm. I decide to stay there and watch until she was finished. I wished that she had taken her panties off first. I really wanted to see her hairy cunt. I no more than got that thought out of my mind, when Missy lifted her ass off the bed, and then pulled her panties off and threw them to the floor. I was at the perfect angle when she once again spread her legs. I could look straight between her open thighs. When Missy parted her pussy lips to resume her fingering. I could see the deep pink between her large dark black pussy lips glisten from her vaginal juices. The sight of that almost caused me to shoot a load in my pants.

I stood and watched as Missy’s tempo steadily increased. I knew when she started to tighten her legs, and then pushed her crotch upward and into the air, she was on the verge of having her orgasm. I continued watching as Missy jerked her clit hard and fast.

When she started to orgasm, she pushed her fingers deep into her pussy, and held them there very tightly. I could see her belly begin to jerk, and then she pulled her legs up into the fetal position and rolled over onto her side. She laid there for a while shaking and jerking while trying to catch her breath. I figured that I had seen all that I was going to, and left immediately.

I had a mental picture of Missy’s finger fucking running through my mind the remainder of the day. My sister’s hot black body had me hotter than hell. I knew that I would have to jack off in my rag that night for sure.

It was late in the afternoon before mom made it home from her errands. When she came in, she greeted me just like she normally would. She acted like nothing had happened between us the night before. I was a little confused, but figured she must have her reasons.

A little later on, Missy came into the living room where I was watching TV with only a tee shirt and those same white cotton panties that she had been wearing earlier in the day.

As Missy flopped down on the sofa she kind of ended up half sitting up and half lying down. I could clearly see the crotch of her white panties. And like normal, on both sides of the cotton fabric, there were tight curls of kinky black pussy hairs exposed. The crotch of her panties clung to the shape of her pouting pussy lips. The wetness in the crotch was clearly visible. I wanted to go over there and rip those panties off of her, and then eat her pussy right there on the sofa. Of course that was out of the question.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to embarrass Missy a little. I went over to the sofa took hold of the hand that she had previously had between her pussy lips. I brought her hand to my nose and took in a big whiff.

“I bet I can guess where these fingers have been.” I chuckled. Then I slid the finger that she had been using to finger fuck herself with into my mouth and sucked on it. “Mmmmmmm! Your pussy tastes so good too!” I roared. I don’t know if it’s possible for a black girl to blush or not. But if they could, I knew that Missy sure should be.

Missy had always been a very submissive girl all her life. I knew that she would not tell our mother about anything that I did to her. I reached down between her thighs and placed my hand on the crotch of her panties.

“Hmmmm! Still pretty damn wet too!” I chided. “I bet my tongue would feel pretty good on there! What do you think?”

Missy didn’t made a peep when I pulled the front of her panties down, and then gave her pussy groove a few fast licks. If it hadn’t been for fear of being caught. I would have licked Missy to an orgasm right there on the sofa. As it were, I was already pushing my luck. Missy seemed to like the feel of my hot tongue on her pussy, but I figure that I had better stop for now. Maybe some night soon I would sneak into her room and eat her pussy for her.

That night after the lights were out and the house had gotten quiet. I planned on maybe slipping quietly down the hall and sliding in bed with Missy. I listened for my mother and father to start their fucking before dad had to leave for work. I was surprised when I could hear mom telling him that she had a bad headache tonight, and didn’t really feel like having sex. It was maybe another hour before I heard the door close behind him as he left for work. Now the house was totally quiet.

I laid in bed waiting for what I felt was a long enough time to assure that my mother would have fallen to sleep by then. I didn’t want to wake her up while trying to slip down the hall and into Missy’s room. I was about ready to throw back the sheets when I heard the knob on my bedroom door turn.

I could see the outline of my mother’s naked body as she entered my room. She lifted the sheets and slid in bed beside me. “I’m so horny again tonight Honey?” she stated. “I need another night of your good hard fucking baby.” she now purred.

“Awesome, but I don’t have any condoms.”

She climbed on top of me. “Baby, I’m not going to make you wear one. You can cum in my pussy all you want. If you make me pregnant, so be it!” she boldly stated.

I sucked and fucked my mother to more orgasms than I could count that night. I would end up shooting three loads of semen into my mother’s pussy before she finally headed back to her room that night. We would repeat this each night until we finally left for our vacation trip. My mother was beginning to act like my very own personal whore. That’s exactly how I wanted her to act too. I wanted more than anything to be the one that knocked her up. I think that was her goal now also.

The big day had finally arrived. Our bags were packed, the motor home was loaded, and we were headed down the highway toward the Ozarks Hill by the time the sun came up.

The trip there was only around a two hours long. However, the time seemed to move very slowly. I sat in the kitchenette of motor home and talked to my mother much of the trip. The shorts that she was wearing were very tight, and the crotch was clearly wedged in between her meaty pussy lips giving her a very prominent camel toe.

She saw where my eyes were, and then looked to see if dad or Missy was paying any attention. Since they weren’t, she put her fingers in the belt loop located above the zipper, and then pulled up, wedging the material in the crotch of her shorts even deeper between her pussy lips. Then she just looked me in the eyes and gave me a big grin.

I asked mom about the sleep arrangements, and she told me that I would have to share the bunk above the passenger compartment with Missy. Then she made a little pouting face to tease me. I looked up to the bunk and I knew that it was going to be a very tight fit. It was going to be two week before we left the camping grounds. I knew it was going to be a very long two weeks. I became very sad when it hit me that I would not be able to have sex with mom for a whole two weeks. I would be hornier than a goat with two peckers by then.

The day went pretty fast after finally getting there. Everyone seemed tired from the big day, and then decided to go to bed fairly early that first night. I had a hard time trying to get to sleep that first night. The fact that my dad insisted on fucking my mother that night didn’t help much. It was a very confined area, and the noise carried easily across the length of the motor home. It didn’t seem to bother Missy’s sleeping much. She was already breathing fairly heavy. I however, had to lay there with a hard on.

The smell of my parents’ fuck session hung heavy in the trailer driving me nuts. It had been a couple of hours since they finished, and my father was already snoring. I was pretty certain that my mother by the sound of her deep breathing, was asleep also. I needed badly to jerk off and relieve the pressure in my balls. But, there was no room, no rag to shoot off in, and even if there had been a rag, where would I hide it.

I could see fairly well in the dim light of the motor home. The dusk to dawn light just outside of our camping site, filtered light through the window in the front of the upper bunk. I could see Missy’s white cotton panties because her tee shirt had gathered around the top of them. Missy was lying on her side with her ass pushed back toward me. I turned onto my side and slid up against Missy, causing her ass to come in contact with my rigid cock. God she felt so good lying there next to me. I nudged her in the rear with my cock and she began to stir a little. I pulled my boxers down, and then slid up tightly against her warm little ass. I nudged her again, this time wedging my cock between the cheeks of her extremely round ass.

This time Missy softly moaned and pushed her ass back toward me. Missy was still sound asleep and didn’t realize yet that she was reacting to my stimulation. I reached one arm over Missy and placed it on her lower stomach. It was the part right between her navel and pubic mound. I then pulled her back toward me and wedged my cock even deeper between the cheeks of Missy’s ass.

This time as she pushed back against me and moaned, she seemed to become aware of what was happening and started to jerk away from me.

I slid my arm under her head, cupped my hand over her mouth and pulled her back against me. I brought my mouth to her ear and whispered “Be still and do not make a sound.”

She struggled a little more, but then gave in to my continued advances.

“I need to use your body Missy. I’m so horny. I need to use your little pussy to get myself off,” I continued to whisper in her ear. “I will be gentle, and I promise that I won’t hurt you. Okay sweetie?” I asked.

All that I got from Missy was nod of her head.

I pulled down the waistband in the back of Missy’s panties, and then slid my cock in between her pussy lips. The pre-cum that oozed from the head of my cock lubricated the groove between her pussy lips perfectly. My cock easily slid back in forth between her meaty pussy lips. It wasn’t long before I could feel the slickness of Missy’s own pussy juices. I reached around and slid my hand down the front of her panties. Missy’s clit was already swollen from her sexual excitement. I massaged her hard little bump while I continued to slide my cock back and forth in her slick pussy groove.

I could hear Missy’s breathing getting a little more rapid and the sound of her moans started coming from deep in the back of her throat. My sister was wanting to cum also. But she didn’t want it half as bad as I wanted to give it to her. I nuzzled my face into the side of Missy’s neck and kissed behind her ear. I could tell that she liked that by the way she began to move back and forth with my movements. I couldn’t believe how hot and wet Missy’s pussy had become. Her pussy was a lot more juicy than mom’s.

I knew that just sliding up and down the groove of my sister’s pussy was not going to be enough to satisfy me. After fucking my mother the past three nights, I felt that I couldn’t settle for anything less that vaginal penetration. I brought my free hand to Missy’s mouth and covered it as I whispered in her ear that I was going to fuck her now. She was not too keen on that idea, and tried to pull away.

“Stay still! I need to be inside of you, sweetie. I don’t want it to hurt you, so just relax and let me! You’re not going to get out of this, so you better just let me finish,” I almost growled in her ear.

I felt Missy relax her body some, so I removed my hand from her mouth.

“I promise that I’m going to make you cum real hard too. You want me to make you cum too don’t you? Are you going to be good, and let me fuck you?”

Missy didn’t answer verbally, but acknowledge her submission by nodding her head up and down.

I slid my cock back to the opening of Missy vagina, shifted my position some to allow me the proper angle for entry, and then slowly started pushing the head of my cock inside. Missy’s pussy was much tighter than my mother’s, and I wondered if she would be able to accommodate the full length of my cock.

She was so hot and wet inside, that the first few inches slid into her fairly easy. Missy’s breathing once again was getting very rapid, and she had resumed her motions back and forth. I continued rubbing her clit, and could feel it getting harder and larger, as our motion toward each other continued. I slid deeper and deeper into my sister’s no longer virgin cunt.

I couldn’t believe the difference in the way that Missy felt on the inside compared to my mother. She was certainly a lot tighter than my mother, but the biggest difference was the tilt in her pelvic structure. Her pussy was positively better feeling to fuck than my mother’s. The only major difference was the experience of my mother. She definitely knew how to fuck your legs off. If it would ever come down to feel alone, I would have to pick Missy’s pussy for fucking though.

I could tell that Missy was right on the verge of exploding. Her body began to tighten, and her clit had grown to twice the size it was before we started. I took Missy’s hand and pulled it down between her legs so that she could feel her own wetness there. She began to rub one side of her clit while I rubbed the other side. It was only seconds before Missy began to tighten her vaginal muscles around my cock. Then suddenly, I could feel her insides begin to convulse around my cock.

“Oh my god! It feels so good! Shit! You’re making me cum, Bobby!” she blurted out.

I clamped my hand over her mouth to smother the sound. “Shhhh! You’ll wake mom and dad if you don’t stay quiet.” I snapped in her ear.

I again nuzzled my face into my sister’s neck. The scent of her black skin was making me hornier that hell. The scent of Missy’s skin and hair was much different than that of my mother’s. Missy had somewhat of a musky scent and taste to her skin, and it was making my balls tighten more with each breath that I took. I knew that I was going to explode any minute.

“I’m going to cum! Can I cum up inside of your pussy, baby?” I asked. “I want to fill that sweet little pussy of yours full of my cum. Let me cum in you. Okay?”

Missy made no verbal response. She only increased the speed of her hunching. That was enough of an answer to suit me. I had already planned on doing that regardless of her answer anyway. I took hold of Missy’s hips, and then started fucking her as hard as I could. It was just seconds before I started throbbing and then started sending blast after blast of my hot sperm into her incredibly hot and tight little snatch. Knowing that her little virgin pussy was unprotected, made my climax that much more intense. I laid there panting as I continued to pump my baby making sperm into my little sister’s flat black belly. I held Missy for the longest time just taking in sensual scent of her black skin.

I must have held Missy in my arms for at least a half-hour with my cock inside of her damming her vaginal entrance. I was startled awake when Missy pulled away sending my cock flopping down onto her thigh. She slowly turned over facing me, pushed me onto my back, and then climbed up and lay on top of me. Missy kissed me very softly and sensually. She then started kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear. My cock once more snapped to attention.

“I’m still horny, Bobby.” Missy whispered into my ear. “Can I ride your big cock some more?”

“I would love it. Go on baby, make my cock feel good. Make me cum with your tight pussy.”

My little sister pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, and then took my cock in her hand, and guided me deep inside of her slimy cum filled pussy.

Her movements were slow, very sensual, extremely pleasant, and I could tell that she wasn’t very sure of what she was doing and learning on the go.

Missy began to slowly rock her pelvis back and forth, side to side, while at the same time gyrating in a circular motion. I guess that she must have done that for at least thirty minute before she started to rub her clit harder and harder against my pubic mound.

I could tell by the ragged breaths that I could feel on the side of my neck, Missy was going to cum very soon. I didn’t have to wait long before Missy suddenly arched her back and pushed down hard against my pubic mound. I could feel her insides tighten around my cock, and then her vaginal walls started milking the length of my shaft. I couldn’t hold on any longer and began to erupt like a volcano, shooting my fiery pool of hot semen deep up into the center of my black sister’s tight cunt right against her hard cervix.

Would this be something that I would later regret doing? I sure didn’t think so at the moment, cause I had just been given the greatest gift that any man could receive.

My sister had just surrendered herself to me completely. This hadn’t been just fucking to Missy. She had just made very slow and passionate love to someone that she loved very much. I had never felt so loved, or so incredibly close to anyone, as I did at that very moment.

I hated to remove my cock from its resting place, but I knew that I must. I pulled free, and then fixed the crotch of Missy’s panties to cover her leaking pussy hole. I continued to kiss Missy for a few more moments, while at the same time rubbing my hands over her beautiful round ass cheeks.

I then rolled Missy onto her side, and slid up into the spoon position to sleep behind her.

After sliding my hand into the front of my sister’s panties, I became amazed to find out just how much semen I had shot into her. The entire crotch of her panties were completely soaked through with our juices.

“Sorry that I made such a mess of your pussy, baby,” I told Missy as I snuggled my face into her neck.

“I love the way you made me feel inside.” Missy almost purred in response. “It feels good running out of my pussy,” she continued to explain. “I’m really glad that you fucked me, Bobby! I hope you would fuck me every night from now on, Okay?”

“No problem sweetie, no problem at all. Now let’s go to sleep. We don’t want mom and dad to wonder why we’re so tired tomorrow.”

The next morning, my mother and father had already gotten up and were gone by the time that Missy and I woke up. I poked Missy to wake her, and then rolled her over onto her back. I could see that the whole front of Missy’s panties, were wet all the way up to the waistband. She pulled the front of her panties down to uncover her cum matted pubic hair. The wetness had caused her already kinky pubic hair to kink even tighter.

I couldn’t resist, and buried my cock deep inside Missy’s cunt. I finished just in time. Missy and I haven’t even caught our breaths before we heard the door to the motor home open.

“It’s about time you two sleepy heads were getting out of bed. Did you have a long hard night last night or something?” Mom giggled while stripping out of her clothes. Not sure how to answer, we both remained silent.

“Hey, we’re going down to the creek this morning for a swim are you two ready?” Mom asked. “It’s really isolated here, so we’re going to do it the old fashioned way! Naked!” Mom excitedly blurted out.

When Missy slid out of the bunk, the crotch of her panties, were at eye level with my mother. Mom then looked Missy in the eye with a smug look, and then said. “Well! By the look of your sister’s crotch, it seems you two have already taken a little plunge of your own. I thought I heard you two moaning last night!” She grinned.

With that she walked over to Missy as if it was the most normal thing in the world to do, and then stuck her hand down the front of her panties.

I could tell that she was pleased by what she felt there. I about shit when she pulled down Missy’s panties, squatted down in front of her, and then started licking up and down her slit.

“I want to make you cum Missy.” My mother told her. “Go lie down on my bed! I’m going to eat your pussy good!” She told her. Missy did exactly as my mother said and then received one hell of a pussy licking from her.

Afterward, my mother commanded that Missy lick her pussy. Missy had started to move down between my mother’s legs when she was stopped. “No! I’m going to straddle your face Missy, and then you’re going to make me cum, while I watch Bobby fuck your little pussy. I want to watch his cum run out of your pussy!” My mother stated with much excitement in her voice.

By now I was rock hard again. I mounted Missy, and began to fuck her in slow steady movements.

My mother’s snatch was smashed down onto Missy’s face, and all that I could see of Missy’s face was her chin, and then her tongue as it wagged frantically against my mother’s aroused clit. The sight of my mother’s pussy being eaten by my sister had me wanting to cum badly. Thank goodness! My mother was already exploding so now I could let go of my load too. For the third time, I pumped Missy’s cunt full of my hot semen.

When we were done, my mother sat both of us down and explained that the motor home had been purchased to give us all a place to make love to each other. She went on by saying that my father had no sperm in his semen, so he would not be able to make either Missy or her pregnant. She went on to tell me, that was why she seduced me into fucking her that first night. She wanted a baby, and both my father and her agreed that I would be the one to give it to her.

“Now Missy! You’re going to have to share your brother with me until I get pregnant.”

“When we get back home, and after your father goes to work each night, we will have a threesome. I will always be the one taking Bobby’s load of cum though. Understand?” my mother continued.

“The rest of our vacation, I will fuck Bobby during the day, and you can have him all you want at night. Okay, Missy?” My mother said that as a statement more than a question.

That was pretty much how the remaining days of you vacation went. I would fuck mom a couple of times during the day, while dad fucked Missy. Then at night, dad fucked mom, while I fucked Missy half the night. The last morning, we all crawled into bed together and had a major fuck fest before heading home. I cum in my mother’s cunt three time that morning. Then while driving home that day, I got her in the sack, and then fucked her two more times filling her to overflowing.

When we finally got home, the tan shorts that my mother was wearing were totally soaked through in the crotch. She looked as though she had pissed her pants. The front seat was also soak with cum where her pussy had been resting against it.

My dad grabbed hold of the wet crotch of her shorts, and then told her that it was his turn tonight. “Sure baby! What ever you say, you know that my pussy belongs to you first, then Bobby.” My mother grinned.

I fucked my mother every night after getting back from our vacation. My father would leave for work, then I would go in and get in bed with her, and usually cum in her at least two or three times each night.

Then it happened. One morning, I was awakened by the sound of someone heaving in the bathroom. It had been about a month and a half since that first time that I had fucked my Mother. When I went to check on whom it was that was sick, it turned out to be her.

She had missed having her period by two weeks now. After taking one of those store bought pregnancy tests to confirm that she was pregnant, she told me later in the day that she was going to have my baby.

Although I continued to fuck my mother regularly after that the frequency was far less after her belly began to get real big.

I then began to give more and more attention to Missy’s pussy. I would visit Missy’s room nightly and if it hadn’t been for my mother taking Missy to the doctor and getting on birth control pills the day after getting back from our vacation trip, she would have probably become pregnant too. Actually, it was a miracle that she didn’t just from the fucking that I gave her during our trip.

My mother had a little boy, and she says that as soon as he gets old enough, she wants to start on making another baby. Missy keeps begging mother to let her get pregnant too.

So far she’s been told that she’s too young, and must finish school first. I have continued to fuck both of them regularly since. But for now, they’re both on birth control pills.

I think the best fucking that we do is when we do it as a family. All four of us in Mom and Dad’s bed, with Dad and I passing Mom and Missy back and forth until we have each cum inside of both of them.