Incest Sex Stories

Uncle Dan Spanks Cindy

by RonBo

Caution: This story contains strong Incest Elements of sex between an uncle and hist niece.

My Uncle Dan is only ten years older than me. He is my mother's youngest brother. He babysat me many times when I was a young girl. One time when I was about eleven years old I had aggravated him so badly that he threatened to take me "over his knee for an old fashion bare bottom spanking."

I laughed at him saying. "You wouldn't dare!"

But he did dare. He pulled me onto his lap, pulling down my pajama bottoms, slapping my ass once hard. "I don't dare, do I?" He laughed as he pulled my little white panties down to my knees exposing my bare behind." I don't remember how many times he spanked my bottom but I do remember that it hurt me enough that I always listened to him after that. Just the threat of a spanking would make me obey him.

That was my first spanking. My parents never had never punished me that way. They usually scolded me and took away privileges. Uncle Dan never spanked me again while he babysat me but when he looked at me, his little smile on his handsome face, I knew he was thinking about that time I was over his lap with my bare bottom exposed to him.

When I was about thirteen years old my Uncle Dan married his childhood sweetheart. They moved out of state when the company Dan's wife Mary worked for transferred her. I missed seeing my favorite Uncle at family gatherings.

That is about when my memories of my first spanking by my Uncle Dan changed in my mind from the painful and embarrassing event it was to something a little more erotic. As I learned to use my hand to masturbate my young pussy I fantasized that while my Uncle was spanking my bare bottom he would touch my breasts with his other hand making my pussy so juicy that he couldn't help but notice the wetness drooling down my thighs. I always orgasmed as I fantasized that Uncle Dan was touching my pussy with his fingers while he squeezed my tits. I could always have a good cum by imagining that my favorite Uncle was touching me in all my private places.

When I was seventeen I lost my virginity to my boyfriend Johnny in the back seat of his father's sedan. I had also learned how to satisfy Johnny with my mouth, although I never let him cum in my mouth. When I could tell that he was ready I would take his prick out of my mouth and masturbate him letting him spurt his cum into a tissue.

I came home after a session with Johnny and overheard my mother telling my dad that Uncle Dan had divorced Mary. He was coming to stay with us for a week to gather his thoughts. Mom told Dad that it would be an ideal time to take that second honeymoon they were always talking about. She had booked a four day cruise while Dan would be here. Although I was seventeen my parents felt that I was too young to stay by myself for four nights, therefore Dan could keep an eye on me.

That sounded wonderful to me. I didn't need baby sitting any longer but the thought of being alone with my Twenty seven years old Uncle for four days excited me. Maybe he would even spank me again and fulfill my fantasy.

I answered the door when Uncle Dan finally arrived. I dressed in a pretty sun dress that showed off my now mature breasts and shapely legs. I pulled open the front door and was not disappointed. Dan was even handsomer than the last time I saw him. He was a man now. A very good looking man. I jumped into his arms feeling his strong arms wrap around me tightly.

"Oomph." He sputtered as a kissed him hard on his lips. "Wow Cindy. That's not a 'Uncle Kiss'." He was smiling though so I knew he missed me too.

Mom came into the room and took over. She kissed him on his lips several times between saying. "I missed you Danny! I'm so glad you're here for a while."

Uncle Dan winked at me as he said to his older sister. "Sure Marge. I think you only invited me so I could baby sit your brat daughter."

Marge swatted Dan on his shoulder as she laughed again. It was obvious that my Mom had missed her little brother as much as I had.

Marge pinched Dan on his ass as she left for the kitchen to make us lunch. I caught the look brother and sister exchanged and somehow knew that they had their own little secrets. I know Uncle Dan was seven years younger than my mom. If they had actually had sex together while growing up, then Dan would have to have been very young at the time.

Friday Uncle Dan drove my parents to the airport to catch a flight to where their cruise was leaving from. I went along for the ride assuring my Uncle that I didn't have a "heavy date" that night.

We stopped on the way home for a great Italian dinner at my favorite restaurant. Dan treated me so nice that it was like being on a date. We stopped at the movie rental place on the way home from the restaurant. When my Uncle asked what kind of movie we should rent I almost said. "Let's get something from the back room." But I didn't. Even though I had never been back there I knew that the back room was where the X rated DVD's were. I picked out a chick flick for us to watch and he grabbed an action movie also.

While Uncle Dan stood in line to pay for the movies I went next door to the Mini Mart to buy a bunch of snacks to enjoy with the movies. When we arrived home Dan said he wanted to change before putting on the movie, so quickly I grabbed the movie bag out of his hand and dumped them on the table.

"No!" he screeched. What is the big deal I thought, until I realized that there were three movies instead of the two I had expected. As Uncle Dan reached for a movie I beat him to it, raising movie number three up so I could see the title. The DVD cover read Sally and her Uncle. The cover photo showed a young naked girl lying over her "uncle's" lap while he had one hand raised preparing to spank her young firm bottom.

"Give me that." Uncle Dan pleaded as he blushed crimson.

I held the DVD up with the photo facing Dan. "And if I don't Uncle Dan? Are you going to punish me like this?"

He grabbed the DVD from me muttering, "Maybe I will." as he left for the guest bedroom.

I put the DVD in the player before going to my bedroom to change into my new silk pajamas. I didn't bother with any underwear. The seduction of my Uncle Dan was going to be easier than I originally thought it would be.

When I returned to the living room Dan was already sitting on the couch dressed in an old T shirt and a pair of loose fitting sweat shorts. I wonder if Uncle Dan is wearing anything under those shorts? I expected that soon enough I would find out. I plopped myself down close to my Uncle, picking up the remote control to start the first movie which was the chick flick.

The movie started allowing me to snuggle up closer to my Uncle Dan who gave me a sideways look as he felt the silk of my pajama bottoms rub against his bare leg. We were only about fifteen minutes into the movie when I laid my head against his well muscled chest, getting myself more comfortable.

"You shouldn't be this close Cindy."

"Is it bothering you Uncle Dan? Do you want me to move?"

When he didn't answer me I grabbed his arm and pulled it around my shoulders placing one of his large hands directly on my braless tit. I had felt myself after I had put the top on knowing now what Dan was feeling as he felt my breast through the silk material. The nipples on both of my breasts swelled. Uncle Dan felt the nipple on the tit he had in his hand hardening and began slowly circling his fingers around and on the hard nub. My pussy pretty much wet as it was from the teasing began to heavily weep more juices.

I reached for his shorts grabbing the object tenting his shorts. I squeezed his cock firmly through the soft material hearing a soft intake of breath from my Uncle. "Are you sure you want to do this Cindy?" Dan asked.

I answered him with my hand, squeezing his hard cock again a little harder this time. "Am I being a bad girl Uncle Dan? Do you think I need a spanking?" I could feel his cock twitch under my hand at my words.

He muttered softly. "Yes Cindy. I do think you need a good spanking on your bare behind."

I let go of his cock and slithered my body across his lap letting my tits rub against his hardness on the way, finally stopping when I felt his cock against my silk covered pussy.

When I felt my sweet Uncle's hands at the waistband of my silk bottoms I raised myself up a little making it easier for him to lower my pajamas to my knees exposing my bare ass.

"No panties little girl? I guess you really do need a spanking."

Spank ... spank ... spank.

Uncle Dan's big hand landed on both cheeks at once. I shuddered as the pain and pleasure of his hard hand spanking me increased the wetness of my pussy.

Spank ... spank ... spank. Uncle Dan continued slapping my bare ass with his big hard hand. I could feel how hard his cock was against me. I couldn't wait for my first look at my Uncle Dan's big cock. I could tell by the feel I had previously had that it was much larger than Johnny's five inch prick.

When Dan finally stopped punishing my poor bare ass my pussy had already creamed once and was on the verge of another orgasm. I could feel the wetness of Dan's precum on his shorts transferring to my pussy hairs. I got up, quickly dropping to my knees between Dan's legs. I wanted to suck him dry. I wanted his big prick in my mouth. I wanted him to see his cock slide into his teenage niece's mouth. I couldn't wait any longer.

I pulled Uncle Dan's shorts completely off of him allowing his beautiful hard seven inch cock to bob in front of my face. Without a pause or a word I wrapped my lips around his cock head stroking him quickly withy my hand. I knew a man expected to cum in your mouth, not in a tissue like I had been doing with my boyfriend.

Spurt ... Spurt ... Spurt

My Uncle unloaded his cock juice directly into my mouth. When he was finished I pulled off of his cock and smiled up at him. I was happily surprised to see that his cock was still hard, ready for more action.

"Now that that first cum is out of the way little girl," I loved when he called me little girl. "I am going to teach you the proper way of sucking a cock."

I didn't have any idea what he didn't like about my blow job but as he continued I understood what he was talking about.

"In order to make a man happy you need to do more than suck the juice out of his cock." I was getting turned on again listening to my Uncle use words like COCK.

I was still on my knees between his muscular legs. "Lean in closer Cindy. Take a good look at my cock. Use your fingers to trace along the outline, feel every vein, rub against the pee hole. Smell the manliness of my cock and balls. Savor the smell. Lightly lick my balls. Feel the hairs against your tongue."

I followed his every direction learning how to make love to a man's cock. The feel. The taste. The smell. The precum bubbling out of the urethra. I was lost in the small world between my Uncle's legs. Finally he could take no more of my tongue and hands on his cock and said. "Now Cindy. Put it as far in your mouth as you can. No hands. Just suck until I cream. This time I put almost all of my Uncle's seven inches in my mouth, gagging just a little as I fucked him with my mouth. Even though this was Dan's second orgasm in just a few minutes the strength of his spurts were stronger than before. I had a hard time keeping up with his spurting cock but I managed to swallow all of his cream, not missing a drop.

That was only the beginning of my Uncle Dan's visit.