Incest Sex Stories

The Social Worker

by Anonymous

Caution: This story contains Interracial abusive sex descriptions.

It was already late afternoon, and Beth Anderson knew she was going to be late for her appointment. She had totally miscalculated how far the Thompson residence was from the city, and now, as she drove along the rural, two-lane highway, she wondered if she would have to stop at a motel for the night on the way back.

Beth had worked for the social services agency for six months and had handled a variety of cases but never a sexual abuse incident. The person who normally took care of such cases was on vacation, and Beth had agreed to take it. Now, she wondered if it was such a good idea.

When she first read the case report the previous day, she actually found herself becoming aroused and had to make a deliberate effort to bring herself back to the reality of what she was supposed to be doing. The girl, Diane Thompson, had apparently told someone that she and her stepfather had been having sexual intercourse for the past four years — ever since she was 12. The story quickly was reported to the authorities. It wasn't so much the fact that the pair had been having sex that turned Beth on so, as it was the graphic descriptions the girl provided. And it wasn't just vaginal intercourse, either.

As she maneuvered the state car along the curvy road, Beth replayed in her mind the contents of the report lying beside her on the seat. Diane had told how her stepfather first made her suck his cock and swallow his semen. She described vividly the slightly off-white color of his juice, its heat, richness and thick odor, and the enormous quantity he produced each time he ejaculated.

The girl volunteered that she once measured his penis and found that it was over 10 inches in length, uncircumcised and had a knob the size of her fist. She also recounted numerous incidents of anal intercourse, cunnilingus and mutual analingus as well. What surprised Beth was that the girl very obviously enjoyed everything.

Beth felt her face growing hot and her nipples tighten inside her bra. "There I go again," she thought, but she made no effort this time to chase the thoughts away. In a way, she actually envied Diane. Beth was 15 years older than the girl but had never experienced half of what the girl had.

Married for three years, Beth had encouraged her husband Tom to experiment more, but he never showed any interest beyond having sex in the missionary position— and then not very often. Most times, he didn't even wait for her to climax before he shot his skimpy load. When her girlfriends talked about their own kinky sex experiences, Beth usually changed the subject so as to not betray her own inexperience and frustration.

Driving through the countryside this Friday afternoon, Beth found herself wondering what it could possibly feel like to have a man press his face against her wet vagina ... spread her sticky lips apart and penetrate her inner pinkness with his tongue. What would it be like for a man to lick her rather prominent clitoris, perhaps even suck it between his lips?

She couldn't even begin to imagine the sensation that would result from a man doing the unthinkable—licking and tasting her tiny asshole. To make matters worse, Tom had been away for three weeks on a business trip and wouldn't return for two more, denying her even the routine, hum-drum sex she accepted but hadn't become used to.

Beth quit daydreaming long enough to check out her appearance in the visor mirror—and liked what she saw, even if she didn't turn on her husband. At 5'3", she wasn't quite petite but her body certainly had a little-girl quality to it. Her shoulder-length blond hair and blue eyes contrasted nicely with her tan. Her 34-24-34 figure was highlighted nicely in the red blouse and white slacks she decided to wear today. If she had checked herself carefully, she would have noticed the dark spot in the crotch of her slacks that provided the tell-tale sign of her arousal.

Finally arriving at the Thompson residence, Beth noted that the occupants were obviously lower-class. The front yard was littered with junk and the grass hadn't been cut in some time. She knocked on the door several times and was about to turn around and return to her car when the door opened and she was face-to-face with Harry Thompson.

Harry Thompson was imposing. He wasn't quite six-feet tall, but his bulk, 280 pounds, gave the appearance that he was even bigger than what he was. He was unshaven and wore only a faded cotton bathrobe. Beth stammered her reason for being there, and Harry, looking her up and down very deliberately, invited her into the messy house.

"Sit down," he said motioning toward a sofa. "I was just getting ready to take a bath. Now let me get this straight, Miss Anderson..."

"Please just call me Beth," she quickly interjected, knowing how difficult it would be to complete the interview.

"OK, Beth, it is," he said. "Diane said I was fucking her?

How in the hell did she come up with a story like that?"

Beth was momentarily surprised by his choice of words, but she quickly regained her composure and began to ask him the standard questions the state required in these cases. Harry denied everything, but his smugness belied the fact that something had obviously occurred between the man and his stepdaughter.

As she went through the checklist and he provided the information she asked, she couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to have sex with this beast of a man. The fact that he appeared so unappealing even had an erotic dimension to it that she couldn't explain. In some ways, he was like an animal. She forced the thought from the forefront of her mind, but it wouldn't completely go away.

It took about an hour for Beth to complete the interview, but there was something almost hypnotic about the scenario in which she found herself and she didn't want to leave. Harry picked up on it and decided to play it for what it was worth.

"Hell, Beth, I ain't got no hard feelings for Diane— well, almost none," he said, pleased with the message he wanted to convey. "Shit, ain't no way I could do a little girl like that up the ass with this tool; it's too damn big." Having said that, he patted his groin very deliberately.

Instead of being repulsed by his comment and lewd motion, Beth found herself staring at his crotch area and was positive she saw movement under the thin bathrobe.

"Hell, you're a goodlookin' girl and probably had more men than Diane had at that age. You must know how tight a girl's asshole is. No way I'm gonna get this monster up her shitchute," he said.

Beth stammered and inadvertently blurted out her inexperience. "No, I've never done that ... I guess I wouldn't know." But in her mind she tried to imagine what it would be like to be impaled on something the size of Harry's penis. Once, several weeks earlier when she had been masturbating, she became carried away and greased her middle finger and inserted it inside the tiny rosebud of her anus. She was very pleasantly surprised by the sensation— especially when she expelled it.

Harry grinned ... almost sneered. He knew he had stumbled on something. He moved up toward the end of the chair on which he was sitting and spread his legs. He was not wearing underpants. The bathrobe parted just enough so that the woman sitting across from him could see through the thick tangle of black pubic hair the monster length of penis and enormous testicle sack dangling between his thighs.

Beth couldn't miss it. Her eyes were riveted to the man's groin area. "My God," she thought, "Diane was serious." Never in her life had she seen anything like this! Her eyes were wide with amazement. Her face was flushed and her nipples had tightened almost to the point of being painful. Her pussy was lubricating freely now, and she knew the goo had soaked through her panties and stained her white pants.

"You ain't never been buttfucked?" he asked, returning the conversation to the topic he wanted to pursue.

Without waiting for her to answer, he reached in front of him and pulled the bathrobe completely aside, exposing his cock and balls completely to the young woman.

"I've never ... never seen anything that big," Beth stammered.

She made no effort to divert her gaze.

"Shit, you're gonna do more that just see it," Harry answered.

"Stand up and get those clothes off. Now!"

In a haze that she would later recall only slightly, she rose from the couch and, in a slave like mentality, obeyed him. She slipped off her red blouse, removed her shoes and pulled down her white pants. Never once did her gaze stray from his groin area. Standing before him clad only in a skimpy bra and cotton bikini panties, she felt his eyes exploring every inch of her tense body.

"You're a pretty one, ain't you?" he muttered. "Take that tittie saddle off and let me see those tits. And while you're at it, bunch up the crotch band of your panties and slide it into your slit."

Beth complied willingly. For reasons that she could not understand, she actually wanted to do this. Her hands trembled as she reached behind her and undid the three clasps holding the bra together. In one motion she slid it off. Her small breasts were flushed with excitement, and she noted with satisfaction that her nipples were well extended, offering visible proof of her excitement. She twisted her panties crotch band and drew it into her wet slit, just as he had commanded, wondering why he wanted her to do that.

Now get over here," he commanded.

As she took the three or four steps to reach him, Harry quickly discarded his bathrobe. His chest was covered with a mass of hair, and his big belly protruded. His cock was not completely erect but had already grown several inches and showed no sign of stopping.

Beth stood before him, his head just coming to the bottom of her breasts. He reached between her legs, one hairy hand in front and the other behind her, and slowly began to slide the soaked crotch band of her panties inside her slit. He pulled the strip of material up and down, and the feeling was fantastic— especially when the cotton made contact with her erect clitoris. She began moaning softly, her pelvis undulating in response to his movement. Very soon the material had almost disappeared inside her wet slit.

Her agitated cunt lips had begun to swell, hiding the material.

"Now, you do it," he commanded. Looking down, Beth saw how swollen her cunt lips had become and grew even more excited. She threw her head back and, closing her eyes, she did as he commanded. As she began sliding the material back and forth, Harry reached over and cupped her tits in his massive hands. He squeezed and kneaded them, and then began squeezing and pulling on her nipples.

Harry was enjoying himself, particularly because the young woman was responding to him. His cock had risen to enormous size, and he began to stroke it. Suddenly, he released her now-distended nipples and pulled her panties downward, completely exposing her cunt to his lewd gaze.

"Fuck, you even smell horny, girl," Harry sneered, looking up at her.

Beth was thrilled that she was exciting him and thrust her hips forward so that Harry could have better access to her cunt. He spread her lips apart as wide as he could in order to get a better look inside her wet, pink love tunnel. He could tell she was very tight, probably because she hadn't been fucked nearly enough.

"Get down on your knees," he ordered. Beth complied.

Kneeling before him, she timidly reached out for his penis.

She had never before seen an uncircumcised cock and was fascinated by the thick foreskin which covered the knob. She began sliding the smooth skin back and forth, and each time the skin slid forward over the knob it smeared his precum over the large mushroom-shaped head. Even the veins that covered the length of his penis were hard, and the knob was stretched so tight the dark red skin was shiny. His cock continued to swell even larger in her fingers. Beth knew what Harry wanted her to do, and, without being asked, she willingly drew his dick toward her open lips.

She had never sucked a man's penis before, and she wanted desperately to put Harry's in her mouth. She knew she didn't have to do this; she could stand up, put her clothes back on and walk out the door anytime she pleased. Harry wouldn't stop her. But she didn't want to. Her eyes were fixed on his cock, and as she squeezed it ever so slightly, a large drop of clear liquid oozed upward out of the big pisshole and spread across the mushroom-shaped head. Her fingers were barely able to encompass its girth.

In a totally reflexive action, her tongue flicked out and she licked up the large drop of liquid. She had never tasted precum or semen before, and she found that she actually liked the slightly salty taste of the hot, thick seminal fluid. She wanted him to give her more. Her tongue flicked out again and again, almost embedding itself inside the large pisshole of his cock. She took the head of his cock and rubbed it over lips like she was applying lipstick from a giant tube, making them glisten with the gooey coating that continued to ooze out of his monster penis.

Harry was enjoying himself. He hadn't fucked a woman in several weeks and hadn't masturbated in several days. His balls were heavy with the load of cum he had built up, aching desperately to ejaculate their load. Reaching down, he pressed Beth's head between his cock and his ballsack.

Her nose pressing against his balls, Beth inhaled deeply and was rewarded with the musky scent of his maleness. Drawing her head back slightly, she examined his balls. Like his cock, they, too, were enormous. Very tentatively, she reached out and lightly fingered the dark wrinkled skin of his hairy scrotum. Harry grunted with approval. Beth discovered that she couldn't hold the enormous sack in just one hand ... his balls spilled over the side. Cupping his balls in both her hands, she resumed licking his penis.

Her tongue traveled up and down the veined skin of his cock, leaving a wet trail all over it. Turning her attention back to his balls, she began licking them and was surprised to find she wasn't repulsed by the heavy odor of Harry's perspiration.

It was actually a stimulant, encouraging her to put aside all her inhibitions and perform even more lewd acts with this beast of a man. Harry sensed that there was probably nothing Beth wouldn't do at this point, so he drew his legs upward and slid down slightly in his seat, revealing his ass crack and the dark hole hidden between the huge cheeks.

Beth knew what Harry was inviting her to do. She was so completely aroused that she immediately slid her tongue down inside his ass crack and began searching for his asshole. Finding it, she began licking it and tried to push her tongue inside. Harry moaned with delight and pleasure.

After licking and sucking his asshole for several minutes, she returned to his cock. Gathering sufficient courage, she grabbed his lovestick and tried to engulf it between her lips.

Her lips ovaled around the enormous circumference of his cock, and she managed to get a good portion of it into her small mouth. Her breathing became forced as she slipped her tongue inside the tight space between his foreskin and the knob and was thrilled with the deposit of warm juice she found there.

Her mouth was now stretched open to its maximum, but she was determined to give Harry a blowjob just like the way her girlfriends had described. Slowly, then a little faster, her head bobbed back and forth over his erect penis. On each in stroke, she found that she could take a little more of his cock.

"Man, you're one hot bitch, ain't you?" Harry moaned, as Beth continued to move her mouth over his cock in a fucking motion. "Well, your mouth ain't the only hole that's gonna get fucked," he told her matter-of-factly. Having said that, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and pulled her to her feet. "Over to the couch, bitch," he ordered her.

Standing next to her, Harry positioned Beth so that her arms were extended before her, her knees resting on the edge of the couch. Harry pulled up on her hips so that her small ass stuck out even more. Looking at her in this position, he couldn't believe his luck. He stroked his cock as he thought about his next move.

Turning her head slightly so she could look behind her, Beth was thrilled with what she saw. She could barely see her ass, but she knew it had to be an erotic sight for anyone standing behind her. When she saw Harry slowly sink to his knees, she could hardly dare to hope that he was going to do what no man had ever done to her—perform oral sex on her.

Harry couldn't remember seeing a spectacle this exciting. Beth's ass stuck out, begging for attention. He pulled her asscheeks apart and saw the object he sought. Her tiny asshole glistened with the lubricant that had been seeping from her cunt for the past 10 minutes. The brown rosebud was attractive, but before he serviced that area, he knew he'd have to prepare her even more carefully. Harry continued to pry her asscheeks apart but his attention focused on the furrow below.

Beth's blond cunthair was drenched in her natural lubricating juices and glistened in the afternoon sunlight. Harry moved his head forward and slightly down and placed his face against her ass. He inhaled deeply, becoming almost intoxicated by the strong odor of her gooey vagina. Beth moaned softly as Harry continued to smell her pussy and become even more excited by her strong woman odor.

Unable to remain idle any longer, Harry extended his long tongue and began to lick along the entire length of her slit. His tongue moved first downward and then back up. He did this at least a dozen times, listening to Beth's moaning to determine how much further she was becoming aroused.

Beth was in an ecstasy she had never known. It was almost evil—but deliciously so—being eaten for the first time by a man who wasn't her husband. She realized that she was giving him pleasure by producing large amounts of pussy juice that he could lick and swallow.

She had never had a man's cock in her mouth before either, but at this point she no longer cared. She wanted to have an orgasm like she had never experienced before but knew that she would have to earn it. She tried to raise her ass even higher in order to meet Harry's exploring tongue. "In my cunt, please stick it in my cunt and lick there," she begged, not believing she heard herself saying those words.

Harry loved cunnilungus, and prided himself on his ability to make a woman cum from this activity. He continued to lick, letting his tongue run along Beth's outer lips and then move slightly inward to capture her inner lips. Grabbing her hips roughly, he pulled her pelvis upward so as to gain better access to the top of her slit and the prize that awaited him there.

"You ain't never had your fuckbutton licked or sucked, have you, bitch?" Harry asked.

"No, God, No ... please do it, please," Beth begged the big stallion of a man behind her. She had never heard that term before, but she knew what he was referring to. "Lick my clitty."

Harry was surprised by the size of her clitoris. It extended well outside the hood in which it normally hid, almost like a tiny cock. He had never seen one that big before. White and glistening, it practically begged him to take it between his lips.

He began flicking it with his tongue, first in one direction then another. After doing this for several minutes, he then used his huge tongue to move her button around in circles. Beth went wild, pushing her ass back as far into his face as she could and steadily increasing the volume of her moaning.

"Don't stop! Don't stop! Eat me out!" she screamed.

Harry met the challenge, and finally drew it between his lips and actually began sucking on it. Beth screamed twice as her body tensed up and stiffened. The pleasure was excruciating and unlike anything she had ever experienced before. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her as she had her first clitoral orgasm.

Pleased with his pussy eating, Harry pulled back and got to his feet. His gigantic cock stuck out in front of him, slowly bobbing up and down as he surveyed Beth's limp body before him. "Now, it's my turn," he muttered.

Harry pulled Beth off the couch and positioned her on the floor doggy style. He spread her legs apart as far as he could; noting with satisfaction that her cunt lips, although quite swollen from his oral stimulation, had remained spread open.

Reaching between her widespread legs, he slowly inserted the middle finger of his right hand into her pink fuck tunnel. Beth reacted quickly to the intrusion. Harry's finger was almost as big as Tom's cock. But it was such a good feeling! She pushed back to meet it.

Slowly, Harry began to fingerfuck the blond girl. As she became accustomed to his finger, he inserted a second. Her cunt juices flowed freely, lubricating his fingers. Not content with simply pushing them in and out, he spread his fingers inside her and began rotating them.

"Yes, yes, do it to me," Beth cried, hoping that he was about ready to penetrate her with his enormous cock. "Stick your cock in me now, Harry. I'm ready. Do it to me, please do it."

Harry pulled his fingers out of Beth's cunt and offered them to her to smell. Beth inhaled and smelled her womanhood coating Harry's big fingers. She eagerly stuck out her tongue and licked them clean. Suddenly, she felt something warm, hard and sticky move against her thigh and immediately recognized it.

Almost fully exposed, the knob of Harry's cock was almost purple, and the skin was stretched so tight it was shiny. It continued to ooze precum. He positioned its enormous mushroom head at the opening to her cunt and peeled his foreskin all the way back. With one thrust he slid quickly inside her.

The motion took Beth's breath away. Nothing that large had ever been inside her before. She couldn't believe that her vagina could accommodate his erection. It was like having a log inside her. Allowing her several seconds to get used to the intrusion, Harry began slowly to withdraw and then push forward again.

He couldn't believe how hot her cunt was. Her cunt juices, now mixed with his own precum, provided a slippery tunnel that was fantastic. He began to increase the pace of his fucking.

Beth closed her eyes and clinched her fists tightly, but all the while pushing her ass backwards to meet Harry's thrusts. She felt the high, rubbery crown of his knob rubbing against her cunt walls, providing her with a physical sensation of pleasure that was incredibly intense.

On one of Harry's deeper in-strokes the head of his cock bumped against her cervix, causing her to almost pass out. The couple had produced so much lubricant that Harry's cock made a loud slurping sound each time he drew it back. They engaged in a fucking frenzy, Beth practically attached to his huge cock.

"Better than your husband, Bitch?" Harry mocked. "You love being fucked doggy style, don't you?"

"Yes, Goddamn, yes," Beth moaned. "Fuck me you bastard, fuck me. God, I wish he was here to watch this!"

Harry's pleasure was just as intense as that of the girl he was mating with.

Slowly, he felt his balls begin to draw upward as his scrotum began to tighten in preparation for his ejaculation. But he didn't want to cum—not at this time nor inside the hole where his cock was now embedded. He began to slow his fucking movements.

Looking down at Beth's sweat-drenched body, Harry saw the object he had desired from the very beginning.

Harry lowered his head, coming even with her outstretched ass. He stuck out his tongue and touched her anus with it. The effect was electric.

Beth realized what Harry was going to do, and she quivered with delight. It seemed like such a dirty, dirty thing to be doing, but she wanted him to lick her there and even stick his tongue inside. Harry licked all around her little asshole and then pressed his tongue against it. Pushing hard, he felt his tongue slowly penetrate inside almost half an inch. Her sphincter muscle closed around his tongue almost immediately, trapping it there momentarily.

Reaching beneath them with his right arm, he placed his index finger against his cock as he drew it back. His finger now coated with their common juices, he placed it against Beth's puckered anus and pushed.

Slowly, it slid inside the brownish-red rosebud. With only a little difficulty, he pushed his finger in up to the knuckle. Giving her a few seconds to grow used to the sensation, he then pushed it in the rest of the way. His finger was all the way in, and the palm of his hand pressed tightly against her asscheeks. Slowly, and then more quickly, he began fingerfucking her asshole.

Beth hardly knew what was happening to her.

Almost in one motion, Harry pulled his finger out and pressed the knob of his rigid cock against the somewhat dilated hole. Because he had spread her fairly good, he didn't expect much difficulty penetrating her. He pushed and the knob of his cock disappeared inside her anus.

Beth cried out in pain. It hurt! Harry realized it and stopped moving, giving her a chance to let her anus accommodate the unnatural intrusion.

Ever-so-slowly, her asshole grew accustomed to the object embedded in it, and the pain gave way to a glowing warmth. Harry pushed forward ever so slightly, allowing another inch or two to slowly disappear inside her. Beth had ceased moaning in pain and now began making softer cooing sounds. Harry pushed forward again, and this time was met with a positive response from her—she pushed back slightly to meet him. Another push and he was all the way inside her dark and by now, quite wet, rectum.

Beth felt Harry's pubic hair pressing against her flattened asscheeks and reveled in the knowledge that she was being sodomized.

"You want me to stop?" Harry asked, knowing full well that he probably had gone too far to do that.

"No ... no," Beth hissed through clenched teeth. "Don't stop. Please don't stop, now. It hurts, but it hurts good!"

Slowly, Harry withdrew his cock from her no-longer cherry rectum until only the knob remained inside. Then he thrust forward, causing Beth to make a low moaning sound.

Beth experienced a sensation of being stuffed like she had never before felt. As his cock withdrew, she felt like she was expelling a log from her rectum. It gave her with a feeling of pleasure that she would never be able to describe. Whatever pain she initially felt had by this time melted into pure pleasure.

Harry pulled her to him by encircling her waist with his left arm. He reached under Beth with his right arm and found her dripping cunt. He inserted his middle finger and began fingerfucking her hard in rhythm to his cock pistoning back and forth in her ass. As his pace increased, he felt a growing warmth inside her tight tunnel and knew that she was going to have to make a run to the toilet as soon as he finished. But he could have cared less and even found the effect more erotic.

Feeling his balls tighten in their sack, Harry knew he couldn't hold back any longer. On the very next inward stroke he rammed forward hard and then kept very still. Deep inside her stretched rectum Beth felt the knob of his cock expand and grow very hot. Harry grunted hard several times and then his cock exploded. He moaned and she cried out as four giant streams of thick white semen squirted from his cock. They collapsed to the floor as waves of orgasm overwhelmed them.

After several minutes, Harry rose to his feet, picking up Beth by holding her behind her knees. Even in this awkward position he was able to keep his now deflating but still large cock from slipping out of the tight orifice it had just given immense pleasure to. He carried her to the bathroom and deposited her on the toilet. Ordinarily, he would have asked a woman he had just sodomized to clean his cock in her mouth, but that could wait for now.

Both realized they were in for a wonderful weekend.