Incest Sex Stories


by Jessy19

Caution: This story contains mild elements of incest between teen brother and teen sister

Valerie was swinging away in her back yard on a swing her father made out of a car tire. Each breeze that came from swinging made her long golden hair fly everywhere. She wore her short little blue jean shorts and a whitetank top. She wore two small braids on each side of her face to keep her long hair from getting in her eyes. She was glad it was finally summertime. That meant no school, no homework, and no more waking up early.

It was extremely hot that summer day. It was still early in the day and her parents were at work, leaving her alone with her grandmother, who took care of Valerie and her brother Tommy while Mom and Dad were at work. Since Valerie was only 14 and Tommy 16, they didn't really need a guardian to watch them over the summer, but grandmother's presence gave their parents peace of mind. The siblings didn't mind though. They loved their grandmother and besides she cooked a lot better than their own mother.

"Valerie!" Called out Tommy.

Valerie was leaning back swinging and looked up to see her brother running towards here. He was dressed in his usual long shorts and a long t-shirt. He looked as if he'd been running for a while.

"What?" Valerie asked.

"Hey Mr. Olsen's tree has a whole bunch of peaches that just ripened! I say we go get some!" He said breathlessly.

"Tommy, you know that old man is going to try to scare us if we do. Remember last time we tried to steal peaches from his tree and he almost tried to come after us."

"He's just bluffing. He'd never hurt kids."

Valerie nodded. "No, I believe he would hurt us. Let's just leave it alone."

Tommy walked closer putting his hands on the ropes of the swing to stop his sister's swaying. "I think you want to go get peaches with me Valerie. Remember how juicy they are?"

Valerie giggled. It was a known fact that she loved peaches. Her mother wouldn't allow her to eat so many because then she'd never eat her regular food. It was incredibly tempting to go out and get some peaches but Valerie dreaded the fact that the scary old man might try to come after them like last time.

"Please?" Tommy begged his sister. His blue eyes danced as he waited for his sister's response.

"Well, have you told grandma where we're going?" Valerie asked.

"Yeah, I told here we were going to the store to get some ice cream."

Valerie looked up at her brother smiling. "Oh alright! But we better not get caught. If we do I'm blaming it all on you."

"Yes!" Tommy exclaimed.

The siblings walked the two blocks where Mr. Olsen's house was. Mr. Olsen was an old man that lived alone. He was pretty mean looking and often liked to scare away kids. His house was huge and had a gorgeous garden full of fruits. But the main attraction was a big peach tree that held the most delicious looking peaches ever.

"Ok now I'm gonna grab some first and I'll hand them to you. Put them in this bag here." Tommy said pulling out a plastic bag from his pocket.

"Yes I know. Now hurry up I don't want to get caught." Valerie was still paranoid.

Tommy looked around at the quiet neighborhood. He started to climb the tall wooden fence.

"Be careful!" Valerie whispered.

"Shhhhh! I know what I'm doing!" Tommy hissed.

He felt himself trembling just a small amount of fear that the old man Olsen would come out. Once up by the tree, he grabbed as many peaches as he could. He started throwing some down on to Valerie as she quickly began to put them in the plastic bag.

The peaches looked so ripe and delectable. Valerie's eyes glowed as more as more peaches fell to the floor as she tried to gather them fast. The plastic bag was getting overloaded now.

"Hey Tommy, that's enough. The bag is full already." Valerie called out quietly.

Tommy looked down and saw a good amount of peaches on the ground. Since he was wearing a long t-shirt, he knew he could carry some peaches on his shirt. He climbed down from the tree and fence almost jumping down to the ground fiercely.

"All right, look I'm gonna just grab some of these peaches and -"

Tommy stopped talking as he watched Valerie's eyes widen in fear. He slowly turned and saw the old man Olsen standing there with a baseball bat ready to beat on them. Tommy stepped in front of his sister to protect her.

"I thought I told you kids to stop stealing my fruit!" The old man roared.

"I-I-I'm sorry sir," Tommy stammered.

Valerie took a deep breath, as her knees felt weak.

"Run Valerie! Let's run!" Tommy screamed out.

Valerie didn't hesitate. She still managed to hold on to the bag of peaches as she and Tommy ran like hell. They could faintly hear the footsteps of the old man as he tried to catch up to them. Valerie didn't even want to look back. She was petrified.

The siblings ran for a few blocks and managed to lose the old man. They ran behind an alley that separated some nice suburban homes from an apartment complex. Tommy and Valerie leaned up against a wooden fence. They were both winded from running fast trying to get away from the creepy old man.

"I told you Tommy that we were going to get caught!" Valerie said angrily as she punched her brother's arm.

"Ouch! Shit I'm sorry! I thought we could get away with it." Tommy screeched.

Valerie fumed. She started to walk down the narrow alley getting away from her brother. She gripped the bag full of peaches and started to scurry.

"Valerie! Wait! Where the hell you going?" Tommy yelled.

Valerie didn't answer him. She was still frightened by the look of the old man's fury in his eyes. She kept running as she heard Tommy running behind her.

His sister ran fast, Tommy thought to himself. Finally he managed to grab her arm stopping her. Valerie tried to pull away and with the resistance of her brother, she fell hard on the grass, dragging Tommy with her. The peaches fell all over the floor getting bruised by the fall.

Tommy fell on top of his sister as she was sobbing. "Valerie, I told you to wait up. The old man is gone. We lost him. There is no need to run anymore." His hand reached to wipe her tears.

Valerie looked up at her brother as he comforted her. "I'm sorry. I was just freaking out. Now look at our peaches, all over the floor."

Tommy looked around leaving his body on top of Valerie's. "It's ok. I think some of them are still ok."

Valerie busted out laughing. "I feel so stupid. You know the old man was scary, but it was fun running away. Doing something different for a change. You know me, I'm always such a goody two shoes."

Tommy smirked as his started to take some grass out of his sister's hair. He looked into her sky blue eyes as she was hypnotizing him. He suddenly felt his cock begin to get hard. He'd never been this close to a girl. He'd merely just kissed a girl. He couldn't believe how excited he was getting.

Tommy's breath was rapid now. Feeling his sister's beautiful body beneath his raging hormones was making his cock harder and harder by the moment. Valerie could feel sweat on her forehead from the summer's sun hitting her. Or it was maybe because she could feel Tommy's hard-on, on her legs.

Tommy didn't hesitate a moment longer and leaned down to place his lips on his sister's. Valerie shuddered as she felt her brother kiss her. She'd never even kissed a guy before and had no idea what to do. She left her lips locked together as her brother slowly tried to search for her tongue.

Valerie still didn't part her lips and felt Tommy stop kissing her. She opened her eyes and he was there looking at her with love.

"You have to open your mouth just a little bit if you want me to kiss you right." Tommy whispered as he stroked Valerie's face.

Valerie was speechless and just nodded in agreement. Tommy licked his lips and bent forward to kiss her again. This time she let her mouth open to invite his tongue in. She felt sloppy wet kisses from her brother. She kept wondering if she was kissing him back right.

Tommy continued to kiss Valerie so softly. His cock felt like it was ready to burst as it always did when he kissed a girl. But this kiss was different. This kiss was special with a girl he truly loved.

Valerie began to capture the rhythm of the kiss. Her tongue swirled with her brother's and she slowly put her arms around him. She began to feel a tingling feeling down between her legs. She knew that she felt like that at times when she saw a cute boy at school or on TV.

But this tingling sensation was like no other. It was incredibly intense. She started feeling even more excited as she felt Tommy's hand wandering towards her small chest. His hands rubbed her chest delicately as Tommy was feeling his first pair of breasts.

"Mmmmmmm," Valerie let out a soft moan as Tommy began to suck on her tongue.

Tommy loved the way his sister felt. Her whole body was just beautiful. He wanted so bad to put his hands inside her shirt. He wanted to feel her nipples harden in his hands. Tommy found himself beginning to rub his body up and down his sister's. He felt his cock rub on the fabric of his clothing as he pushed himself up and down his sister. It was such a delightful feeling. He felt his eyes close and was he was moving faster now.

Valerie never took her eyes off her brother as she watched him get himself off on her. His breath was winded now as he groaned sounds of pleasure.

He planted his lips down on Valerie's again this time with more feeling. He was so turned on by his sister that he felt he could explode in his shorts anytime. Tommy looked down as he saw Valerie's little tank top raised showing her flat belly. He bit his lip as he started to pull up her shirt and little by little revealing her lovely breasts.

He gasped as he was looking at a girl's real breasts for the first time. He saw her big pink nipples erect. He knew at that moment that she liked this too. He swallowed hard and then proceeded to dive down to kiss her breasts.

Valerie was in awe as she felt her brother's lips kiss her chest. She'd never felt anything as sexy as this in her life! She'd often heard girls in her class tell her about guys sucking on their breasts, but until now, she'd only fantasized about it. The intensity of the situation grew more, as Tommy held one nipple in his mouth. He sucked on it sending pure sexual arousal down between Valerie's thighs.

"You like that?" Tommy asked nervously.

"Y-yes! I do. I like it a lot." Valerie cooed.

Tommy loved the way his sister was now starting to squirm around underneath him. He sucked on each nipple, taking the time to explore her breasts more. Valerie was on fire now ready to let her excitement show.

The siblings were now rubbing up against each other. Dry humping one another. They held each other in their secret world of incestuous love. They moaned in contentment as their young bodies were discovering the pleasures of sex.

All of a sudden, Valerie felt her body jolt as she felt her first orgasm coming out of her. The feeling was absolutely wonderful! She felt her body tighten as she released herself, letting her brother know how much he'd turned her on.

Almost simultaneously, Tommy felt himself begin to spray his cum inside his shorts. He felt himself quivering all over as he let his cock shoot out a huge load. He grunted loudly as he came and saw Valerie just look at him in amazement. He could feel his gooey warm cum splattered all inside his shorts.

Tommy closed his eyes catching his breath from the glorious orgasm. His sweaty body was now weak as he laid his head down on his sister's chest. He felt Valerie's chest heave up and down as they were in shock for a moment. He looked up at her as she was already glaring at him.

"I love you Valerie." Tommy said sincerely.

"I love you too." Valerie responded.

They didn't say anything else and laid on the grass holding each other as they had discovered young love. Valerie closed her eyes as she held her brother feeling the warm summer breez tickle her naked chest as she smelled the sweet scent of peaches that surrounded them.