Incest Sex Stories

Once is Too Many

by Judge Atland

This story contain taboo incest between an aunt and her nephew

Ernie watched as Melba crossed the street. The way her hips swayed as she walked and the way she unconsciously flaunted her breasts was a sight to behold. Mentally undressing her, he was down to just her panties as she walked through the door of the gas service station.

Melba looked at him and smirked, knowing full well what he was thinking or at least to Ernie it seemed that way.

While he was daydreaming about fucking her, he dimly heard her voice say, “Is my car done?”

Ernie slowly nodded his head up and down, then, “Uh yeah, Melba! I had to change out your fuel filter and air intake filter too!”

Melba turned to look at him and replied, “That’s Miss Cross to you Mister!” then “Damn! Is it time to change those already?” Ernie nodded yes again and said, “Well yeah, you live off the highway a piece, the filters get dirty quick!”

Melba shrugged and replied, “I know, I know, Dad won’t sell and I’m stuck on ‘tobacco road’ it seems!”

Ernie smiled and retorted, “You can come live with me you know. Free of charge, just give me some leg now and again and everything would be cool!”

Melba mused thoughtfully, “He is kinda cute. By the size of those hands I’ll bet he’s got a cock as big as my forearm!” Aloud she said, “In your dreams pervert! The man I give any ‘leg’ too will be my husband so forget abut it!” With that, she opened the door of the bright red Corvette and settled in to drive onto the highway!”

Driving home she wondered if she would ever find ‘Mr. Right’ in this one horse burg.

Since Rick Fields had left town to attend college, the chances of finding a husband dwindled daily. With a sigh she said aloud, “I’m definitely going to be an old maid. I just know that’s the way it will be!”

Pressing the throttle to the floor, the Corvette surged forward and soon the speedometer indicated 80 mph as the wind whipped through her golden hair streaming out behind her.

Pulling in front of the well-manicured lawn of her country home. Melba noticed a black 4-door sedan sitting on the exit curve of the large horseshoe drive.

Getting out of the Corvette, she noticed someone standing just inside the storm door of the front door with his/her back to the door.

Not wanting to talk to anyone, Melba darted for the side of the house to go around to the rear door into the kitchen. She heard her Dad’s booming voice, “Hey Mel, come here!”

With a sigh, she answered, “OK Dad, be right there!”

Bounding up on the porch, Melba saw her father and a woman in her fifties come out the door. Looking at Melba, he said, “Bonnie, this is my daughter Melba Rose. Melba this is my cousin Bonnie Sheffield.

I hate to have to tell you this honey, but your brother Robert was fatally injured in an auto accident and she and I are going to Kentucky to take care of things and attend the funeral!”

Putting her hand out, Melba felt Bonnie’s firm grip as her eyes stung and they shook hands.

Melba felt hot tears as she took in the news of Robert. She and Robert had been really close until dad had decided to buy this farm. She had loved Kentucky and had missed Robert terribly.

She asked Bonnie what happened. Bonnie wiped her cheek with a handkerchief and told what had happened, “He and Mary were going shopping in Owensboro and were hit by a drunk. Robert was killed instantly. Mary is in intensive care and the doctor’s don’t sound too optimistic she’ll survive!”

Melba’s dad cut in, “Mel, you’re going to have to stay home and take care of things while I’m gone. I hate it that you can’t attend your brother’s funeral but I have those custom harvest guys coming tomorrow to start on the beans. It’s too short notice to send them to someone else so I need you to make sure they get started on the right field! Don’t worry about not being able to be there, everyone will understand why you couldn’t come”

Part of Melba wanted to go but part of her felt relieved that she wouldn’t have to see Robert laying in a coffin. This way she would remember him, as he was when they were kids and played together.

Robert had filled the role of big brother very well. He took good care of her when their mother died and whenever she had a problem it was Robert she went to for help. Now he was gone. Gone forever! Sobbing softly, she thought of how much she loved him and how much she would miss him.

Melba recalled he had talked about the people coming but she couldn’t remember which field he meant. She shook her head and said, “OK dad. Which field do they start in?”

He grimaced and replied, “The big one over behind the Harper place. Damn! You don’t ever hear anything I tell you do you?”

Embarrassed, Melba said, “Sorry dad, I didn’t know you would be gone. I’ll take care of everything!”

Mumbling under his breath, he and Cousin Bonnie turned to go inside.

Bright and early the next morning, Melba arrived at the Harper field to see the Harvest guys were ready to go to work.

Climbing down out of her dad’s Dodge diesel pickup truck, she waved and noted one of the combine operators seemed to be a young girl. The youngster bounded towards her and yelled, “Good morning miss Cross! Beautiful weather for cuttin’ beans don’tcha think?”

Melba smiled and waved back. Calling back as the girl drew closer, she said, “You’re kinda small to be operating one of those monsters aren’t you?”

The girl giggled and chirped, “Nah, it’s just like driving a tractor or a pickup. Nothin’ to it!”

Melba laughed and said, “OK if you say so! Where’s the boss?”

Taking Melba’s hand the young girl, named ‘Rachel’ she learned, pointed back at the big dual axle 10 wheeler and said, “ Pop’s the boss!”

Walking towards the boss, Rachel and Melba saw his face light up as he said, “Now that’s a sight for sore eyes, two good lookin women wantin’ to talk to me!”

Rachel and Melba blushed before Melba replied, “Good morning Mr. Williams. Dad asked me to make sure you finished up on this field before you move over to our place.” Mr. Williams shrugged, “Whatever you say. He didn’t tell me where he wanted me to go next. I just figured he wanted me to go there. Good guesser ain’t I?”

Melba just smiled.

For the next 3 days, Melba stayed busy working around the house and checking on the harvesters. She had made up a big thermos of tea for them and finally fixed 2 of them because they drank it so fast. Rachel was a magpie talking a mile a minute. Melba had taken a bandana when Rachel lost hers and Rachel was overcome with joy to receive one.

Four big combines made short work of even a large field of beans so it was that Melba spent a little time searching for them before she found them. Rachel was sitting in the shade of a big tree because her combine had a problem so Melba sat beside her and they talked until the big machine was ready to go.

Rachel was in the boy crazy stage of her life and Melba was very entertained by Rachel’s naivete. She chuckled to herself as she thought of the conversations with Rachel as she did housework and prepared food for Rachel and the crew.

Throwing her dad’s dirty laundry in the big Maytag washer, she turned to go check on lunch she was preparing for herself and the harvesters. As she went into the kitchen, she saw her dad drive up in his Buick. Gazing out through the big picture window, she could see he had someone with him.

The person with her dad, got out of the car and as he stood up, she gasped as she saw a young man nearly a foot taller than her dad stretch his arms and say something to her dad with a laugh!

Her dad threw his head back and laughed too then made a motion with his arm to point him towards the front porch.

Melba opened the door and suddenly it registered that the man was actually her nephew Matt. He had grown a bunch and he was really handsome. Tanned with brilliantly white teeth, Matt called to her, “Hi Auntie Melba. Remember me?”

Melba gave him a big grin and said, “I do now, you’ve grown a couple of feet since I last saw you!”

Laughing, Matt looked down at his feet and said, “No not really, they’re the same 2 feet I’ve always had!”

Melba barked laughter and said, “Well maybe you’ve still got the same two feet but you have a smart-ass mouth you didn’t used to have!”

Melba’s dad bellowed, “Watch that kinda talk Mel, the lad’s only 16, he’ll learn enough bad habits without you filling his head with profanity!”

Matt chortled and said, “It’s OK Grandpa Everett, I had that one coming!”

Stooping down to take Melba in his arms, he gave her a big hug and as Melba’s body was pressed against his, she couldn’t help but notice he was getting excited as they hugged.

She quickly glanced down to see an enormous protrusion under his jeans. She saw Matt’s face get red and then he stepped back to draw his suitcase up in front of himself.

Melba pretended nothing was out of the ordinary as she stood on tiptoe to kiss his cheek.

Returning to the kitchen as her Dad and Matt went off to get Matt settled in, she thoughtfully wondered what it would be like to be in Matt’s arms. Shaking her head, she thought to herself, “OH my god, hang that shit up girl. He’s your nephew, it’s sick to think that way!”

As she prepared the picnic basket to take to the harvesting crew, the mental picture of Matt and his big cock standing out in front of him, just wouldn’t go away!

During dinner Melba learned Matt was going to be staying with them until he graduated from high school or his mother became well enough to need his help.

She and Matt were going to go to the highschool to register him for fall classes in the morning.

Matt was such a sweet and handsome young man. Melba knew he would have a lot of friends when school began. Most of them girlfriends she supposed. What girl could resist that infectious smile and cute dimples in his cheeks?

Nearly 6 and a half feet tall, Matt’s physique was trim and muscular. He towered over her dad’s 6-ft frame and she just barely came up to his shoulder herself.

Matt’s voice was a deep baritone she heard singing in the shower yesterday evening as she passed the bathroom door. She had complimented him when he came out in his robe on his rich male voice.

He had a towel in his hand, rubbing his hair, and as he did, she caught a glimpse of his large cockhead.

As they spoke, she kept reminding herself he was her nephew but it didn’t help. In spite of herself, she felt a warm moistness between her legs as they talked innocuously.

Later on that night, when she was sure everyone was asleep, she pushed her pajama bottoms down and frigged her clit until she had a really good cum. The mental image of Matt’s strong arms and hard buttocks as he pounded her into her aching cunt made the orgasmic waves wash over her longer than ever before. Afterwards she thought, “I have to get this under control. He is my nephew damn it!”

The next morning, Matt was up before she was and had started fixing breakfast. He called out to Melba as she padded down the hallway to the bathroom, “How many and what kind of eggs ya want Aunt Melba?”

With a big yawn she replied, “2 scrambled. Nothing else except toast, no butter on the toast!”

Taking a pee and wiping her vaginal lips, she noticed that she had a warm feeling in her pussy, shrugging it off, she padded into the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee before reaching for the morning paper.

Matt sat a plate with scrambled eggs and toast in front of her. Looking up at him, she noticed he wasn’t looking at her face and blushed as she realized he was looking down her pajama top.

Casually without being too obvious, (she hoped), she carefully buttoned the next to last button when he had his back turned to her before picking up her fork.Taking a bite of egg, she suddenly became conscious her nipples were rock hard and poking her houserobe. As Matt settled in a chair, he noticed too as his hardening cock gave testimony to her ample charms.

On the way to register at the highschool, Matt and Melba laughed and made wisecracks most of the way. When the school loomed in sight, Matt said, “This is so unreal. My dad’s dead, my mom may never regain consciousness and here I am a thousand miles away from my friends starting a new life.”

Melba eyes got moist as she turned to look at him. Poor kid, he had a rough time of it. Matt stared unseeingly into the distance as Melba spoke, “ I know Matt, it’s been rough on you. Dad and I will do all we can to help you get through this. Just remember we love you OK?”

Turning to smile at her, he nodded he understood.

Registering had been the usual bureaucratic nightmare. The secretary had given them a list as long as Matt’s arm for school transcripts, textbooks, workbooks, and the various and sundry articles he needed for his junior schoolyear.

One bright spot had been when the basketball coach came up to Matt and asked him if he played basketball.

Matt had smiled real big and told the coach he had played on the first 5 at the school he used to go too. The coach beamed at the news and pumped Matt’s hand and her hand enthusiastically!

The gym burst with a roar as Matt Cross crammed another basket. They were murdering the opposing team. 42 to 73 and although it looked like an easy win. Matt’s coach wouldn’t allow the team to let up. He wanted blood and by god he had the team that could do it as he often boasted this season.

Rated second in the state, the team was led by Matt and a boy named Steve that everyone was sure was leading the school to a state championship.

A state capital newspaper had interviewed the team members and TV news crews were in town frequently to catch the boys working out or practicing.

Matt had apparently found his groove in life with his Aunt and Grandfather and although he and Melba, as well as the three of them had made frequent trips to see his mother. She had been moved into a nursing home recently, as she was in a coma and other than perfunctory vital signs checks, was monitored continuously by electronic devices.

The doctors gave little hope for her to ever regain consciousness, but Matt would sit by her bedside and hold her hand and talk softly to his mom. Sometimes her eyes would open, and she would stir as Matt watched, but no signs of understanding ever really manifested themselves. Matt felt sure she knew he was there.

Matt dated very little. Between his studies and sports, very little of his time was his own. It didn’t seem to bother him much although he would growl about this or that with a smile.

He had been staying up after Melba and his grandfather had gone to bed to prepare for midyear exams for the last few days and Melba had awakened one night to hear soft conversation although she couldn’t make it out very well.

Quietly slipping out of bed and putting on a robe, she slowly moved down the hallway towards the family room.

As she peeked around a large potted plant sitting adjacent to the entryway into the family room, she froze when she heard a female voice speaking.

Melba’s eyes got big and her heart started pounding as she saw Matt and a young girl on the large coffee table. Her legs were up around Matt’s waist and Melba had a clear view as Matt stroked his big cock inside the girl’s pussy. The girl was moaning and thrusting up to meet Matt’s downward strokes.

As Melba watched, Matt covered the girl’s mouth with his own to keep her quiet, as she appeared to be cumming. Matt started pounding inside her at a furious pace and then the girl’s eyes rolled up into her head and she trembled violently as she came.

He plunged inside her until only a couple of inches remained outside her quivering pussy. Then to Melba’s surprise, she and Matt kissed deeply as he withdrew.

Thinking Matt must have cum already, Melba was unprepared for the tableau that followed. The girl removed the condom Matt was wearing and pushed him backward on the couch. Settling between his legs, she took his enormous cockhead in her mouth and started stroking his cock with her lips as Matt’s face grimaced in pleasure.

Her cheeks caved in as she applied suction to his cock and after several minutes, Melba heard Matt say, “Oh Eve baby. I’m going to cum sweetheart!”

Increasing the pace of her head bobbing on his swelling cock, Matt put his hand on her head and helped her maintain control of his impossibly swelling member.

Suddenly he raised his hips up and Melba’s pussy let go a large quantity of nectar at the site of Matt pumping his jism down Eve’s throat. Unknowingly, Melba had begun fingerfucking herself as she rubbed her clit with her thumb.

Cum flowed out the corners of Eve’s mouth and she gulped mightily to keep from losing any of the precious drops. After he stopped ejaculating, she then began licking up and down the shaft and slurped cum from his cock hair at the base.

When she was done. She rose to a standing position before falling into Matt’s arms as the two kissed deeply. Several whispered words passed between them before Eve put on a housecoat as she pulled her hair out to free it from under the houserobe.

It was at that moment that Melba had a clear view of the girl’s face. Melba gasped as she recognized the face of her next door neighbor.

Hastily, Melba turned to hurry back into her bedroom. Still excited by what she had seen, she removed her panties before returning to bed and masturbated 2 more times before she could sleep.

Nothing was said, as Matt was obviously unaware that Melba had seen him fucking the neighbor lady. A few nights later, Melba had walked through the unlocked bathroom door to see through the opaque glass of the shower door as Matt was shooting his load.

Matt looked sheepish the next morning but when Melba let on she had seen nothing he visibly relaxed and the friendly banter between them resumed as if nothing had happened.

The daydreams and erotic visions Melba had when she masturbated and thought of Matt grew steadily worse. She was beginning to think that maybe, she was a very sick puppy and needed professional help. Then it all came to a head the following weekend.

Her dad had decided to go on a hunting trip. Usually Melba had gone along to act as chief cook and bottle washer for the ‘gang of seven’ as she called them.

Her dad thought that since Matt was living with them now, she should remain home and see after him and although she pretended she was disappointed, was secretly glad she wasn’t going.

Waving goodbye, Melba watched as her dad drove off. It was then a plan began to develop that would guarantee she would get Matt in bed with her.

She felt strange accepting the premise that she was going to fuck her nephew. But she couldn’t help herself. She needed him. She wanted his big cock in her snatch and nothing or no one was going to prevent it.

Matt came bounding in at the usual time after having had ball practice and spent an hour or two with his gang after school.

Melba prepared Matt’s favorite dinner replete with orange sherbet Ice cream for dessert. Matt mentioned during dinner he didn’t have homework so Melba mentioned he might want to go somewhere later. He thought a minute and said, “Nah I don’t think so. All the guys have dates and there’s no one I want to see.”

Then to her surprise, he blurted, “Heck! I got the best looking woman of them all right here!” and with that he picked her up and squeezed her as he kissed her on the lips.

Shaken, Melba found her breath and voice and replied huskily, “Well thank you darlin’ that’s really nice of you to say!”

He beamed at her and started gathering the dishes to rinse them in the sink before putting them in the dishwasher.

As they worked side by side, Melba made it a point to brush his arms with her ample breasts and noticed goosebumps on his arms once or twice.

Once, pretending to pick up a fork she had dropped on purpose, she brushed the front of his jeans and saw his cock get hard as he tried to hide it.

When the table was cleared and everything put in it’s place, Melba walked over to Matt and making him push his chair back to give her room, sat down on his lap and put her arm around his neck.

Looking him in the eyes she said, “OK big boy, what are we going to do for entertainment?”

She felt his cock harden and pretending to just be getting more comfortable, ground her thigh and hip against it just a little.

Turning to look at the clock over the fridge, she pressed her breast against his cheek and then said innocently, “I guess there may be something good on cable. Why don’t you get the book and check it out?”

Turning to look down at his face, she slowly lowered her lips to his and kissed him warmly. She felt his tongue against her lips and opened them to let him inside.

Getting up to straddle his lap, she settled her pussy mound against his hard cock and resumed kissing him as she felt him thrust against her crotch.

The two sat thrusting against each other dry humping through their jeans.

Rising up to straddle his legs, Melba backed up pulling him with her. Soundlessly the two went into her bedroom and began disrobing. In the semi-darkness of her room, she heard Matt’s sharp intake of breath as she removed her blouse and bra.

Jutting out from her chest, the womanly shaped globes swung ponderously as she turned. Matt’s eyes devoured each in turn and lingered as his gaze probed downward past her flat stomach to the glistening thatch of blonde hair between her legs.

Turning her back to him, she leaned over to grasp her panties and draw them off. As she did, Matt was given a view of her swollen pussy lips and couldn’t help but notice how wet she was in the crack of her ass and insides of her thighs. Her crinkled ass hole made his cock leap and he felt lightheaded and slightly delirious as he thought of being inside her.

The two lovers lay down on the bed as each sought and felt each other’s bodies. Matt’s cock was enormous and glistening pre-cum continually oozed from his piss hole.

Melba took his big cockhead inside her mouth as she sucked gently. Matt’s lips and tongue played a tattoo on her pussy and clit. Darting inside her pussy channel to slurp her nectar.

She felt his cock swell and redoubled her sucking efforts on his cockhead. Suddenly a gush of cum sprayed in long ropy strands as she gulped greedily. He shook violently and clinched his buttock as he came.

At the same time, Melba felt the orgasm of a lifetime began inexorably to overwhelm her. Matt licked and sucked her clit until the massive event hit her like a lightning strike as she came. A guttural sound came forth from her throat as she felt Matt’s tongue pressing against her clit as he sucked it.

Trembling and moaning, Melba rode out the waves of the biggest cum of her life. Her love for Matt swept over her and carried her away.

Trembling and spent, the two lovers lay down to hold each other. Soon his cock began to swell and become engorged with blood. Matt rose to cover her with his body and as he did, his cockhead pressed against the trembling lips of her pussy.

Slowly he entered her. Her pussy channel adjusted for the massive size of his prick and his cock pressed against her hymen. Stopping to raise his head to look into face, he was shocked to learn his Aunt Melba was a virgin.

Her beauty and innocence was staggering to his young mind as he digested the implications of what this tryst meant. Matt was thrilled to know he was her first. No man had been where he was going and his body shook as understanding and joy overcame him.

Looking lovingly at her, he took in the magnificence of her breasts and the large aureole topped by succulent nipples the size of large grapes.

Her pussy milked his cock as he looked questioningly at her, yet stone still inside her. Willing herself to be ready, she whispered, “Don’t move, I’ll do it!”

Perspiration popped out on her forehead and on her upper lip as she steeled herself to impale her body on his massive cock. Taking a deep breath, then wrapping her legs around his waist, she pulled with her thighs as she lunged upwards against him and felt a searing pain as her hymen ripped.

The pain was unbearable for a few seconds as she pressed against his abdomen, but was replaced by a pleasurable feeling of fullness as he pressed deeper inside her warm pussy sheath. Matt looked down past her abdomen and watched as he began thrusting inside her slick, wet, and yet paradoxically hot cunt.

The lips of her vagina were pushed in as he stroked inside and stretched to grasp his cock as he withdrew.

Slowly increasing the tempo of his strokes, he felt her vaginal channel began grasping and releasing his hard cock as it moved deep inside her.

She looked into his eyes as he lowered his lips to her own. Closing her eyes as they kissed deeply, both lovers felt an overpowering rightness to what they were doing. A momentary feeling of madness at the reasoning of her mind telling her what she was doing was wrong possessed Melba as he had entered her. Now she felt a sense of rightness as the massive member filled the void between her legs. She knew not what gods mocked them and had driven them to each other, she only knew she was doing what destiny claimed against her. Nephew or no nephew, this boy/man was the only love she would ever know or ever want.

Sadly she knew heartbreak was the predictable result of their coupling.

Even so, the feeling of his hard cock as it pressed against her “G” spot took away her breath to gasp at the intense pleasure he unknowingly gave her. Sensing that something tremendous was happening, Matt watched, as her face seemed to glow as she perspired and worked towards climax.

His heart pounded and his love for his Aunt grew exponentially as he thrust inside her. Then a deep orgasm began building impossibly deep inside her abdomen and down her thighs as it washed up and over her face.

Melba put her arms around Matt’s neck and pulled her breasts tightly against his chest as the repeated blows of orgasm hammered through her body.

Matt’s lips found hers as he whispered, “I’m cumming Aunt Melba. My god it feels so good and I love you so very, very much!”

Melba hung suspended from his waist as he began ejaculating inside her. She hadn’t given any thought of pregnancy and for a split second, wished he were making a baby for her. The feeling passed but the need for a child lingered as he gushed great torrents of fuck cum inside her aching quim.

The lovers lay spent afterwards. Each in their own way wished they knew what the future held in store for them. Silently they turned to hold each other and ignore the consequences of their actions. Melba felt Matt’s hard cock responding to their embrace and with more happiness than she had ever known she drew him on top of her to settle between her thighs as his cockhead slipped comfortably inside her opening.

Matt looked down at his sneakers, as his Grandfather demanded to know why he wouldn’t take the highschool principal’s daughter to the prom.

Matt couldn’t tell him the truth. God he wished his Aunt would hurry up and return home to intervene. Tearfully he looked at his Grandpa and remained silent as he dropped his eyes.

Suddenly Everett Cross turned to look at his grandson and bellowed, “Are you a goddamned queer? A fucking gay boy? Is that it? Jesus Christ! A fucking queer, my grandson is a puking queer, sucking cocks and taking it up the ass!”

Matt’s heart broke as his Grandfather’s angry red face glowed with anger at him. He wished he were dead. He wanted to crawl in a hole and pull it in after him.

Pushing the kitchen door open, Melba saw her father’s angry red face and with a sinking heart knew trouble had come full force. With her heart on fire, she yelled, “What the hell’s going on here?”

She watched in horror as her father took two steps and cracked Matt alongside his face with his doubled fist! Turning to glare at her, Everett Cross screamed, “This cocksucking queer doesn’t like girls, he fucks and sucks boys!”

Everett could feel his heart pounding as he felt the anger rising in his gorge just before he stood up. Finally he had had all he could take from her. He stood and bellowed, “GODDAMN IT WOMAN! I hate fucking queers. You had an uncle you don’t know about that was queer. I won’t go through the heartbreak of seeing my grandson die from aids. The whole scene is disgusting to me!”

He stopped and glared at her then continued, “Remember those ‘business’ trips I took. I was going to see about Daniel. He died with aids. He was a cocksucking queer and it killed him. That was the nature of my business trips you idiot!” Melba sucked in her breath! She had no idea! My god! An uncle she didn’t know she had?

With a sinking heart she knew she was going to have to tell her father about herself and Matt. She would rather have him hate them both than just hate poor little old Matt.

Her father turned and screamed, “Now I know all the stories about Matt were true. He stopped dating girls, he started hanging out with the ‘guys’ damn it to hell and gone! My grandson’s a fucking queer!”

Matt sat in his room and sobbed as he replayed the scene in his mind with his grandfather.

He could see the old man look at him with disgust and contempt dripped from his voice as he spoke.

“Why won’t you take Beth to the prom? Have you got someone else to take? Matt slowly shook his head no.

Everett Cross then screamed, “I want an answer if I have to beat it out of you!” Pausing to take a breath, he went on, “The highschool principal asked me to put in a good word for her with you and now you tell me you’re going stag to the prom?”

Then the scene that followed made his already sinking heart sink further.

Matt looked down at his sneakers, as his Grandfather demanded to know why he wouldn’t take the highschool principal’s daughter to the prom.

Matt couldn’t tell him the truth. God he wished his Aunt would hurry up and return home to intervene. Tearfully he looked at his Grandpa and remained silent as he dropped his eyes.

Suddenly Everett Cross turned to look at his grandson and bellowed, “Are you a goddamned queer? A fucking gay boy? Is that it? Jesus Christ! A fucking queer, my grandson is a puking queer, sucking cocks and taking it up the ass!” Matt’s heart broke as his Grandfather’s angry red face glowed with anger at him. He wished he were dead. He wanted to crawl in a hole and pull it in after him. Pushing the kitchen door open, Melba saw her father’s angry red face and with a sinking heart knew trouble had come full force. With her heart on fire, she yelled, “What the hell’s going on here?”

She watched in horror as her father took two steps and cracked Matt alongside his face with his doubled fist! Turning to glare at her, Everett Cross screamed, “This cocksucking queer doesn’t like girls, he fucks and sucks boys!” The loud yells as Melba defended him broke his heart all over again. Two people he loved more than life itself were at war in the living room and he could only mutely stand by and listen.

Melba took a deep breath and said, “Dad, Matt is not gay. I know for a fact he isn’t!” Turning to look at her he contemptuously asked how she knew, “OK smart ass, prove to me he isn’t queer!”

Blushing heavily, Melba said, “I saw Matt and Eve Kendall fucking in the family room. He fucked her on the coffee table.”

Everett Cross whipped around and said, “Bullshit! You’re making that up!”

Melba said, “I swear to God I’m not. Ask him, he’ll confess to you! Ask her, she’ll tell you!”

Crossing to the phone, he picked up the phone book and after consulting it, dialed the number. Pausing for a moment he spoke into the receiver, “Hey John, is your wife home?” listening he replied, “Would you ask her to come over a minute. Melba needs some help with something!” Pausing again, “Great tell her the sooner she gets here the better! Thanks John, that’s one I owe you!”

In a few minutes the doorbell rang and Melba asked Eve to come in. Eve sensed something was going on but had no idea what it was. Following Melba into the family room, she stopped when she saw the angry face of Everett Cross.

Clearing her throat, Melba explained what was happening, “So you see, he thinks Matt is gay and since he’s a homophobe, he is upset and worried Matt will get aids and die from it!” she finished.

Eve walked over to Mr. Cross and taking his hand said, “Mr. Cross, believe me when I tell you your Grandson is not gay! He is as straight as they get Mr. Cross, I know from personal experience!”

Everett Cross’ face turned dead white and without a word strode from the room to find his grandson. The two women crept down the hall and peeked in to see grandson and grandfather crying in each other’s arms. They walked over to the two men and all 4 huddled in a crying session that lasted a good 20 minutes. Looking over his grandfather’s head at his Aunt Melba, he smiled as she mouthed, “I love you darling!”

Matt grinned through his tears and mouthed, “Not as much as I love you Melba!” Later Matt sheepishly confessed he had wanted to tell her about Eve but was afraid it would hurt her feelings. Smiling and kissing him deeply, she withdrew to say, “I knew all about Eve Darling” Matt replied, “And thank God you did!” Prom night, Matt brought Beth by in the Corvette his Aunt Melba had loaned him as they prepared to go to the dance.

Everett beamed proudly as his handsome grandson and the beautiful Beth posed for Aunt Melba’s camera.

Later when Aunt and nephew were preparing soft drinks, the two kissed deeply and he assured her he would be home by two to waken her while grandpa slept. Melba felt the nectar begin to flow as she anticipated her nephew’s visit! Later Melba’s father said the oddest thing, “You know Melba, you’re a fine figure of a woman! You need to find a man to take to your bed and bless him with some loving! When I see you and Matt together, I sometimes wish he wasn’t my grandson and your nephew! You make a very good-looking couple to those that don’t know!”

Matt and Melba continued their incestuous affair as the time drew near for him to leave for college. Melba had a sense of loss and the feeling of dread she was going to be alone again was nearly overpowering to her.

Melba’s dad had decided to join his buddies on a fishing trip and asked Melba to come along with him to resume her position as chief cook and bottle washer. Melba gave it a great deal of thought and decided it might not be a bad idea to tag along and maybe it would give her time to clear her head and give Matt some space to think things over.

Later that night, as she lay in Matt’s arms, she mentioned to him she was thinking of going with Everett on his fishing trip. Matt gave her an odd look and wanted to know why.

“I just think it’s time we considered what we have or don’t have between us. We’ve been lovers for nearly 3 years and you’ll be leaving for college soon. It’s going to be a terrible time for me when you leave.” She answered.

Matt lay quietly thinking and knew leaving would hurt the both of them.

In the darkness Matt raised himself up on one elbow and looked at Melba for a moment then asked, “Why couldn’t we get married and be together? You and I both know it’s what we want!”

Melba stifled a sob and replied, “Matt darling! We couldn’t do that. What would dad say? What would people think. Besides it’s against the law, we might be arrested if people found out!”

Matt shook his head and replied, “I really don’t care what people think. As far as being arrested, I really think that we could be very discreet and the only persons that would know would be Grandpa and Cousin Bonnie. I don’t think either of them would want us to be arrested, do you?”

Melba didn’t know what to say to that argument. Nestling in Matt’s arms as she snuggled up to him, she considered what being married to Matt might be like. He was very mature for his age. She was 8 years older than him, but 8 years wasn’t so bad. Turning to kiss Matt, she said, “Tell you what, I’ll tell dad I want to go along with you to college and take care of you. We’ll find a nice apartment or small house to rent and if it works out we’ll take on the problem of getting married! How does that sound?”

Surprisingly, Everett didn’t have much to say about her going with Matt. It was almost as if he expected it.

The two of them flew to the college and while Matt enrolled and took a battery of tests for admission, Melba found a nice apartment for the two of them. Returning home, Melba was surprised to see Bonnie had dropped by for a visit. Hugging her warmly, Bonnie had what Melba considered a knowing look and acted mysteriously but otherwise seemed genuinely glad to see her and Matt.

Later that evening, Bonnie and Melba found themselves alone and began talking about Melba going with Matt to be his housekeeper.

Bonnie smiled and said, “I think it’s a good thing that you’re going to be taking care of him. After what he’s been through, it should help him get a good start in college!”

Melba blushed and agreed.

Bonnie cleared her throat and speculated, “I don’t suppose you’ll cramp his style any. You might meet a nice professor and find your dreamboat and get married!”

Bonnie blushed again and replied, “That would be very nice. Lord knows there isn’t anyone around this one horse burg that’s husband material!”

Bonnie looked directly into Melba’s eyes and said, “Let’s quit beating around the bush. You must think I’m as stupid as the guy that works at the service station! Well I’m not! You and I know the real reason you’re going with Matt!”

As if on cue, Melba’s dad walked into the room. Smiling at the two women, he sat down after pouring himself a stout Jack Daniel.

Melba looked at her dad and then at Bonnie and blurted, “What’s going on with you two?”

A look passed between Everett and Bonnie before her dad spoke, “I know about you and Matt. That’s why I asked Bonnie to stay for the weekend with us.” Melba started to speak but he held up his hand to silence her and continued, “I love you and Matt with all my heart and that’s the problem. My heart!”

Melba started to protest and thinking better of it, asked, “How long have you known dad? And what’s this about your heart?”

Everett smiled and replied, “A long time, maybe from the beginning, I’m not sure about that. However, “ pausing a moment he went on, “I am sure about my heart condition because I just received the report from my last physical. I don’t have a great deal of time left.”

Melba raised her hand to her mouth to stifle a sob and looked at her dad and realized he was telling the truth. Moving swiftly across the room, Melba sat on the hassock in front of his recliner and asked, “Dad! Isn’t there anything that can be done?”

Smiling sadly, he replied, “No dear heart there isn’t. But that’s not a matter to discuss right now. I’ll tell you all about it later. Right now, we have another problem to consider!”

Bonnie piped up and said, “Right! Let’s get on with it. Shall we?”

Melba looked tearfully at her father and cousin in turn then asked, “All right, what do you want me to do?”

Everett looked at Bonnie who nodded slightly and then gave her the answer, “I want you and Matt to be together. I’ve said before that I wished you and he weren’t related and I meant it. Oh I was upset at first when I discovered you two were fucking each other’s brains out. But a funny thing happened, I realized that sometimes what we think is wrong turns out to be right even if it’s backhanded and doesn’t always meet with everyone’s approval!”

Melba stuttered, “You ... you ... mean you approve? You really do?”

A single nod was the answer.

Melba’s dad looked lovingly at her and said, “You know, I worried about you for a very long time. I wasn’t sure you would ever find anyone. Then when my health started deteriorating, I was even more worried until I discovered you and Matt were lovers. Here’s the deal, you really have to take it, I’m not offering a choice here.” Pausing to look at Bonnie before resuming, “Bonnie is going to move in with me and take care of me when I become too ill to care for myself. “ “If Matt still wants to marry you, the two of you can go someplace where you’re not known and get married. It’s that simple!” he concluded.

Shocked, Melba tried to speak and found she had lost her voice.

Laughing Everett said, “How did I know he wants to marry you? Simple, he told me!”

Melba’s face turned a deep crimson and she struggled to say, “But ... But ... damnit dad, why would he do a damnfool thing like telling you he wanted me to marry him?”

Everett’s face became very serious and he replied, “Matt and I became closer than even my own sons were to me after my calling him a ‘queer’ and he forgave me. I realized how much he cared for you because he stood like a man and took my hitting him without flinching. Hell of a man there!”

Bonnie chimed in, “No use beating a dead horse here. This is all past history. Tell Matt you’ll marry him and see what he says. What can it hurt?”

Melba felt lightheaded as she sat looking at the two of them. This whole thing was so far-fetched, she was speechless.

Silently she rose to leave for her bedroom.

Opening the door to her bedroom, Melba was surprised to find Matt asleep on her bed as she tiptoed quietly to stand looking at him.

As carefully as she could, she began disrobing. When she turned to look at him as he lay sleeping, she saw his eyes were open and a smile crossed his face. Looking down at his crotch, she saw his cock hard and ready for her. Straddling his legs, she put her hand down between his legs and guided his big cock to the opening of her slit.

Matt’s face shadowed as the pleasurable feeling of entering her passed over it. Settling down until he was inside her to the hilt, she leaned forward to offer her breasts to him.

As he raised his head slightly to suckle her breast, he said, “I love you Melba, please marry me!”

An orgasmic rush overtook her and as she climaxed, she moaned, “Yes I will!” The two lovers made love for hours until the dawn broke. Matt had ravished her several times until she felt totally spent and helpless. As she lay drifting off to sleep as Matt cuddled her close to him, she thought, “With Matt, once in his arms was too many and 10,000 times won’t be enough to get my fill of him!”