Incest Sex Stories

My Son The Nudist

by Nudemac

I guess it all started when my twenty-four year old son, a college graduate who was living with his girlfriend in San Diego, broke up with her and decided to move back home to Sedona.

Bobby (his friends call him Bob) and I have always been close. I was a little surprised when he called and told me he had broken up with his girlfriend and wanted to move back home. He did not give me any details, but he did say she just did not understand his needs and better than being unhappy and arguing, they both decided to separate. Like any mother, I was upset and felt sorry for him. At the same time I was feeling excited at having my baby home again.

His father died when he was four and it was just two of us. As an artist, I was able to support us by selling my art and teaching.

As a young boy, Bobby used to model for my art classes on weekends and during the summer. Ever since he was a little boy, he loved running around naked, so it came as no surprise when he said he wanted to model nude for my classes. As I said, he loved being naked.

We lived in a small art community near Sedona. No one ever complained to me about my boy's nudity. He loved playing outside naked and if other kids came over, he did not bother to hide or cover up. When he was nine, he started going naked for long walks in the hills behind the house. He had nice long legs and a firm round butt and his skin was a golden creamy tone. He had blondish brown hair and blue eyes. My students loved his good looks and he enjoyed modeling for my classes.

Puberty did not stop him from going naked. The only time you would see him in clothes was for school or dates. He was a very popular boy at school. His friends loved coming over to do their homework with him. Because of my lax attitude toward his nudity, there were many times I had two or three naked teenage boys in my back yard using the hot tub.

When he turned sixteen, he started inviting girls over. I knew he would not lie to me so I asked him if he was sexually active. He denied it saying he was still a virgin. I asked him not to invite any of girls into his bedroom and to always stay out in the open where I could see them. I suspected the girls only came to see Bobby naked, since most only came once.

A couple of the girls did become regular visitor. I wasn't surprised when he told me that he was fooling around with them but was still a virgin. Curious I asked him what exactly he was doing with them. A bit shocked but not surprised I listened as he told me he liked to let them feel him up and watch his dick get hard. Then he would jack off for them and let them play with his cum. Just to be safe, I bought him a box of condoms and made him promise me he would use them when the time came.

A few weeks later, Bobby was outside by hot tub with Melisa doing homework. I was in the living room watching TV, when on impulse, I got up and went to the kitchen and stood in front of the sink looking out the window. I could not believe what I was seeing. Bobby was sitting on the edge of the hot tub; his girlfriend, naked from the waist up, was between his legs giving him a blowjob. I stood there with my hand over my mouth as I watched in silence.

Bobby has a nice firm body and a thick erect penis at least 8 inches long. I watched wide eyed as she bobbed her head up and down his penis, Bobby's one hand on her head gently guiding her as she sucked him off and the other was fondling her tits. He leaned back taking his penis out of her mouth with one hand and with the other guided her towards his balls so she could suck them while he jacked himself off.

After a few minutes he shot several thick ropes of cum across his stomach and chest. I was watching him rub his cum on himself when he looked up and saw me standing at the window.

I went back to the living room needless to say TV was the last thing on my mind. My pussy was tingling. I could not get the image of Bobby's huge erect penis out of my mind. I would close my eyes and all I could see was his thick fat penis shooting thick ropes of cum and him smiling at me as he rubbed it all over his chest.

As the weeks went by I started finding used condoms in his room every time I went in to clean. I knew then he was fucking her. On several occasions, after she left, he would come into the room I was in to talk. Even pretending, it was impossible not to notice his red swollen penis or cum leaking from the tip.

The summer after he graduated from high school, Bobby started modeling regularly for my evening class and my Saturday morning class. This particular morning class consisted mostly of middle aged women. Bobby definitely loved coming in and undressing in front of them. Once completely nude he would walk up to my desk and ask me how I wanted him to pose. He would always move in a suggestive manner, bending forward and slightly squatting with his legs apart, giving us good views of his butthole and dangling balls. I wasn't a bit surprise to find the women focused mostly on his cock and ass for their drawings.

For the last session I told him to pick a pose himself. He laid on his back with his legs up, wide apart and his hands grabbing his ankles. His cock, balls and hairy butthole completely exposed to their voyeuristic delight.

I knew he had an exhibitionistic streak in him and loved showing off. But what he did next not only took me by surprise, but shocked all of us. He reached down and pulled on his balls causing his fat erect penis to stick straight up in the air. I was amazed at how big and fat his penis was. As we watched mesmerized, he slowly rubbed his middle finger across his butthole several times before inserted it deep into his asshole.

Quickly coming to my senses, I stood up and announced that class was over. Bobby sat up and smiled at my students as they packed their equipment away sneaking glances at his huge fat erection.

When they were all gone, I turned and looked at him and asked, "What the hell was that all about?"

He laughed and answered, "Oh mom! You know they've all been dying to see my boner. I just gave them what they wanted."

I knew he was right and without saying anything else, I asked him to get dressed.

He was absentmindedly stroking his penis he walked away to picked up his clothes.

He turned towards me and holding his penis in his hand he said, "Hey Mom, I need to take care of this or I won't be able to zip my pants."

Looking at him wide eyed, I nodded an ok. Turning my back to him I looked down at my desk, and said, "Young man, you are just too much."

As I packed my bag and cleaned my desk, I could hear the sounds he made while jacking off behind me. I closed my eyes and pictured him jacking off. I heard a long loud moan and knew he had climaxed. I turned to look at him and was amazed at how much cum he was covered in. I felt my own pussy juices start to flow. I threw the tissue box at him and told him to clean up and meet me in the car.

Bobby left for college that August. I went to visit him during school breaks. He wrote me long letters telling me about his classes and all the new friends he met. He also told me about the nude beaches and nude bathing areas at school he had discovered. He even sent me a school newspaper clipping showing him "streaking" through campus.

The day he came home I got up early and drove to the airport to pick him up. I had not seen him in almost a year and I missed him terribly. I spotted him walking towards me. He was wearing a tank top, shorts and sandals. How handsome he looked, so tall and well built, without an ounce of fat on him. His hair was long and tied back. He ran up to me, swept me off my feet and gave me a big hug. I missed my baby so much. I was glad to have him home again. We collected his bags and drove home.

He took his bags to his room and unpacked. I told him I would have lunch ready to eat as soon as he finished. I made sandwiches and a small salad. He walked into the kitchen nude. I looked up and could not help but admire how handsome he was. His body was muscular and firm. He had hair across his chest with a trail going down to his bushy pubes. He had a very impressive looking penis. It was long and thick with a nice large round cockhead. His balls were a nice size too with the right one slightly lower than the left. His legs were long and firm looking with just the right amount of hair on them. I whistled and he turned around holding his hands up showing his body off to me. His butt was nice and round with hair clearly visible in his butt crack. I was laughing enjoying the show, at the same time telling him to stop being such a show off.

He followed me outside to the patio where we sat down to eat and enjoy the warm weather and sun. He looked like a golden Adonis in the bright sunlight. We spent the next few hours talking and visiting, getting up only for more soft drinks. He finally told me the real reason he had broken up with his girlfriend was not because he was a nudist, like I had assumed. It was because he liked to fuck around. Apparently she had come home and on several occasions caught him fucking her girlfriends.

Smiling he held his cock up waving in the air. "No offense Mom," he said, "but it really loves pussy."

Laughing I replied, "I should know, since you turned sixteen I've witness a parade of girls coming and going."

Later that evening after dinner, we sat together on the sofa watching TV. I went to bed early, too sleepy and tired from all the excitement to finish watching the movie.

When I woke up the next morning, I put my robe on and went to the kitchen to make some coffee. While the coffee was brewing I found Bobby asleep in the living room on his back with a huge morning erection pointing up toward towards his chin. I walked in and admired how big and impressive looking his it was. On impulse, I reached down and gently took hold of his cock with my hand. It felt so smooth, hard, and hot in my hand. Daring myself even more, I gently cupped his balls with my other hand. Holding his cock in one hand and cupping his balls with my other hand caused him to moan make his penis twitch in my hand. I let go. Afraid of waking him and being caught I went back to the kitchen.

A few minutes later Bobby walked in just as I was sitting down to drink my coffee, his huge erection pointing straight out in front of him. He said good morning waking past me towards the coffee. He turned and leaned his butt against the counter and said he was hunger.

I looked up at him and nodding at him I said, "I would be hunger too if was walking around with a monster like that leading the way."

He looked down at himself he made a vain attempt to cover his erection.

Fumbling he said, "Opps, sorry mom, I didn't mean to..."

" ... Well, I should think you didn't mean to." I said.

Then quickly added, "Honey, don't worry, I'm not complaining. I'm just glad you're home and safe."

"Sit down while I make you and your monster some breakfast." I said teasingly.

As he ate, I noticed his erection got softer, but did not seem to go away.

Curiosity got a hold of me. I asked why his erection was not going away. Now mind you, Bobby has always been honest and frank with me. He bluntly told me that normally he either jacks off or Mindy, his ex, sucks him off every morning.

"Guess I'm stuck with Madame Palm and her five daughters, at least for while anyway, he said jokingly."

Then he quickly added, "Mom, you know if I don't get my rocks off a couple of times a day my nuts start to ache."

"No, I did not know," I answered somewhat perplexed, then quickly added, "We can't have you walking around with aching nuts. If you need to, go to your room and take care it now."

As soon as he finished eating, he got up to leave. I couldn't help noticed his penis was fully erect and had a large drop of precum hanging off the tip. Mesmerized, I watched him rub it over the head of his penis and give himself a few slow strokes as walked toward the door.

"Go to your room to do that," I said pretending to be angry.

He stopped at the kitchen door bending forward spreading his ass cheeks with hands and mooning me with his hairy butt crack.

I got up to wash the dishes. I couldn't believe my pussy was soaking wet. After I finished, I poured myself another cup of coffee and clean myself and get dressed. I needed to walk down the hall past Bobby's room to get to my room. His door was open and I saw him lying on his bed jacking off. His balls bounced up and down with each rapid stroke. He had his eyes closed and did not notice me watching him. I had my fingers deep inside my wet pussy watching him jack off. I didn't have to wait long before he moaned loudly and several thick ropes of cum shot out landing all over his chest.

I stood there rooted, diddling myself, watching him rub his cum on his chest when he saw me standing in the doorway. Embarrassed at being caught looking, I quickly left and went to my room.

I was dressed and heading back to the kitchen when I ran into Bobby in the hallway walking towards the bathroom. His chest hair was matted with dry cum.

He looked at me and said, "Sorry mom, I didn't mean to leave the door open."

"Don' worry about it," I said. "I am more embarrassed you caught me looking than anything else."

Hugging me, he said, "Mom, there is no reason you should feel embarrassed. You know I could care less if you see me."

He kissed me on the forehead and told me I was the greatest mom ever. I felt like a million dollars.

Later that afternoon, we were both in the kitchen talking. Bobby was sitting next to the table with his legs stretched out in front of him. He had his legs crossed at his ankles so his cock and balls where lying on top of his legs. He had his hands behind his head. I could see his hairy armpits.

I could not help notice his scrotum was hairless. Right in the middle of what he was saying, I blurted out, "Bobby, do you shave your scrotum?"

"Mom! Call it balls or nuts, scrotum sounds so medical, and yes I do shave my balls," he answered.

Curious and wanting to know the reason I asked him, "Why do you shave your err ... balls?"

"You really want to know?" he asked.

Nodding yes, he told me he likes the smooth feel. Without feeling at all embarrassed he asked me if I wanted to feel his balls.

Without thinking, I reached over and felt his smooth ballsac, lifting up his balls, feeling and gently squeezing each before letting go.

What he said next caused me to flash back to when he was sixteen and I was standing at the kitchen window watching his girlfriend sucking his balls while he jacked off.

Talking with my son about jacking off and sucking balls started to give him an erection. He spread his legs open and I watched quietly as his penis engorged itself into a full erection.

Finally he reached down and gave himself a few long slow strokes. I watched amazed as his cock grew even bigger with each stroke. And even more amazed at how wet my pussy was.

"Are your nuts hurting?" I asked him.

"Just a little." he said brazenly stroking his cock.

Looking straight at me he said, "I guess I should go to my room and jack off."

"What for, You're already jacking off," I replied, "Go ahead and finish, I want to watch," I quickly added.

I had seen him jacking off before, but this was the first time he knowingly jacked off for me. He spread his legs even further apart and stroked his cock faster. I watched his balls bounce up and down in tempo with his stroking. He leaned his head back and moaned softly as he pinched and pulled on his nipples. I sat squirming in my seat; my pussy felt hot and was soaking wet as I watched him jacking off for me.

Without warning, he shot rope after rope of thick white cum on his chest and stomach. I was amazed at the amount of cum he shot and how beautiful and shinny his erect cock looked as he smeared cum all over it.

I got up and got a warm wet towel to clean him up with. He reached for it, but I shook my head no. I knelt between his muscular legs and cleaned his chest and stomach. I held his engorged cock in my hands and tenderly cleaned it off with the wet towel. I took the hand he jacked off with and cleaned it too.

After I clean him up, I ran my fingers through is soft chest and pubic hair. I cupped his balls with my hands: and told him how cool and smooth they felt.

He sat up, hugged me, and told me I was the greatest mom ever.

Later that evening, after I showered, I was in my robe sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV. He came in, sat next to me, and asked me if I would give him a foot massage.

"Of course dear," I said as he scooted over and put your legs up on my lap.

Taking the leg closest to me, I reached for his foot and pushed his knee up toward his chest. I massaged his foot for a good 15 minutes. After I finished that foot, he lifted his foot up over my head and laid his leg down across the top of the sofa behind my head. I reached for his other foot and bending his knee away from me, I laid his foot on my lap and began massaging it. I was sitting between his legs and could see cock, balls and hairy asshole.

I could not help admire his large soft cock. It was at least 3 inches thick at the base and surrounded by a thick mass of dark golden pubic hair. His balls hung down and filled his freshly shaved sac like a bag full of candy. Below his balls, there was a nice patch of dark soft looking hair, which to my surprise circled around his asshole leaving it looking clean and smooth.

As I massaged his foot, I watched his penis slowly engorge until it was fully erect. I felt my pussy getting hotter and wetter every inch his cock grew.

"Aching nuts?" I asked.

With his hands behind his head he smiled and answered, "Just a little".

I reached over and grasped his cock in my hands. I felt the soft hardness of his cock as I wrapped my fingers around it. I rubbed his precum over his cockhead with my thumb and started jacking him off slowly. He closed his eyes and moaned softly.

"Oh God mom, that feels so good, please don't stop," he said as he moaned again.

I stroked his cock with one hand while with the other hand I ran my fingers across his hairy butthole before inserting my middle finger deep into his asshole.

I'd never fingerfucked anyone before, but I remembered him sticking his finger in his arse years ago. Bobby moaned and pulled his legs up to his chest, allowing me better access to his butthole. I fingerfucked his hairy asshole and jacked him off faster. His cock swelled in my hand as I jacked him faster and faster.

"Oh! Fuck me Mom! I'm gonna cum," He yelled out.

I leaned forward and sucked his balls into my mouth. I was sucking them hard when he spewed thick white cum all over himself.

Still dribbling cum, I took it into my mouth and sucked his cock.

"OH MOM! Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Suck my cock. Please do not stop," he begged.

I sucked his still hard cock and pumped his asshole with my finger.

That's when I felt his foot under my robe. I spread my legs open and he started rubbing it against my wet pussy. When his big toe found my cunt hole, the effect was electrifying.

"Just fuck me mom, fuck my ass. Suck my cock. Please, don't ever stop," my angel, whispered to me.

I love my baby so much. I would do anything for my son the nudist.