Incest Sex Stories

Mary and Her Brother

by RonBo

Caution: This story contains strong Incest Elements of sex between Brother and sister.

Mary arrived home a little earlier than usual. Her last class had ended by a fire drill so Mary and her best friend Jill slipped away rather than going back inside the school. They went their seperate ways.

When Mary went upstairs she saw that her brother Roger's bedroom door was closed. She stopped outside the door and listened closely. She heard strange sounds coming from her brother so she assumed, correctly, that the sixteen year old was masturbating. Mary smiled as she ran her fingers along the crotch of her pants making herself feel so nice.

She made another assumption that her brother probably hurried home from school to have a good wank before she came home. Her plan was hatched at that moment. She left the house to walk around the neighborhood killing time while she finished planning on just how to catch her brother with his pants down.

Two days later Mary skipped her last class to be home a good half hour before her brother. She secluded herself in his messy closet kneeling on a bundle of discarded clothing. Leaving the door ajar by about six inches gave her a view of the large mirror on Roger's dresser which then gave her a perfect view of her brother's entire bed. Perfect she thought.

She didn't have to wait more than ten minutes before Roger burst into the room, turned on his computer and started stripping off his school clothes. Mary couldn't see much because of where Roger was standing but when he was naked he went to his computer to start up a nasty program showing naked women doing things to equally naked men. Roger was naked also as bent over the keyboard adjusting the program to his liking. This was Mary's first look at her brother's cute bare bottom.

When Roger turned around almost running to his bed Mary had a glimpse of her brother's hard dick standing straight up bouncing off of his belly. He laid on his back, immediately grabbing his cock tightly moving it up and down with a slow deliberate motion.

Gawd Mary thought, this was so hot watching her brother jerking off. She could see a small white girl on the computer monitor with a large black penis in her mouth. She knew that it was called a blow job or giving head or the dirtiest, sucking cock. Her pussy was soaking wet, needing her fingers badly. She moved her right hand to her crotch knocking a shoe from somewhere to the floor. It made a noise but not too loud. Roger probably didn't even hear it.

"I can see you Mary. Come out of the closet if you want to watch. I don't mind." her brother said while still stroking his prick. Mary was caught. After a slight hesitation Mary stood on wobbly legs leaving the confines of the closet behind. She didn't quite make out what her brother said but his hand patting the bed next to him with his free hand said it all. Mary sat next to her reclining naked brother unable to take her eyes off of his hand gently rubbing his cock. There was a tear drop of what Mary thought must be pre cum rising from his pecker's one eye.

"You can touch it if you like." Roger said hoping she would touch his cock. No one besides himself had ever touched him there. Mary wanted to touch her brother's hard cock badly so without any hesitation she pushed his hand away from the hard tube of flesh putting her own hand tightly around the fleshy shaft. "Faster Mary. Stroke it faster so I can cum." Roger begged.

It wasn't but a minute before the teenage boy's prick erupted spurting his ejaculate two feet into the air, returning to cover Mary's hand and Roger's chest. Her brother's cum was hot, feeling good, almost enirely covering her tiny hand. She wanted to lick some cum off her hand to see what it tasted like but didn't want to freak her brother out.

When Roger said, "Let me do you now." Mary played dumb pretending not to understand what he was saying, but she thrilled deep down knowing that soon brother would be playing with her pussy, which up until now had only felt her own fingers. She was very excited as her brother reached his hand under her skirt finding a wet pair of panties. Roger smiled as he pushed the crotch of the panties aside to finger the wet teenage pussy.

Her legs involuntarily gripped Roger by the hand as he brought her to a great orgasm. It was so much more intense because it was her brother doing it and not her own hand.

She looked over at her brother seeing that he was either still hard or had a fresh erection. "Roger let me make you shoot your stuff again." Mary again had her brother's hard cock in her hand. She pumped it slowly up and down feeling his precum oiling up her hand.

"How about trying something different?" Roger asked before saying. "Give it a kiss while you pump me." As she pumped his erection she leaned over kissing the tip of his cock smearing pre cum on her lips. "Put it in your mouth." He begged

This is what Mary wanted but she had needed Roger to ask for it so she didn't seem like a slut. Mary opened her mouth to allow her brother's hot flesh into her mouth. Although she was a small girl she was able to get all of her brother's cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down for several minutes enjoying the taste and feel of her brother's hard cock in her mouth. Without warning Roger's prick spasmed and spurted cream into the young girl's virgin mouth. Mary was excited feeling all that sperm in her mouth but she had her game to play. She opened her mouth to allow her brother's spent sperm to drool out and onto Roger's now soft pecker.

"That was mean of you Roger. No more shooting yourself in my mouth." Roger smiled to himself. Did that mean there would be a next time? Mary knew that if she had a choice Roger and she would be spending more time together having their own version of sibling sex. She couldn't wait to swallow his cum for the first time and teach him how to eat her pussy.

It didn't take long for Mary to get her wish. Just the following week Mary talked Roger into playing hooky from school. The two of them hung out around the corner from their house until they saw both of their parents cars leaving for work.

Roger wanted to see his sister naked badly. "You have seen me naked Mary. How about taking all of your clothes off for me. Mary thought that was fair but she wasn't going to do a strip tease for him. To Roger it was indeed a strip tease as Mary slowly disrobed in his bedroom. First her blouse, then the short skirt. She stood in front of him in her white panties and bra.

"Bra next please." Roger pleaded with his sister. She unhooked her bra letting it slide off her shoulders exposing her apple sized breasts with erect nipples. Roger couldn't believe his eyes. Her boobs were great looking. Better than all those women on his computer. Mary slowly rolled her panties down over her mound and beyond exposing her young pussy to her brother's lecherous stare. Roger had played with his sister's pussy but this was his first look at it.

"Now you." Mary demanded. She was very horny having just disrobed for her brother, standing naked in front of him. Roger wasted no time in roughly yanking his clothes off leaving them scattered on the bedroom floor where he had carelessly thrown them.

"Will you let me put it in your mouth again?" Roger said remembering the exqusiite feeling of his prick in his sister's hot mouth.

She nodded her head saying. "Yes I will suck you, but first you do me with your mouth." She laid on her back on the small be spreading her legs to expose her cunt to Roger. He crawled on the bed between her legs not sure what to do but Mary had some ideas. Following his sister's directions he licked, kissed and slobbered all over Mary's wet pussy until she had a loud orgasm.

After she caught her breath she said. "Now you Rog. Stand up. I want to kneel at your feet while I suck you. Warn me when you are ready to shoot," Roger looked disapointed. "so I can be ready for it." That made Roger smile.

She kneeled in front of her brother with his cock in her mouth bobbing her head until she heard. "Here it comes sis. Here comes my cock juice." As he spurted Mary took his cock deep, like a magazine had exclaimed was the best way to swallow your lover's seed, swallowing hard all that gooey cum from her brother's cock.

Roger wanted to fuck his sister after that but she explained that that wasn't going to happen and be satisfied with what he was getting.