Incest Sex Stories

Jenny's Secret

by John Demille

Caution: This story contains coercive sex between a brother and his older stripper sister.

After finishing college, my sister Jenny couldn’t find a reasonable job in New York and couldn’t afford to stay there. So she was forced to move back into our home where we had both grown up.

She was a little too mature to move back into her old room, after all she was twenty-two now. So she moved into the vacant basement apartment that my grandmother had occupied for the last few years of her life.

Jenny is five years older than I am. That makes it very hard to have things in common. When she went to college four years earlier I was only thirteen, and concerned myself with normal thirteen-year-old things.

Now at seventeen, I could only think of one thing: Sex!

However, I was a bit of a geek and up till now I haven’t managed to see a naked girl in the flesh. The internet provided all the jerk off material that I ever needed, but the one important thing that every guy needs — actual physical contact with a naked girl — was still missing from my life.

Jenny’s coming back home resulted in a lot of change.

It had been a long while since I saw her last, and when she walked through the door I was struck by the size of her tits under her T-shirt.

Good god they were huge! And perfect!

She wasn’t fat, at all. Her waist was so thin it didn’t look like it could even support her upper body.

It had been more than a year that I had seen her last, and I felt as though I’m seeing her for the first time.

She was beautiful. She looked like a real-life Barbie.

It was embarrassing, but I was getting a hard on just looking at my sister.

“Well don’t just stand there Jim,” she said, as she struggled with her bags, “come and help me with all this stuff!”

So I snapped out of almost trance and grabbed a couple of suitcases and brought them down to the basement.

“Hey bro, ” she said dropping her heavy bags, “Haven’t you missed me?”

“Of course I have.”

“Well how about a hug then?” And she opened her arms in an invite.

I almost came in my pants when I felt those beautiful and bountiful breasts squished against my chest. It was difficult letting go of her. She felt so good in my arms.

“When does Mom usually get home from work?”

“Any minute now,” I said, looking at my phone.

“Great,” she said, “I need to take a shower, and change my clothes. I feel a little dirty after such a long trip. I’ll be up to cook dinner for you guys in a few minutes!”

The image of her taking a shower, with water cascading over those tits, was enough to send me running upstairs to my room to jerk off.

My life was not going to be easy with Jenny being around. Mom and Dad had been divorced a year earlier, so it was just myself and Mom living in the house. She worked six days a week, so for the most part, I was home alone after school every day.

When Mom returned home from work that day, I heard her arguing with Jenny from my room.

“Why the hell would you do something like that to yourself!” I heard Mom say.

“It’s no big deal. A lot of women in the city get breast enlargements mom.”

“That’s it!” I thought. “That’s why they looked so perfect, and huge. My sister had a boob job since the last time I saw her.”

“The doctor did an amazing job,” I heard Jenny say, “I have no scars, here, let me show you.”

“Oh shit!” I thought. I had to see this.

Unfortunately, once I reached the living room, all I saw was Jenny’s bare back, fuck!

Since Jenny’s been back, I masturbated constantly thinking about her. Seeing her naked became an obsession.

But Jenny was very careful around me. She never came upstairs wearing anything revealing and she kept her apartment downstairs locked up like a fortress!

Soon after she came back, Jenny found a job as a waitress few nights a week, so she was home a lot.

Having her around so much was becoming a torture.

One day I got a break.

I was home alone, and checked the the basement door and found that Jenny forgot to lock it this time. I went into the empty apartment and headed straight to her bedroom.

Some of her underwear were still on her bed. The mere sight of her big bra and her flimsy panties drove me crazy. I couldn’t help taking off my clothes and slipping under her sheets. I needed to jerk off so bad. I covered my face with her panties and inhaled her sweet odour. It took only a few strokes for me to come all over her huge bra.

I had to masturbate twice in a row for my cock to deflate.

Since I never knew when I’ll ever get another chance, I went snooping around the place.

On her kitchen table I saw a bunch of matchbooks. “Hm, Jenny doesn’t even smoke. Why would she need matches?” I Thought to myself.

Looking closer, I found all the matchbooks to be the same.

“Pigale” Was the name on the matchbooks.

“What the…?” I thought. “Could it be?”

Pigale was a very famous strip joint down town.

“Holy shit. Jenny isn’t a waitress like she told mom! She’s a stripper. That’s why she got that boob job.”

But, I had to find out for myself, just because she frequented that place didn’t mean she stripped. Those places do need waitresses still.

I had nothing else to do really on that Friday night. I spent most of my recent nights at home thinking of my sister anyway. I had to go to this club to see what was going on.

I looked older than my seventeen years. I had never had a problem being looked at as a man, plus I had fake ID with me, so I didn’t think I’d have a hard time getting in.

It was easier than I thought when I got there. The bouncer at the door didn’t even ask me for an ID.

Once inside, I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible as I didn’t want Jenny to spot me and hide.

This place had two elevated stages with a girl dancing topless. I chose an empty table that was far enough from both stages to keep me away from the bright light and hidden in the darkness. When a waitress approached, I asked for a beer and waited.

After about 45 minutes of a beautiful girl after a beautiful girl performed on stage, my cock was throbbing painfully. I had never been face to face with one naked woman before, let alone dozens in one room!

At one point, a beautiful blonde stepped onto the stage. My suspicions were right, it was Jenny.

As I watched her gradually take off her clothes to the music, my cock got even harder. By the time she took off her bra to reveal those fake tits of hers, I thought I was going to explode! Mom and Dad would be really pissed if they knew she was doing this sort of thing. They spent a lot of money to send her to university and for what? So that she can end up as a stripper?

I walked up to the stage where she was dancing, and looked up at her so that she learns that I knew her secret. She looked down and smiled at me but she didn’t seem to recognize me. Then she did a double take and I could tell that she finally realized who is in front of her.

I could see she didn’t know what to do. She covered her exposed breasts with her hands from embarrassment, I guess, not to let me see them.

Without a word, I turned and walked out of the club.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night, tossing and turning, and thinking of all those beautiful nude women. I masturbated multiple times until my balls ached and still, my cock got hard after resting a bit.

At about 4am I heard Jenny’s car pull into the driveway. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew that Jenny will offer me something to keep my mouth shut. Only then I managed to fall asleep.

I woke up when mom left to work at 7:00 per usual. That day I had sensitive hearing due to my state of mind and woke up when the garage door opened below me.

Mom wasn’t gone more than 15 minutes, when I heard a soft knock at my bedroom door. I knew it was my sister. I’m sure she couldn’t sleep either.

“Come in Jenny.”

Jenny opened the door slowly, and walked into the room wearing only a bathrobe. It was open wide enough in the front to see that she was wearing nothing underneath, but at this point I think I was still too tired to get a hard-on. She walked over and sat on the side of my bed, which caused her robe to open even wider. Tired or not, this time I had a hard-on.

“Jim, we need to talk.”

“OK, let’s talk.”

“Please, PLEASE, don’t say anything to mom and dad about what you saw last night! I really need the money right now. It’s the only way I can afford to finish school.” Jenny begged me.

“How can you expect me not to say anything? What you’re doing is wrong and you know it! Hold on, what do you mean finish school? Didn’t graduate already?“

“I took useless women’s studies. The only job that gets me is something at university among a bunch of lesbians. I need to take something more useful.”

“That’s interesting to know.”

“Listen, how about if we make a deal? I’ll let you use my car any time you want to if you don’t rat me out, OK? How about it?”

At this point she almost had tears in her eyes. I hated to be cruel to her, but I knew what I wanted from her so bad, and I would stop at nothing to get it.

“You’ll have to do better than that,” I said, “This is a very serious thing for me to be quiet about.”

She thought for a moment, not even realizing what I was leading up to.

“I have a great idea.” She said, “How about if I fix you up with one of the girls at the club? You’re a great looking guy, Jim, I’m sure I wouldn’t have to ask twice! Well, what do you think? Is it a deal?”

“Well ... maybe,” I said.

“Great!” she said, “I’m sure you were there long enough to see most of the girls, tell me, who did you think was the hottest looking girl in there tonight?”

I hesitated to say anything.

“Oh c’mon, Jim, you have this huge bulge in your underwear right now. Obviously somebody turned you on tonight! Tell me,” she giggled, “Who was it? Who did you come home and think about when you jerked off tonight?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes, of course,” she answered, “Tell me, if you had your choice to fuck any of any of the girls you saw tonight, who would it be?”

I got really nervous, and held my breath. My heart was pounding.

“A-Actually, when I came home tonight I fantasized about you, Jenny.”

I couldn’t believe I actually said it! She just sat there in shock with her mouth open.

“I’m your sister. You’re my brother, are you insane?” She replied nervously, “You mean you want to ... you and me? How could you even think about…we can’t have sex ... We can’t ... NO ... NO WAY! OH MY GOD! I’d move out of here and quit school before I’d let that happen!”

She got up and left the room slamming the door behind her. At that point I didn’t know if I did the right thing. I wasn’t worried about her telling mom, but this could be enough to make her move out. Oh well, I took my chance, I thought.

I turned over, and went to sleep. I woke up about an hour later still tense about what had happened earlier. Still, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jenny’s beautiful body, and how I wanted to touch her. I started playing with myself again, when the phone next to my bed rang.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hi Jim.” It was Jenny calling me from downstairs, “What are you doing?”

She seemed to have calmed down from before.

“Well if you really must know, I’m jerking off.”

“Really?” she said, “Well stop what you’re doing, and come downstairs, I have an idea.”

I did as she asked. I went downstairs, and knocked on the door.

“Come in, it’s open.”

When I walked in the door she was still wearing her robe, only now it was a little more open revealing most of her huge chest. She was standing by her kitchen table with a cup of coffee in her hand, and another cup on the table.

“I made you some coffee, Jim.” she started. “Wow, you really meant it when you said you were jerking off, didn’t you?” she said as she looked down at the bulge in my shorts.

“What’s your idea?” I said as I moved closer to her and picked up the cup of coffee she offered.

“Well, let’s be realistic about this, we are brother and sister, and I can’t let you fuck me...”

I turned to walk away.

“That’s not what I want to hear, Jenny,” I said, “that’s what it will take for me to be quiet. I’m sorry, but you have no idea how much you drive me crazy! Since you moved back here I haven’t had a good night’s sleep.”

“I know.” She said giggling. “Sometimes I help mom with the laundry, and I see the cum stains on your sheets. I knew you were jerking off, I just didn’t know you were thinking about me!”

I was getting embarrassed.

“Well, now you know,” I said defensively, “If that’s your decision I guess I’ll just have to have a talk with mom tonight about where you are working.”

“Wait, Jim,” she said, grabbing my arm, “you didn’t give me a chance to finish. I said I couldn’t let you fuck me, I didn’t say that we couldn’t fool around a little.”

“Wh-what do you mean by fool around a little?” I said, nervously.

“I’ll show you,” she said. “Open my robe, Jim.”

I reached down and untied her robe, and slowly opened it revealing the entire front of her body. She was totally naked underneath.

“Touch me anywhere you want, Jim.”

I reached for her right breast, and slowly ran my open palm across her huge nipple. Her breast felt so firm in my hand that my cock rose right up above the band of my underwear.

Jenny took my T-shirt off, and pulled me close to her. The feel of her huge tits against my bare chest drove me insane. She started grinding back and forth rubbing her self against me, the tip of my cock now rubbing against her firm tummy.

“Let’s go lie down,” she said.

She dropped her robe completely off, and walked naked into the bedroom.

I lied down face up on the bed waiting for her next instructions. After all, she was much more experienced. She lied down on the bed sideways facing me, and slid close to me.

“Turn and face me, Jim.”

I did. We were now both facing each other sideways. That position made her tits squeeze close together, so I put my hands between them and slowly moved them around to the outside cupping and massaging her nipples.

“I want to suck on them.”

She was breathing heavily, and just smiled at me to say yes.

I slid down and started sucking her right tit, while I massaged the left one with my hand.

Jenny was moaned with pleasure, and started fingering herself.

I couldn’t take it any more. I pulled my underwear all the way down to let my cock rub up against her body. I reached down and grabbed my cock, and started slowly stroking it while I was still sucking, and drooling all over her tits.

“Hey you,” she said, “That’s my job.”

With that she licked the palm of her hand and slid it down my chest, past my belly, and started rubbing my cock. My body was trembling. Still facing each other sideways, I put my arms around her neck, while she started jerking me off faster, and faster. She put her face close to mine, and pressed her lips against my lips, and began giving me these erotic soft kisses. She then tilted her head down, and started watching herself play with me. I felt her breathing heavy as she began jerking me off faster.

“Oh, Jim, I can’t take it any more,” she moaned, “I’ve been trying to hold back, but I need to suck it!”

With that she got up from the bed, and took me by the hand, and led me over to the couch.

“Sit down, baby.”

The fact that she called me baby drove me wild. I sat on the couch. She put a pillow on the floor in front of me, and got on her knees. She ran her hands up my legs, and cupped my balls with her left hand, and stroked me with the other. She leaned in and started licking the tip of my cock, with short quick tongue strokes. Then she put my whole cock in her mouth, and began sliding her head furiously up and down.

“It’s been a long (slurp!) time since I (slurp!) had a hot cock in my (slurp!) mouth!” She moaned. “Ooh, Jim, my little brother,” she said giving her mouth a short break, but stroking me wildly with her wet hand, “I love your cock! I love sucking cock more than anything in the world, and you have such a beautiful cock!”

It was a dream come true to see her beautiful face looking up at me from between my legs. She knelt straight up and massaged my balls between her tits and began sucking my cock again. The room was silent except for the sound of her sucking, and slurping.

“Oh Jenny! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

Surprisingly, that made her suck even harder and faster. She pulled her mouth off my cock, and started rubbing it on her tits, jerking me faster and faster.

“Come on baby! Cum on me!” she urged, “Cum all over me, Jim! Please!”

I don’t think I ever came that much in my life! It seemed like gallons of cum went squirting all over her neck, and tits, and dripped down her belly and onto the pillow beneath her. She put my cock back in her mouth after I came, and sucked and licked it clean, swallowing every remaining drop, which made my balls ache with pleasure. She got up off her knees and went back over to the bed, and lied back exhausted.

The mixture of spit, and sweat, and hot cum all over her tits combined to create a thick cream as she laid back and rubbed it all over her chest.

“Do you need a towel?” I asked.

“No,” she said, “I love this part.” As she started licking it off her hands and fingers. “Come up on the bed, Jim, let’s take a nap, I don’t know about you, but I’m beat!”

I got on the bed, and Jenny turned and held me, her body still sticky from the cum. “I have to tell you, Jim, this might just work out. I have this terrible oral fixation. I can’t live without a cock in my mouth for too long. When I said we could just fool around, I thought maybe I could jerk you off once in a while, but once I held your cock in my hand, I knew I just wanted to eat it.”

With that, she reached down and pulled the blanket up over the two of us. We wrapped our bodies around each other, and fell asleep. That was the best sleep I had since my beautiful sister had come home, because my frustration was gone.

After a couple of hours, I felt Jenny poking my side.

“Come on, lover boy, wake up!” She giggled, “I’m starving! Let’s have breakfast.”

As I was rubbing my eyes still half asleep, still tired, she opened one of her dresser drawers, and took out a shirt that was about two sizes too big for her, and put it on, leaving it fully unbuttoned to reveal her body.

‘How amazing, ’ I thought, ‘just a few days ago, I could only imagine her naked, but now she was being so absolutely free with her body around me, and I love it.’

A few minutes later I walked into the kitchen, sat down, and watched her cook breakfast wearing nothing but the open shirt she had on. I walked up behind her, and put my arms around her tiny waist, and started kissing her neck, and rubbing her up and down from her stomach to her tits. It wasn’t my imagination. She was enjoying all of this. I had breakfast with her, still amazed that I had actually been so intimate with this beautiful, half-naked creature in front of me.

She looked at me and smiled, “After breakfast, let’s go back to bed, OK?”


“I have something I want to teach you.”

We walked back into the bedroom, and Jenny lied back on the bed, and opened her legs.

She licked the middle finger of her right hand, and then started massaging her pussy.

“It’s my turn, Jim.” She said, “It’s my turn to cum.”

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Come over here and lick my pussy, little brother.”

“Little brother?”

“Sorry. My bad. You’re not so little, are you?”

“I am over six feet now.”

I got up on the bed, and placed my hand on her thighs, rubbing them lightly. I was a little reluctant at first although Jenny’s pink, shaved pussy was so beautiful.

“Don’t be afraid, Jim,” my sister said, as she reached down and gently put her hand behind my head, “Just lick it, and kiss it for me. I’ll guide you through it.”

Once my tongue touched her clit, I knew this was going to be easier than I thought. Her pussy had a natural sweet taste to it, so I started licking, and sucking.

“Ooh, Jim,” she whispered, “faster, please lick me faster!”

I darted my tongue in and out as fast as I could, until she was trembling with pleasure.

“Put your finger inside me, Jim!”

It wasn’t so much submissiveness on my part, it was just that I actually loved her so much, and she had made me feel so good earlier, that I wanted to satisfy her. I kept fingering her faster and faster as I licked her clit and just kept feeling her body quiver and shake with ecstasy. Finally it was as though a volcano erupted inside her as she let a passionate scream of sheer joy. I did what she had wanted. I’m made her come.

“Oh my God!” she said, still trying to catch her breath. “That was magnificent!”

She looked down at me, my head still between her shivering legs. “Come up here. Jim,” Jenny said, with her arms opened wide.

I laid my head on the pillow next to hers, and put my lips on hers. My cock was hard again. I climbed on top of her, and tried to slide it inside of her.

“No! No way! I said NO FUCKING! Remember Jim?” she said as she pushed me off her, “now please don’t try that again!”

“I’m sorry,” I said, as I lay back on the bed, feeling a little dejected.

“No problem,” she said, as she slid her head down between my legs and started sucking my cock again.

Needless to say, nothing was ever the same after that day. My sister and I spent a lot of time together, in her apartment giving each other oral pleasure. It was great. She always left her door unlocked after that, and I would rush home from school, and do my homework in her apartment, and just wait for her to come home. Sometimes it almost felt as though we were married!

She would come home, and say something like “God, Jim, what a rough day I had today, I really need to relieve some stress. Thank goodness I have you here to eat me out when I need it!”

We would sometimes rent videos, and just stay home together. I would just kick back on the couch, and Jenny would just suck my cock till I came in her mouth. Mom had no clue what was going on; in fact she was kind of happy that my sister and I were spending so much time together! I would often sleep with my sister in her apartment using the excuse that I fell asleep on the couch.

After about four months of licking and sucking each other, Jenny and I decided to take a vacation to Aruba together. It was great. No one there had a clue that we were brother and sister, so we passed ourselves off as boyfriend and girlfriend. It felt weird being able to kiss, and hold hands in public. It made us feel as though we were really lovers. As a matter of fact the last night we were there, Jenny decided that it was finally time for us to fuck.

Maybe it was the piña colada, whatever.

After that it only got better. When we got back, we fucked and sucked till I went away to college two years later, and Jenny almost immediately found a boy friend. I guess she really couldn’t go too long without a hard cock in her mouth. She married him six months later. I also got married a year after that to a girl I met at school.

Funny thing, though, everyone tells me that my wife Laura looks a lot like my sister Jenny. I admit it there is a strong resemblance, but one thing is for sure, no one will ever give me head the way my sister did.