Incest Sex Stories


by Anonymous

Caution: This story contains strong Incest Elements of sex between catholic brother and his virgin sisters.

When my dad survived Vietnam, the first thing he did when he returned was to propose to his girlfriend and begin a family in rural Mid-America.

Being true catholics, our parents' only way to prevent pregnancies was the rhythm method, and they had no rhythm!

Consequently, in five consecutive years, they had a girl, a girl, a boy, a girl, and a girl.

By then, and I'm sure the law of averages can't suddenly be suspended, the parents either acquired rhythm really well or they just defaulted to contraception. They HAD to - unless mom suddenly turned off the pussy from dad?

My name is Reese. My sisters, from the oldest on down, are: Lorraine, Marsha, Paula, and Kitty (Katherine).

Our parents are a contrast in looks, dad being a dirty blond, mom having raven black hair and slightly shorter than average (dad slightly taller) making them a 'mutt & jeff' combo.

Though our parents worked long and hard to feed and clothe us, they could never afford a house with more than three bedrooms, and they managed that pretty well too, giving Lorraine and Marsha one room with Paula, Kitty and me sharing the other until Paula became nine, or just shortly afterwards.

When they moved Paula and Kitty in with their older sisters, naturally they were naïve enough to treat it as a sort of promotion while the two eldest treated me with disdain for me getting to 'hog' my own room! The parents accomodated the girls to a degree by allowing them free use of the desk in my bedroom for homework.

With our catholic upbringing, we stayed pretty much on the straight and narrow, that is until we got to high school in the late eighties thru early nineties.

With Madonna as my sisters' role model, you couldn't exactly blame us for discovering the opposite sex, especially the older ones!

So, midway through my sophomore year in parochial school, I thanked my lucky star that the priests had left me alone to grow up straight but horny, what with those tartan uniforms with cotton socks and no panty hose that the girls wore, and not all of them wore shorts under those skirts!

I was horny a lot, but awkward, with my father's thin, wiry frame and dirty blond hair, which he also passed down to Lorraine and Marsha. Paula & Kitty got mom's raven black hair and they reminded me of Cher and Cher alike! :)

Perhaps the biology classes I was taking triggered my senses, and I found myself daydreaming of my first sexual encounter which had yet to come.

I had been masturbating ever since my parents smartly removed Paula and Kitty from my room, and I had gotten high once with my older sisters when they experimented with 'pot'.

On weekends, I always liked to knock off homework on Friday nights so I wouldn't be forced to cram on Sunday nights. The biology was really annoying this one night, but not as annoying as Marsha!

Lorraine was out on a date while Paula was at a friend's house, across the street. Kitty was sleeping over at one of her friends'. Our parents were in their midlife rut, watching television, and oblivious to anything not as loud.

Marsha wandered in still wearing her tartan, and she was either annoyed that she wasn't on a date or just bored. She began to tease me about biology!

I told her, "Not now, please."

She got sarcastic, "Why? Do you have a 'headache'?"

She cut right to it "I need you to roll me one," she confessed.

To get her out of my hair, I quickly took her papers and did the honors, and then I threw my own zinger, "Do you want me to smoke it too?"

She fired up, took a long drag, then after holding it down for as long as she could, she said, "You COULD unwind, Reese. You're all tensed up."

She shoved the joint toward me and I riposted, "I got something for you to smoke!" And as I said it, I grabbed my crotch, 'Madonna' style.

Marsha uttered the fateful words, "You wouldn't know what to do with it!"

I said, "I bet I could choke YOU if you tried it!"

After another hit or two, Marsha was high as a kite, and she called my bluff by saying, "If you can show more than my eight fingers (holding them side by side), then I'll do you!"

Well, I could show eight of my thicker fingers so I found myself stripping for action, and Marsha took over that chore while handing me the joint.

She said, "Sex is more intense when you're high."

My penis sprung from my shorts and it changed Marsha's tune immediately, her confidence turning to apprehension!

I dove upon her, yanking down her cotton panties and over her protests, I dropped my face into her moist crevasse, her skirt now covering my head.

Her resolve to live up to her end of the bargain might have waned had it not been for my surprise 'lingus, so now she completed her part and swung around to complete my first ever sixty-nine!

She was basically a licker, not a true swallower, so I quickly tired of her ministration, not because it wasn't pleasant, but because I was so horny, I had to fuck her!

I sensed she was no longer a virgin when she only put up a mock struggle while I gathered her skirt around her waist and I lined up my fifteen year old cock against her sixteen year old slit.

My tip found her opening and raced inside her already wet tunnel.

After retreats and rethrusts, we began fucking like hamsters, my little machine gun thrusts a dead giveaway to my virgin status, now dissolving inside Marsha's vaginal innards.

We humped for all too brief a time until my cock shot forth as I pulled out of my sister, but our timing wasn't right!

"Marsha? Reese?" Came Paula's voice as she poked her head inside the room. Her eyes bulged when she saw this comedic sight: my cock waving in the air with Marsha trying to catch it in her lips!

When Paula turned haughtily to leave, I leaped after her, trying to keep her from blabbing. I closed my hand over her mouth and dagged her back inside my room while she bit me!

Marsha told me the only way we could keep her from talking would be to 'get something' on her!

Fine by me.

Marsha got over her little sister and dominated her, feeding her wet, freshly fucked pussy into Paula's face, even as she slid her panties off.

To show my prowess, as if I had any, I dove down to Paula's fourteen year old pussy and sucked her increasingly moist chewable, until I was rehardened and ready to pop inside her, and while she was lost in her confusion of feelings.

When my cock made contact with Paula's outer defenses, she was already as hot as a firecracker, so I just rammed it home, but she was a virgin and screamed out in pain!

This time Marsha put HER hand over Paula's mouth while we heard our parents yell from downstairs.

"Let's quit that banging around, up there, Reese!" My father yelled, unaware of the supreme irony of his statement.

By now, the pain had subsided and Paula was beginning to respond to my cock, deep inside her newly broken in vagina.

Marsha had lowered one of her nipples into Paula's waiting lips and it caught my imagination. I unloaded inside Paula without thinking and without being in any control of my loins, but it felt oh so exquisite!

Paula groaned out her own orgasm just before I pulled out of her, my dick still leaking jism, and she was better than Marsha; or was it just because she was a virgin?

Fuck my homework! I was still high.

As Paula calmed down enough to ask, "Did you cum inside me, Reese?" I panicked.

Marsha to the rescue whispered, "When was your period over?"

Paula told her, "Tuesday."

"No sweat!" Marsha confidently replied.

I wanted to continue to fuck my sisters all night, but I was tired. My cock felt as though it had been put through the wringer of our old washing machine! (My mother could never throw that heirloom away, and it still worked!)

I told them we would have all the time in the world, but not tonight anymore.

Shockingly, Marsha and Paula were making lesbian love to each other and they only reluctantly moved to take up where they left off when they got to their room.

I was dreaming about Lorraine coming home and finding out about my prodigious baby maker and demanding to try it!

She popped into my room quietly, padded to my bed, then climbed under the sheet with me, saying, "Kevin left me frustrated. He came too prematurely during our petting stage and couldn't get it back up. I need you, little brother. Marsha told me about tonight."

By now, her hand was on my penis and stroking it to renewed heights, so I raised up and quickly spun over until I was astride her heated love box, my cock tickling her clit.

When I pushed it inside Lorraine, she was so tight (She was the skinniest one) that I thought she was a virgin, too, but she assured me that she'd had sex twice previously.

I also discovered that my dream wasn't a dream at all - I was pushing my cock into my third sister of the evening and loving every minute of it!

As we fucked into a frenzy, I never thought to ask about whether she was safe or not, and my cock didn't give a rat's tail, either!

But just as our pace built up to that inevitable washing orgasm, Lorraine told me, "Cum inside me, Reese, I want to experience the whole gamut of feeling."

"But are you SAFE?" I begged for her answer.

She went totally quiet.

"Well?" I said as my penis sped up its in and out thrusts until it became a moot point: I jetted rope after rope of fiery semen inside Lorraine's seventeen year old womb.

Finally, Lorraine looked into my pleading eyes and said, "I'm counting!"

"Too late, baby," was all I could muster and I kissd her on the lips gently.

For a girl who can't count and fuck at the same time, Lorraine's lucky her period is due next week. Well, maybe she's lucky. I'll sweat it out until then.

Kitty's absence made this whole evening possible - she can't keep a secret. The older girls have decided that we will have to 'get something' on her before we can allow her to know what's going on, but this stuff will be hard to keep a secret from her for long.

I suggested they allow her to witness some girl/girl action. She's naturally curious enough to be seduced, and once she has her first orgasm, thirteen or not, she won't be able to get enough!

Then, we can sacrifice her maidenhead at the altar of forbidden pleasures!

Now that my satyr has emerged, I think it's time that we bought each of our parents a set of headphones to make their TV experience more pleasurable.

And ours, too!