Incest Sex Stories

Anal Andi

by The Chaos Poet

Caution: story contains strong elements of incest anal sex between a sister and her older brother.

Hi, my name is Andi! I am sixteen, and I’m almost five feet tall. I’m skinny, but I’ve got nice B-cup boobs with nipples as red as my hair. I have green eyes and freckles. And oh, yeah, I have red hair on my privates too! (blushing.) And a little around my butt hole. My butt hole is my favorite part of my body, and I spend a lot of time playing with it!

But anyway, I wanna tell you about the first time I fucked my brother. It was so hot. He’s really cute, and I’d wanted to fuck him for a long time, but lemme tell you about the first time I worked up the nerve to make him wanna play.

Mom and dad were fighting and it always made me scared. So I got in bed with my big brother Ryan. He’s seventeen. He’s so big. He’s got muscles on his muscles, and he makes me feel so safe with my back up against his chest. He was used to me climbing into bed with him, because mom and dad were always fighting. This was not too long before they got a divorce.

When I get scared or sad, I usually like to play with my butt. It makes me feel better, I don’t know why. I start rubbing my fingers in the crack, and after a while I put my hand inside my panties and feel my bunghole with my fingertips. This usually makes me fall asleep after a while. But if it doesn’t work, or if I wanna masturbate, I start to work my finger into my butt. But this time there was a problem, because my butt was right up against Ryan’s crotch. I didn’t wanna put my hand down there because it would be right up against his dick, and I didn’t have his permission to touch him there. He was snoring softly, and his chest was moving up and down, and I could feel his breath on my neck. It was so nice. I figured it would be okay just to put his hand on my butt crack.

I took his wrist in my hand. My hands are so much smaller than his. I took his hand and put it on my butt, so that his thumb was just inside the crack through my clothes. That felt really good, and it had me starting to drift off. But then I heard his snoring stop, and felt his hand come away from my butt crack so fast that I knew he must have moved it away on purpose. It made me feel ashamed of putting his hand there. But then I thought that he probably moved it because he thought he’d put it there in his sleep and felt embarrassed.

“Ryan?” I whispered.

“Mm,” he murmured, half asleep.

“Um ... I put your hand on my ... On my bottom. Would it be okay if you kept it there?”

“What?” he asked me, fully awake again.

“It--it just feels good to me. I do it myself, most of the time. I just thought it would be nice if you touched me there. I take a bath every night.” I took his big hand in mine and held it against my heart. “Please?”

Without a word, he put his hand back where I’d had it, only a little higher. I held his hand in place and scooched up to get it in the right place again. It felt soooo good, feeling his hand rub right up against my hole through my panties. “Mmm,” I purred, and started to rub my hole up and down against his fingers.

“Andi ... Are you sure we should be doing this?”

I turned my head up and kissed him under his chin. I was starting to feel frisky now!

“Here,” I said, and pulled the back of my panties open. “You know you want to,” I whispered in my best sexy-woman voice.

I felt his fingers slide down into my bare crack, and immediately started to get wet! I slipped my hand down my frilly panties and diddled my clit. I could feel my face getting hotter and my nipples getting harder. Running my fingertips over my hard nipples.

“Rub my hole, Ryan. It feels so good!” My voice was getting breathier now, and it was probably hard for him to hear what I said, but he knew what I wanted! I could feel his finger going into my tight lil rosebud.

“How long have you been doing this, Andi?”

“Mmm,” I purred again, and brought my fingers up to my lips to taste my pussy juice. I could hear his breathing get heavier, and I knew he could probably smell my pussy. “I first stuck my finger all the way in my butt when I was eight, in the bath tub.”


“I wasn’t, you know, sexual yet. But it still felt hella good. So I kept doing it whenever I took a bath. When I was eleven I learned how to finger both my holes at once, and that was how I came the first time. It was so cool!”

“Andi, that’s so sexy!” I could tell I was driving him crazy, and I loved it. His face was almost touching my neck, and his fingertip was wriggling around in my puckered butt hole. I thought I felt a hard-on when I moved back a little, and that got me even more excited.

“Yeah, that’s not all,” I said. I reached back and felt his dick, and sure enough it was hard as a rock. I was so flattered that I could make my own brother hard! “Last summer I showed Tina and Stephanie at church camp how to finger their butt-holes and pussies. It got me so wet that I kept stopping to lick my cum off my fingers. They both thought it was nasty at first, but Tina tried it and then so did Steph, and they seemed to like it okay.”

“Uh-uh,” he grunted roughly, wrapping his arm around me to grab my tit. I knew I had him really turned on, because he’d met Stephanie before and knew how cute she was. I loved how husky his voice was. To me, Ryan was the sexiest man alive, and I loved to tease him. He was starting to nuzzle my ear, and I knew he was holding himself back a little because he was shy, even with me.

“You really shoulda been there. I got double-dared to lick Tina’s pussy, and I didn’t even think twice! I just put my hands on her little knees and started licking her pussy. She was so wet. I went down further and licked her butt hole, and Stephanie must have known that’s what I was doing, because Tina’s eyes got real big and she came like crazy! I stayed down there till my tongue got tired, but while I was licking her holes Stephanie was fucking me with her hairbrush. She popped my cherry but it didn’t hurt too bad. After that, me and Tina both took turns licking Stephanie, and we made her cum really hard. It was neat!” I giggled.

He was breathing really hard, now, and sort of dry humping me. Okay, I may have stretched the story out when I told it to him, but something like that did happen at church camp J I just wanted to get him really hot.

He finally worked up the guts to turn my face around and kiss my lips. I surprised him by kissing him good and hard, and sucking his tongue. I put my hand down his underwear and wrapped it around his cock, and he was so hard and veiny that I didn’t know how long he was gonna last. I’d never done it with a guy before.

“Do you wanna fuck me, big brother?” I said, looking up at him with sweet, innocent eyes. “Come on. Just let go and tell me what your heart says.” I squeezed him a little harder.

“Yes, Andi! I wanna fuck your cunt. I wanna fill my little sister’s cunt with my hot come.”

“Ooh, you sound so worked up! But first, I want you to eat my pussy. Would you do that for your little sister? Pretty please with sugar on top?” I gave him my best puppy dog look.

I didn’t need to ask him again. He was down between my legs right away. He kept his finger in my bunghole while he started licking up and down. I think it was the first pussy he ever ate, so he was shy at first. But when he heard me moaning, he started licking faster and deeper. Oh my god, it felt so good!

My mind was out of control, and I didn’t know what I was saying. “Ohh! Ryan, keep doing that. Suck my cunt! Lick my clit! Fuck my ass with your tongue!”

“What?” He lifted his face up from my pussy.

“Don’t stop! Please?” I gave him that look again.

“You want me to lick your ... Okay,” He shrugged, and went back down, roughly lifting up my butt cheeks with his hands.

“Ohh!” I moaned before his tongue even touched me, just thinking about how nasty this was. He lashed his tongue around my ass hole, and I couldn’t stop cumming! I had to put a pillow over my face so mom and dad wouldn’t hear us over their fighting.

“Mmm! MmmMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!” I screamed through the pillow, panting and sweating while my cum went all over his face.

I finally just loosened up and almost fell asleep after so much cumming. My brother is so loving and so handsome. He came up from between my legs and held me in his strong arms, and kissed me so I could taste my own pussy and my butt hole.

“Now,” I said, whispering in his ear after I caught my breath. “Just lie back and relax.”

He did just as I told him. I sucked his nipple and he’s real ticklish, but he held still for me. I let him squeeze my tittes because it felt so good. I kissed down his hard pecks, and licked in a straight line over his hairless six-pack and tickled his balls. He’s got such a cute moan! His dick was so big; I wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to get in my mouth. I started by licking off the pre-come from the head-louder moans!-and then licked down underneath his veiny shaft and I licked his nice, big hairy balls. It was neat.

“Suck it!” he told me, in a half-yell, half-whisper. “Suck my fucking cock!” He was so fucking horny it was unbelievable! I gobbled up as much of my brother’s meat as I could. I liked the taste of it, and went up and down on it with my head.

Ryan started breathing harder and his whole body got harder. I knew what was happening and I couldn’t have been more pleased with my work. “I’m gonna cum!” he gasped, looking down and holding my head tenderly with his strong hands.

I took my mouth away, grinned back up at him and shook my head. “Uh-uh, not yet!” I told him and gave him one last little lick.

I’ll never forget the look on his face that first time he watched me climb up and press my pussy right against his aching dick. He kissed me full on the mouth, and I rubbed my pussy up and down until I got him inside me without having to use my hands. How can words describe that first feeling? Well, for me it was too beautiful for words, feeling his hot dick slide into me and stretch out my sixteen-year-old, red-haired pussy! Oh, my gaw-id! I was thinking. After this I’m gonna want to fuck Ryan every night, and also every cute boy and girl at school! This is so fucking hot!

I told him I was gonna be his mistress, and I slid up and down on top of him, making him finger my butt and suck my tits. “OHH!! FUCK!!” I moaned, coming over and over again, and not caring anymore who heard us. I arched my back up and stuck two of my own fingers in my hole right beside his. “Your own little sister is fucking you, you pervert!” I told him. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

“Oh! Ohhh!!” I knew he was just starting to come, and if I didn’t get this right, it would be really frustrating for him, and I love my brother so I didn’t want to do anything to upset him. I lifted all the way off, and slid my now-loosened butt-hole down on his cock. I so wanted to feel his cum shoot up my ass!

Aww, yeah! He moaned and shuddered and shouted, “I love you, Andi!” over and over. I felt his cum shoot way up my butt. It was incredible. I stayed there for a while, just feeling his hardness slide up and down against the walls of my hole.

That was our first night making love together ... The first time at all for either of us. Mom did hear us, and she and I had a long talk later on about the whole thing. But it was cool; she was totally understanding. And she told me about some moves I’d never even dreamed of before. She showed me some, too, but I’ll tell you about that another time, okay?