Incest Sex Stories

Slippery When Wet

by Anonymous

Caution: This story contains romantic sex between consenting adults

We reluctantly waded to the shore and retrieved our clothes, but we didn't put them on. We walked hand in hand nude, through the trees and back to the cabin. Our bodies still tingled from a combination of the act of love just completed and the cool night air.

Upon arriving at the cabin, we tossed our clothes onto a chair near the fireplace. Our bodies were still damp; Caroline was shivering slightly. She decided to take a shower and headed for the bathroom.

"How about a drink to help warm you up?" I asked, heading for the kitchen.

"Sounds good," Caroline replied, closing the door to the bathroom. I heard the water running as I made us each a whiskey sour. The clock on the wall began to chime. Glancing up I noticed the time - ten o'clock. We'd been here only two hours and already had begun acting like wild animals in heat. It felt good.

A slight chill passed through me and broke my into thoughts. I realized I was still naked and beginning to feel cold. Carrying our drinks, I headed for the bathroom and a warm shower. I pushed open the door and a wave of steam rolled out at me. Caroline was still in the shower and I could barely discern her outline through the frosted glass of the shower. As the steam cleared, my view improved. I could see the profile of her body. The smooth lines of her shapely legs, the softly flat area of her firm silky stomach, and the gentle curves of her wonderful breasts. The sight of her began the arousal process in me all over again.

I set the glasses on the corner of the sink. I watched her through the glass as she showered. Her hands slide gracefully along her body, lathering in the warm soapy water. Caroline has an exquisite body, and she was aware of it. She had always been comfortable with her sexuality, willing to explore and find what excites her. It is this knowledge of herself that made me love her in the beginning. By knowing what pleases her, Caroline is able to direct me so I can be the lover I want to be. Pausing as Caroline reaches her breasts, I watch as she cups them and smoothes her hands over them.

Softly she caresses their fullness and gently teases her nipples. She tosses her head back and lets the hot water splash over her body. I see her shifting her legs and I know she's getting aroused. My erection grows, I fight the urge to jump in the shower with her, and continue to watch her.

I watch as one small perfectly shaped hand fondles her slippery breasts, the other hand follows the water as it runs down her body. Slowly, her hand crosses down her stomach and approaches the junction of her thighs. As her hand disappears between her legs, I hear a soft moan of satisfaction from the shower. I know from the sound that her hand has found its mark.

Although the shower glass doesn't provide a clear view, I can still she as Caroline massages her perfect body. Slippery hands, gliding over the rolling contours and into the hidden valleys of her wonderful body. Gentle hands, teasing her breasts and pleasing the inner reaches of her pleasure centers.

I wish they were my hands. I've grown to full-fledged hardness and it twitches with each beat of my now-racing heart. I cannot resist the urge to grab stroke and myself in time with her movements. Caroline is not yet aware of my presence.

We continue to masturbate in sync, Caroline on one side of the glass and I on the other. As her hand increases in speed, so does mine, and we begin building toward our personal orgasms. I wonder what she's thinking right now?

I watch as she continues to massage her breasts and dip into her warm and wonderful treasure chest. Based upon the sounds coming from the shower, Caroline must be rolling her fingers over her clit now. I can almost feel the soft warm folds of her slippery nether lips as they envelope her fingers. Knowing her body as I do, I know Caroline is wet and juicy, and her fingers must be sliding effortlessly into her deep warm reaches.

The sounds coming from the shower increase in volume and tempo. I know Caroline is approaching an orgasm without me, but I don't care. I'm in my own fantasy world on the other side of the glass. Gripping my shaft in increasing passion I continue to masturbate toward my own orgasm, dreaming of her. Leaning back against the sink, I close my eyes and remember our lovemaking in the cool waters of the lake. My hand continues its travels up and down the length of my desire, stroking to the memory.

I don't know if I made a noise or if Caroline just sensed I was there, but she slid open the shower door and was greeted by the sight of me leaning against the bathroom sink, jacking off. The sound of the shower door opening caused me to stop in mid-stroke. I was more than a little embarrassed and my erection began to go soft.

"You naughty boy, you," Caroline teased, "You were watching me, weren't you?"

"Yes my love I couldn't help myself." There was little else I could say.

"Did it make you excited?" Caroline asked. It seemed to be a silly question in the light of my current state.

After a moment my sweet smiled and beckoned me, "Why don't you come in here with me and we can enjoy the water together."

I stepped into the shower, and Caroline immediately reached for me and eagerly began where I had left off. In just a stroke or two she has me back at full-staff again.

As I closed the door to the shower, I reach for her furry love nest. Dipping my fingers inside, I found that my imagination had been accurate, she was wet and slippery and my fingers slid in and out easily.

We pressed our bodies closer together and my excited manhood poked into her silky stomach. Caroline pressed her slippery body into mine, smooth ward breasts against a hairy chest, catching my passion between our bodies, she continued stroking. Our lips met in passion. We stood in the spray of the warm water masturbating each other. Her hand firmly gripping and stroking me evident love, from the hairy base to the soft purple crown and back again. I groaned in pleasure as I felt her other hand Caroline reaching for my balls to softly squeeze them and roll them between her slippery fingers. Despite our recent activity at the lake, I was completely recharged and reloaded and ready to shoot.

Then I felt her hand around my cock, sliding up and down the shaft, giving me immense pleasure. As I began building to a climax, I searched for her clit to return the favor. Because Caroline had been masturbating in the shower longer than I, her clit was swollen with desire and I easily teased her toward her own orgasmic peak.

We continue on our way for a few moment longer. Her hips beginning to answer my probing fingers, my hips beginning thrusting that only a viral primal man can do when faced with impending orgasm.

As I picked up the pace at her gate of heavenly pleasure, Caroline responded with her body and sole and her hands slid up and down my arousal so slick and wonderful feeling. Up and down her hand slid, in and out my fingers probed. Faster and faster our motions became, each trying to coax the other over into the abyss of bliss.

Just as we are about to bring each other to a climax, Caroline released her grip on me. She broke our kiss and pushed my hand away. "No," was all she said. Then she turned around, putting her back toward me.

"What's wrong?" I ask, and then realize what she was doing. Placing her feet as wide apart as she could, Caroline bent at the waist and grabbed the faucet handles in the shower. A very pleasant sight came into view between her legs from behind. He action needed no further explanation.

Holding myself in hand, I moved up behind her. Rubbing the full length of my hard need along her slit several times, mixing her slippery lubrication with the passion juice that escaped from me. We were both so aroused that even this simple action causes us to groan if momentary extasy.

I continue to mercilessly tease her for a few more strokes before slipping gratefully inside her folds. Slowly, I pushed forward and slid easily deeper into her warm wet confines. Ever onward traveled my heat-seeking missal, searching for the deepest regions of her warm slippery wonderfulness.

Like a miner discovering a cavern of gold bouillon, my stiff needy miner crawled along this tight-fitting path; probing the sides, top, and bottom of the warm wet cave; until he reached the end. I paused, allowing her body to adjust to the size of the intruder, before retreating.

Holding her hips steady, I began the rhythm we both enjoy so much. As I pulled my cock out, her slippery folds pulsed around me almost gripping me snugly and provided new stimulation for her clit as will. I withdrew until only the head remained inside, then reversed direction and plunged back into her wonderful slick warmth.

In this position I could watch myself travel in and out of her body. I could see her perfect sexy lips holding onto my thickness and responding to my motions. The sight of my hard shaft and her soft lips drove me momentarily crazy and I began moving faster toward release. I needed to feel her body pressed to me, I lean over and reach for her breasts. I found her nipples and teased then into erection. As I rolled them between my fingers I continued to probe her with my love.

Cupping her breasts in my hands, I could feel their soft warm fullness and gently squeezed and caressed them with my shaky fingers. As I did so, I could feel her tighten herself around my thrusting manhood and I realized that her orgasm could not be far behind.

My hands left her breasts and traveled across her stomach to her wonderful love box. My fingers explored our junction, searching for her clit. I could feel myself sinking in and pulling out all slick with her desire. I began massaging her hard little nub toward orgasm. I matching the actions of my fingers to the thrusting of our loins, pushing her closer and closer to a climax. I could feel her getting tighter and I knew it was only moments away.

Then I heard it, a soft gasp of passion that I'd heard many time s before and always thrilled to hear again. Caroline's body tensed and jerked uncontrollably as I continued to thrust lustily into her.

It was all I could do to contain myself once her orgasm was thrust upon her. With her uncontrolled passions she quickly brought me along with her. The spasms of her wonderful body rocked my own and before I knew what was happening I felt myself dazed with passion as I gushed my love for her deep inside her hot shivering body.

It was love at first sight, I really believe that. And since that first meeting our love for each other has only grown. The passions that we share only add another finely tuned layer to our love our relationship. I know that even if we live to be a hundred there will always be something special, something secret that only we two share.