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Josey's Summer Vacation

by Anonymous

Caution: This story contains strong Elements of Humiliation sex between consenting adults.

The year was 1974 and as was her family's tradition, they all packed up each summer and spent the entire vacation on Cape Cod. As her father had a successful law practice he needed to attend to, she was usually alone during the week with her sister and mother, until Friday nights when her father would join them for the weekend. Josey was almost 16 that summer; her sister was 21 and her mother a very young, and lovely, 39 years old. Each of the females in the house was gorgeous in their own way, and as I found out as I heard more of Josey's stories, each was highly sexual and seductive toward any man that crossed their paths.

However, Josey at that time was just coming into full bloom, and beginning to grasp the degree to which sex would come to rule her life. She never got much beyond five feet tall, but she had a full, soft ass, delicate sexy legs, and a firm muscular body as a result of her tomboy up bringing. That summer her long brown hair was to her waist, and her breast had swelled to match in proportion, if not in actual size those of her busty sister and mother. I saw a few pictures of her and she was an incredibly sexy package.

Josey's mother and sister had friends and activities that rarely included her, so she was always bored. Beyond going to the beach and reading there was little for her to do. She would often lie up in her bed room over looking the beach and masturbate as she watched the various men walk past her house on the way to the water. She remembers she was constantly horny that summer, and these sessions would take the edge of for a short while, but ultimately only serve to make her more frustrated.

Like any other young girl that age with time and money on her hands, she was always looking for company, and usually the company of men. However, as she came from a very strict and controlling family that would frown on her being too obvious or cheap in her attempts to draw men to her, she had to bet her attention and approval on the sly, with out her mother knowing what she was up too. Still, like any other nave young girl looking for male companionship and approval, she was destined to be drawn toward older and more dangerous men, and that is exactly what happened.

Her families beach house was along a strip of the Cape where houses alternately loomed above the ocean on high bluffs, or lay in clusters near the tidal inlets. It was a good 5 miles of land mass, and a girl walking along looking for shells was destined to bump into men and boys of various income and social levels. It was on one of these walks when she met Dave and Victor, two local punks whose families lived near the beach area, and whose brothers and friends were always in scrapes with the local police for various reasons. To associate with them was dangerous and foolish for a girl of her age and social status, but as so often happens, that danger only made them more attractive to her.

Dave was a tall, fair-haired kid, maybe 18 or 19 years old at that time, who worked at a local gas station. He was muscular, with dark brown eyes and a dangerous smirk that never seemed to leave his face. Victor was part Portuguese, and was not as tall as Dave, but solidly built and muscular. He had dark, powerful features and coal black hair, and his stare made Josey's stomach do a flip as he looked right through her. They asked her if she was there for the summer or a townie, and she explained how her family owned the house but only came summers. I guess that makes you a bit of a townie. said Dave with a warm smile, and after talking and walking a bit they asked her if she wanted to go out for a ride with them that night and meet up with some friends.

She hesitated, knowing her mother and sister would never approve of these two guys, but she recalled they were going to be going to a play in Hyannis that evening, and that she was going to be alone again, so she agreed, but told them to not show up until after 6 when her mother was gone. As she walked back down the beach toward her house her pussy was actually damp and throbbing at the thought of being with two boys as dangerous as these were, but the thrill of it overwhelmed any sense of caution she might have had, and she prepared herself for an exciting night.

As six o'clock rolled around her mother and sister had left for the play with their friends. She was told they would be back after midnight, and to make sure the porch light was left on for them. Josey suspected both of them were meeting other men for the evening, and she later found out they had, and this suspicion only fueled her own desire to live as dangerously as her mother and sister seemed to live. She had on a halter top with a light cotton shirt loosely over it, tiny jean shorts and a pair of clog sandals. Her long brown hair was gorgeous and she applied a bit of extra make up, even though at that time few girls wore it as it wasn't a socially correct thing to do. Soon enough they roared up to the house in their souped up Chevy, a real white trash mobile, with headers roaring and radio blasting.

Josey swallowed hard, knowing there was danger ahead, but she felt that same hot throb in her pussy and she ran down the driveway to meet them. Climbing in between the two muscular young men, pressed between their bodies, they handed her a Schlitz beer and roared off into the late afternoon sunlight.

As you might imagine from the location, beach parties were a very common occurrence, particularly among young people who were drinking and drugging illegally. The three of them rode about town for a hour or so, with Dave driving recklessly to scare and impress Josey, consuming several beers and stopping at a miserable little shack of a house, where Victor purchased a very large bag of grass. Josey was both intimidated and excited as she had never smoked it before, and as they arrived at the beach where the party was going to occur, the boys lit up several joints and instructed her in the fine art of smoking really powerful hash. It was now dark and the only light was the moon and the light of the matches and roaches.

The boys were each rubbing one of her legs as she became totally stoned on the hash, and the throbbing in her pussy was now a steady, low burning fire that threatened to consume her as she fought to retain some control of her senses. A couple of other cars rolled into the beach parking lot, all recognizing each other, and the boys had her exit the car and head down the beach to where a larger group of kids were making a small fire and drinking heavily. To her recollection Josey said there was maybe 12 to 15 guys and maybe 8 or 9 girls, most of them much older than she was.

She was now totally stoned on the hash and beer, and was trying as hard as she possibly could to talk and make any kind of sense, but the boys knew her condition and told her she should go down to the water and rinse her face a bit. Dave walked with her and as they got to the water her grabbed her waist and proceeded to mash his lips over hers, and suck the breath out of her. Josey was so hot she almost came from the kiss and the feel of his stone hard cock pressing through his jeans into her bare midriff. She was totally overcome with lust, hash and booze so there was only surrender to this young, horny man, and before she knew it her halter was up around her neck and he was sucking her tender, horny nipples. Just as she was about to totally surrender herself to his lust, he pushed her away and yelled "Shit. Cops!" and sprinted to his car, leaving her lying on her side in the sand, her halter around her shoulders, and head spinning wildly.

A floodlight combed the area and a P.A. speaker told them all to clear the beach and return to their cars. Of course being kids with illegal substances, they ignored everything that was requested of them and piled into their cars, which had been backed off the parking lot and behind a low sand dune to avoid detection if the police patrol showed up at the beach. Josey was still stumbling, pulling her halter down and trying to get to the cars when a big cop grabbed her by the back of her jeans shorts and tossed her face down in the sand. If you move a muscle little girl I'm going to cuff you and take you to jail, now lie there until I get back for you! He yelled as he flashed his light into her dazed face.

Josey was terrified but complied with his order, and lay there crying in fear and betrayal that her new friends would so quickly desert her. A quick scan of the beach brought her to the realization that she was the only one caught! Seeing that, she got up and started to run again, when once again she heard footsteps behind her and the big cop pushed her hard in the back and knocked her face down in the sand. "I fucking told you not to move!" he growled. This time he stood over her, panting from the effort of running hard in the soft sand. Your buddies may have gotten away but your going to pay the price for this mess young lady he said as he pulled her to her feet and marched the sobbing, sand-covered girl to his patrol car.

As he got to the car he took his cuffs and snapped one on her wrist tight and then took the other end and clipped it to the door handle. Glowering at her in anger he turned and headed to the beach, leaving her crying and shaking, as he collected cases of beer, bags of pot, etc. and loaded each item into his trunk. Once everything was loaded, he made a careful inventory of the items, and then walked to the terrified girl who was slumped against his car. Oh god, she thought, What would her father do to her when he got the call to come bail his daughter out of jail! This was the end, the absolute nightmare of her young life, and she cried miserably as the cop silently filled out his paperwork and then closed the trunk of his cruiser.

With out a word he took the cuff off the doorknob, spun her around, and cuffed her behind her back. Then, covering her head, he pushed her into the seat next to his, closed the door, and walked around to his side and got in. Sitting in the darkness, with the smell of cigarettes and sweat, and the only sound the occasional chatter on the police radio, she silently sobbed and cried. What are you going to do with me? She finally managed to say. No answer came from the impassive officer as he wrote ticket after ticket after ticket. Finally, he went through a list of questions for her:, Name, address, age, etc. Eventually he got to the serious questions. Did you know that there were five different illegal substances in use at this party? Did you know that its a crime to possess such materials? Do you know you're a minor and what your penalty will be? On and on he went until she was once again crying hysterically and pleading with him to let her go, just this once. That she didn't even live in the area and she would never come back..

That last bit of information piqued his interest, and he laid the tickets down and started the engine of the car. He radioed the station and informed them that there had been a party at the beach, that he had cleared the scene, had control substances and would be bringing them in as evidence against the party goers in the event they were caught. In her haze and panic Josey failed to notice that he had given no information to the station about her arrest, and as he drove off he signaled he would be silent and on break for an hour.

As they headed toward the station the Josey dared to look at him for the first time. He was in his 30's, tall, powerfully muscular and had dark hair. His face was average but his body was very attractive. He started a dialogue with her as he drove saying that he wasn't sure she wasn't hiding any other drugs on her, and that he was going to have to check before he got to the station and make sure she was clean. Pulling into a wooded path off the main road he drove deep into the scrub pine and oak woods that cover the middle of Cape Cod, until he finally reached a small clearing and he turned the car around.

I've been thinking, and I've decided you seem like a nice kid Josey. I think you got mixed up with the wrong guy, and believe me I know it was Dave and Victors car that peeled out of there. Ill get them later. But as for you, I think I just need to be sure that your really clean and totally innocent her, and if you are, Ill take you home and we can forget all about this. Does that work for you Josey? Does that seem fair? He said with a very kind, almost fatherly tone. Josey jumped at the chance to be cleared, as she knew her father would kill her if she was arrested, and besides she knew she was clean. She nodded her approval so he shut off the car and got out his huge flashlight, baton and cuffs. OK then, this isn't normal procedure, which is to take you right down and book you. But Ill do the search out here and if its clean, off we go. He said as he motioned her out of the car.

She struggled to get out with her hands cuffed behind her back, and she was over come by the silent darkness of the woods. He snapped on the light and approached her, telling her to turn around so he could release her cuffs, which he did quickly and laid them on the roof of the car. OK now lets do this right so we can both get out of here and forget I ever saw you. He said in a matter of fact tone. Josey, I need you to remove your shoes, your shirt and your shorts right now and hand them to me so I can search them. He said officially, the light blinding her as it shown in her face. She paused for a moment, and he quickly added, Unless you really want this done at the station. At which time she stepped out of her shoes, pulled off her cotton shirt, and reluctantly peeled off her halter top.

The cold ocean air hit her nipples and turned them rock hard as she covered them. Josey, I need to do a full inspection. Keep your hands at your sides and remove your pants and panties and hand them to me he said in a comforting tone. She was mortified, but now was becoming somewhat turned on by his authoritative tone and professional manner. Again, rather than risking the alternative she peeled off her shorts and panties and stood at attention before him. He made quite a show out of checking every inch of her panties, until he paused, and said to her Josey, did you have sex with those boys tonight? She assured him she hadn't, but he seemed dubious, however he let it go with that. She was by now absolutely dripping wet , as she stood naked, still stoned, in front of this officer in the middle of the dark woods. Nothing in his demeanor suggested anything but total professionalism to this time, so she was convinced that this was being done for her benefit. Still, the erotic nature of this inspection, the isolation, the intimidation had a powerful effect on her as she became more and more aroused.

OK the clothing is clean. However, I do need to check your body cavities Josey. So please turn around and lay over the hood of the car, until your toes are tip toe on the ground. He said in that same professional tone. She was horrified, but it never occurred to her not to do as he commanded. Her hot young pussy was flooded with juices and her clit was rock hard and throbbing. She was soon lying over the hood and he approached her from behind. All right now. A cavity search on a female involves rectal, vaginal and oral searches. I am going to do the rectal first Josey as it is usually the most unpleasant so lets just get it over with

Oh please, do you really have to do this? She whimpered as she lay over the warm hood of the car. Yes young lady, I'm afraid your horrible selection of friends has made this necessary he replied as his big manly finger probed at her tight little ass hole. She gasped as it slid into the first inch of her ass, and she felt her pussy contract and throb as if she would cum. He took his free hand, spread her open a bit more, and then slid the entire finger up her asshole until she let out a filthy moan and climaxed involuntarily like a shameless whore. It had all just been too much for her young body and mind to handle, and she fought back tears as she was wracked with orgasmic waves. He held the finger there until her spasm subsided, and then said to her in a low voice That often happens with girls your age Josey. We try not to stimulate you too much when we do this but we do need to check, and with that he began to rotate the finger inside her ass until she was humping and moaning on his hand and almost ready to cum again, at which time he slid the finger back out. She gasped as it exited her asshole, and his voice, low and authoritative, said, Nothing there, but you really need to try and control yourself young lady, this next step is even more intrusive.

She was mortified and desperately aroused at the same time. Unable to check her lust at being probed, stimulated and controlled by this strong, powerful man, but yet utterly humiliated by what she was having to do to clear herself in this manner. He wiped his hand on her cotton panties, and then spread her open again and rubbed his fingers against her throbbing pussy. She was determined to not cum on his hands again, and tried to clear her still drug-fogged mind and focus on something, anything, besides the throbbing clit that was open and exposed to the night air. Think about school, think about her parents, anything she said to herself as his warm hand spread her lips and traced his finger over her sopping wet pussy, sending a shiver down her spine.

Josey. I think you really need to work on controlling yourself young lady. I shouldn't be feeling what I feel here. Your sopping wet, like a cheap little slut would be, and I know your not really that kind of girl, are you? He asked as the finger slowly slid up and down her throbbing pussy, she shook her head no, unable to speak for fear of crying out or moaning, desperately holding back the earthquake building up in her hot young cunt. God, would this ever end, and could she hold back from the humiliation of cumming again she wondered.

His finger began to slowly pump in and out of her pussy... The entire time the officer telling her to lift up on her toes, spread her legs. All the while the practiced finger of the officer pumped slowly up and into the depth of her young pussy until she felt his knuckles on the other fingers bump against her clit, and release a volcano of cum from her boiling pussy, all over his hand and down her legs as she sobbed face down on the car hood, trying to hide her shame. He held his hand still, deep inside her, and then quietly, in a disappointed tone, said I am beginning to wonder if you're really the nice girl you appeared to be when I agreed to let you off the hook Josey. I cant remember the last time I had a girl your age respond in such an outrageous fashion. Could you please try to control yourself while I finish this part of the search?

She was sobbing in lust and embarrassment as her body betrayed her wishes and continued to respond to the practiced, deliberate manipulations of the officer. Over and over he pumped her, at a maddeningly slow pace until once again she was thrusting against this fingers and cumming all over his huge hand. Josey had given up any pretext of dignity at this point and had simply shut her eyes and resigned herself to this horrible mixture of emotions and sensations. Finally the hand exited her pussy and she was draped, shining with sweat, over the hood of the car, and barely able to hold herself up.

Well, you passed the first two searches, now I need to simply do an oral cavity search Josey and we can get you home before your mother returns, and no one has to know about your arrest. He said to her as he turned her around to face him. She wanted more than anything at that moment for him to take her in his arms and just fuck her, but she would never dream of expressing that wish. Instead she draped her arms around his neck with out saying a word and closed her eyes as she tried to stay upright and conscious as the drugs in her system collided with the other natural sensations she was feeling.

He slid his hands up under her arms and lifted the small girl up on the hood of the car so she was sitting upright and her legs hung off the hood. Putting one hand behind her head and holding her hair he told her to open her mouth so he could do a visual check of her mouth. She did as she was told and she shone the light in her face like a trip to the dentist. OK, one last thing. Open wide and let me do a physical check, and with that he slid the cum covered finger into her mouth and began to slide it around her tongue and cheeks. Instinctively she closed her lips over the large finger and sucked it, her eyes closed almost like a child would, until she was sucking it hard, almost in total abandon.

She needed relief. This man had aroused and tormented her to the point where she had no more control, no inhibitions, only desire. So she sucked the finger until she felt him pull it out of her eager mouth and lift her off the car and onto the grass and pine needles of the woodlands floor. This is very much against policy, but you obviously need this Josey. I guess your not the good girl I thought you were. He said as he unbuckled his pants before the kneeling girl. Pulling out his big cock he guided it into her waiting lips, as he stroked her head and said not to worry, many girls respond this way to a strip search, and it wouldn't be right to send you home with out some relief. This was her first taste of cock and she simply sucked as much as she could, as hard as she could, to try and deal with the fire burning inside her body.

He kept up his talk, about how she needed to suck cock to make it all better, as she swallowed as much of his manly dick as she could handle with out gagging, rubbing her pussy as she sucked. In a short time he tensed and told her to make sure she swallowed every drop or it could be trouble for both of them, and he then blasted jets of white, thick cum down the back of her mouth and into her throat, Josey eagerly swallowing all that he could offer. She was transfixed, sucking the first cock she had ever seen up close, and cumming as she reveled in the sensation of his release.

After a few moments of rest he with drew his cock and buttoned up his belt, and then told her to dress quickly as his break was almost over and the department must not know how he had let her off the hook so easily. She was dazed, but complied as best she could, pulling her clothing back on and getting into the car next to him. He pulled out of the wooded area and back onto the main road, snapping on his radio and coming back on duty.

In a few minutes he was driving up to her beach house, but before letting her out he instructed her to never tell anyone how she had reacted to the search, as it would invalidate his decision to release her, and reopen her arrest warrant. The nave young girl promised, smiled a sweet little smile and weaved up the driveway to the empty house. Once inside she stripped off her clothes and collapsed in her bed, furiously rubbing her still engorged clit as the swirl of the nights events raced through her head.

There would be one more horribly humiliating event later that summer, one that would make this event pale in comparison. But for now the memory of that night in the woods would be the fuel for afternoons of compulsive, frantic masturbation as she tried to sort out the mixture of feelings that it had created.

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